New York Sports Club [NYSC]pool

M Jul 22, 2019

The pool at the Bayonne facility has been closed since June 25th. Today is July 22.
Every week I am told that it will be opened by the end of the week. I was told the Bayonne Bd of Health has to come to inspect it before they can reopen. I contacted the Bd of Health and they said the NYSC has to contact them. I have also been told there is a regional employee who maintains the pool. Many members use this pool and we are very disappointed in the lack of maintenance and the lack of customer service at the Bayonne Club. We were told we can use any pool at other NYSC. That is not helpful to me and I have the passport where I can go to other NYSCs. So how is that compensation for me? We love our pool at NYSC. Please can you do something to reopen it and have it better maintained.
Sincerely, Jennifer Lake

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