NTB / National Tire & Batterya patched/plugged tire

D Jul 09, 2019

On May 24, 2019, I visited the above noted NTB store to repair a flat tire due to a nail puncture in the tread of the tire. Last week, the tire was almost flat so I added air to the tire and went back to the above store. After waiting 2 hours, I was told that the integrity of the tire was compromised and that I needed to purchase a new tire. The Manager, Mr. Burns, adamantly refused to try to repair the faulty previously patched/plugged tire. He tried to say that they didn't patch the tire and then went so far as to say that the tires were not purchased at NTB. The tires were purchased at NTB and I showed him the receipt showing that they were. I also informed him that this is the first time I have had to have a tire repair on these tires. I know this because I keep all receipts for any work done on my car. He gave every excuse under the sun why he would not patch the tire. I felt that I didn't need to purchase a new tire at this time so I asked them to put the tire back on my car and I then drove to a nearby tire store who inspected the tire. I asked this employee if I needed a new tire or if this tire should be repaired. The employee sprayed some type of liquid over the patched tire and it bubbled, which he said indicated that the patch/plug had a slow leak. He stated that he would have to remove the tire and that he could possibly patch it if it hadn't been ground down too far the first time. He was able to repair the tire and stated that I did not need a new tire at this time. I am respectfully requesting that I be issued a refund of the $25.00 I paid to have the tire repaired at another tire store since the Manager, Mr. Burns, adamantly refused to fix their faulty patch work. I have submitted a copy of the receipt showing what I paid to have the tire repaired properly. I feel that this is the least you can do to help me. I spent 2 hours to have the tire repaired at NTB and then another 2 hours last week trying to get them to resolve this issue. I have the receipt showing that they (NTB), patched and plugged the tire on May 24th. I can also submit a copy of this receipt as well, upon your request. The NTB order # was [protected].


Deborah Hensler
3926 Kendall Cove
Atlanta, GA 30340
phone: [protected]

a patched/plugged tire

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