Olive Gardensalads included with meal.

On October 5Th my wife, Niece, her husband and I stopped to have a meal at the brand new Olive Garden restaurant in Vineland . Each couple chose to split a meal, one chicken farm, and one tour of Italy with salads and bread sticks which we do at another Olive Garden located in Mayslanding N . J . with no problem . When we put in our order and made a request for two extra plates we were told that our order only included one plate per serving and just one salad . After debating this with another worker we were brought two extra plates . When our meal was served we only received one salad and one bread stick basket, we questioned this and was told the bowl had an extra serving in it, and we did have extra bread sticks . We ask for a refill of salad which we received but when we received the check we were charged for two salads . After returning home I checked your online menu which states free salad and bread sticks with each meal, curious why we were charged ? I

Oct 05, 2019

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