NTB / National Tire & Batterystaff and tires

L Jul 29, 2019

My husband got tires from here & then passed away. I been 2 places and says tires are 4 to 5 depth & only had 12, 000 the guy here says 7 to 8. I can see the wear. The manager Roger and other guy is rude. Not nice when you walk in. No hi or nothing. Or no smile. and & pretty much said I'm a liar. Wish my husband didn't get them here. & my tire been low a month come in twice & said I had to wait 4 to 6 hours. So someone has a flat has to wait. That is not right and guys are standing around. I didn't even want to come get rotation or tire fixed because he and they make me feel uncomfortable. I do not like it here and my tires are not good for the miles and I don't have my husband anymore to come and complain. They don't listen to women. This location is not good. Unfriendly

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