Old Navypoor customer service

N Jul 19, 2019

Today Old Navy had a sale for $6 kids jeans! The manager on duty refused to honor the sale! I had multiple jeans from infant to toddler and even older kid sizes. The cashier and manager argued that an infant wasn't a kid. Wow! What's the definition of a kid hmmm because that surely didn't make any sense?! The manager had no prior knowledge of the sale and couldn't identify the items which were a part of the sale since there were no signs indicating the sale items. She pulled out a tablet which only indicated that kids jeans were $6 as I indicated. Nowhere did it mention an age limit or size just kids!!! This sale was bogus and misleading! There definitely needs to be clarity when items are supposedly on sale and the employees need to be up to par when certain items are listed for mark downs and they should definitely honor the prices! Longview, Texas poor customer service and rude employees! Need better friendly courteous customer service.

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