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Pi Apr 21, 2019 Review updated:

A week ago, April12, 2019, I drove down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the funeral of one of my beat friends, Since my husband wasn't with me I decided to treat myself to Olive Garden. I ordered the Chicken Alfredo. After it was served and I began yo eat I noticed a large piece of pasta was not fully cooked. (I was approximately 3-4 pieces about 4-5 inched in length, ) It took me several minutes to get my server's attention. When she came over I showed it to her and said, "This is not exceptable." She asked if I wanted to speak to the manager and I said yes. He came over, I showed him the partially cooked pasta. He said that he had never seen that before. I asked if there was someone in the kitchen that checked the food before it was served. He didn't answer. He just stood there. Yes I had eaten most of the chicken and what pasta that was edible since I hadn't eaten since 4 that morning. I assumed that he would have at least offered me 10 0r 15 % off my bill but he didn't/ So I paid the bill left a nice tip for the server. I came back to Jackson and was not going to file a complaint; however, the more I thought about it I changed my mind. I would hate to see this happen to another patron. I stopped at Olive Garden because it is my favorite but after this incident I don't know if I will ever go back.

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  •   Apr 21, 2019

    Ten or fifteen percent off for one percent of the pasta being unacceptable, not unexceptable. You won’t go back because a bite of pasta wasn’t cooked. Sounds like you wanted a free meal or big discount and now threaten to never return.

    If food isn’t perfect, the server should not be blamed unless the meal was cold. They serve it, not cook it. Leaving a nice tip was right.

    Kitchens can’t inspect each piece of pasta. 99.9% of the meal was fine and this was minor. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

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  • Je
      May 02, 2019

    Hmmmm, I'm not sure I fully agree with SubSquirrel's assessment. Darden Restaurants have expediters incorporated at the back-of-the-house to insure that food meets their quality standards - is prepared correctly, is appetizing in appearance, and leaves the kitchen correctly and hot. It is a part of their training to inspect each plate before it leaves the kitchen. Salads and breadsticks are non-expedited items which are prepared by the table's server and bypass the expediter.

    That said, it's not reasonable that the expediter could sift through each bowl/plate of pasta to inspect each noodle...inevitably, a rogue noodle will slip through to the table.

    On a broader commentary, the server is ultimately responsible for the product and manner (overall experience) delivered to each guest. The server should make a final inspection of each plate that leaves the kitchen to determine if it should be delivered to the guest (or not), as the server's livelihood is predicated upon the guests' overall satisfaction (tip).

    Based on the particulars of your experience, (IMO) your complaint in and of itself does not warrant a concession (discount, comp). Only you can decide if this one noodle anomaly warrants your avoiding this restaurant going forward.

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