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T Jul 16, 2019

on July 15, 2019 -this facility has no running water- a sign is posted as members enter
stating no water from "11am to 530pm" we asked the front desk if there will be water or none? replied YES in 45 Minutes- went to the locker room which is been too hot for the past 2 month (the answer to this is because they are working on the air conditioning system) the bathroom was corded when i asked the locker attendant she simply say no water no one can use the toilet (she only speak Spanish which i do understand) ask her question where do we go to use the bathroom she said go asked the front desk- i need to wash my hand no water on the sink - i still proceed to do a little work out hoping the water issue will be resolved-went up to see the front desk for I need to use the bathroom before my class -answer still NO WATER- we can not use the toilet to urinate- if i want i can go to outside facility to use the bathroom-meaning i have to go to other building with my sweaty clothes to urinate- when i asked why is the gym open if there is no water? a member consultant answer to me "WHY DO I NEED A WATER TO WORKOUT" "SOME MEMBER DO NOT USE SHOWER AFTER WORKING OUT" to me that is a very rude and unprofessional answer -ask for the manager on duty NO Manager -manager left for the day -if i want to speak to the manager i need to call the next day -called the next day a person answer and put me on hold for 20mins -after telling her the nature of my call -i hang up dialed again a man answer and he announced himself that he is member consultant and he will relay my complain to manager-i stated my complained and the same answer i got from the night before which is :WE TELL THE MEMBER NO WATER AND NOBODY CAN USE THE TOILET" I ASKED HIM HOW DID HE USED THE TOILET YESTERDAY? HE SAID I HAVE WAYS TO DO IT -MEANING THEY ARE WORKING ALL DAY WITH WASHING THEIR HANDS DUE TO THE FACT THAT THERE WAS NOT WATER IN THE GYM. POOL ISSUE IS ANOTHER ONE -WE ASKED HOW COME THE WATER IN THE POOL DOES NOT SMELL CHLORINE - BECAUSE A POOL THAT DOES NOT HAVE A SMELL OF A CHLORINE MEANS THE WATER IS NOT BEING FILTERED -THE ANSWER WE GOT IS THE LIFE GUARD IS JUST A RELIEVER -MEANING SHE IS NOT A CERTIFIED LIFE GUARD SHE DOES NOT KNOW THE PROPER TEXTURE FOR THE WATER IN THE POOL ESPECIALLY FOR THE GYM. AN ACTION IS BADLY NEEDED TO THIS PROBLEM- PLEASE THIS IS BECOMING A BIG ISSUE - OTHERWISE I WILL SUBMIT THIS COMPLAIN TO DEPT OF HEALTH -THIS KIND OF FACILITY IS VERY UNSANITARY TO MEMBERS OF THIS GYM.

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    see above complain

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