New York Sports Club [NYSC]I didn't signed up for a gym membership

A Dec 30, 2019

To whom it May concern,

On our about, October 8, 2019, via phone, I had a phone conversation with, and an individual who identified himself as the gym manager, wherein I expressed my interest in the gym, I was direct. I advised him that I was looking for a trial period since my husband was already a member at another gym, and he would have the final say. The manager happily obliged, and he further informed me that they had a ten-day promotion that would allow me to try the gym.
Please see below transaction that I did give verbal agreement over the phone:
Debit Card Purchase 10/08 05:48p #7192 NYSC-SPRINGFIELD [protected] NJ 19282

Debit Card Purchase 10/08 05:43p #7192 NYSC-SPRINGFIELD [protected] NJ 19282
On our first and only visit to NYSC, upon our arrival, we were advised that no information/key cards, etc. about us were available at the front desk. A minor detail the manager stated over the phone, he would have available for us during our first addition, our first visit was not a pleasant one since most of the equipment we try out was not functioning; hence, we express our lack of interest on the same day.
The quest to cancel the membership continue via phone.
On or about October 15, 2019, during said call, we were told the manager was not available and our information was taken down and I was assured we would get a callback and the gentleman over the phone broke down the cancelation fees.
The representative was kind enough to explain the protocol process of the cancelation wherein it was discussed that will have to pay some additional fees.
I expressed to him that was news to me since the manager never disclosed the same over the phone, but I will pay said canceling dues.
I followed up with another call and I spoke with gentleman by the name of Chris and he assured me he took down my information and would have the manager call me back.
Please note that I never received a call from the manager.
Upon my review of my bank statement weeks after my numerous attempts to cancel the membership I notice the following transactions;
Debit Card Purchase 11/15 11:33a #7192 NYSC-SPRINGFIELD [protected] NJ 19320
Debit Card Purchase 11/15 #7192 NYSC-SPRINGFIELD [protected] NJ 19320
I contacted Citibank and express the situation and to open an investigation since I did not authorize to join the gym nor set up a contract.
Please note that until no form of payment was received by NYSC, that is when I finally heard back from the gym.
On or about Wednesday, November 27, 2019, I finally heard back from a representative of the gym by the name of Susan. We discussed the account, and it was agreed that I would only have to pay the cancelation dues.
On or about November 29, 2019, I asked my husband to go in person and pay the cancelation dues. Upon his arrival, he was told by a representative at the front desk that a manager was not available, and the transaction could not take place.
On or about Saturday, November 30, 2019, I placed a follow-up call to the gym in hopes of talking to Susan. I was informed she was not available; she would have a manager call me back. The manager did eventually call me back. As I was trying to clear up the cancelation fees over the phone, the amount he disclosed over the phone was entirely different for the one I was told originally.
Sadly, the conversation took a turn to the worst since the manager tried to allege that I never called the gym and that they keep logs and no logs of me trying to call were ever made.
He instead, rudely advised to let the credit company decide. I further expressed that I didn't understand why this was in issue now since I had already discussed this with Susan, and she did confirm my account was closed as well as other representatives.
He further stated that Susan is not the "boss" he is, and he will have a conversation with her about it and again, I try to help him recall our original verbal agreement to no avail making the call a very unpleasant one.
All I ask is that NYSC adheres to the manager's original verbal agreement of a ten-day trial period that I tried to cancel within those ten days.
Please note that I do not object to paying any applicable cancelation fees and cancel any and all future relationship with NYSC

Thank you for your time,
Afrodite Jaquez [protected]

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