Olive Gardenthe service not the product

L Nov 17, 2019

I'm glad that me and my boyfriend were using our gift cards that we received otherwise I would've complained while we were still there. We went to the West Dundee location in IL. We expected to wait to be seated as we did for about 25 mins. But after we were seated we waited an additional 20 mins before our server even greeted us and when he did he said I'm going to have to help you in a few moments which turned out to be another 10 mins, then when he finally acknowledged us he offered us wine but we were already to order, I asked for a blue Hawaiian, my boyfriend ordered a coke, 10 mins later he brought the coke and beadsticks as well as salad but informed me that it would still be awhile before I would get my drink since he hasnt ordered it yet. Long story short I was drinking by boyfriends coke while I was eating my salad, After I finally received my drink I drank it but only about half because we were going on 30 mins of waiting for our main course and I was afraid that I would not have anything to drink for my dinner. He came by our table after we were done eating and asked if we wanted anything else, I took a chance an ordered another drink and my boyfriend asked for more breadsticks. So after waiting 10 mins our server brought over another coke that we did not ask for and ran away before we could say anything. About 5 mins later he came by and asked if I was sure I needed that drink because he still had not ordered it for me, and we never got anymore breadsticks. I cant remember the name of our server but he was horrible and he treated us like we were an inconvience. I will NEVER go to an Olive Garden again. NEVER!!!

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