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I bought a bed from Neoset Canada on April 2008, and I fully paid for it from the very first day using my credit card; they told me it was going to take 6-8 weeks to get it.
On June 2008 (after 8 weeks from the moment I bought it) nobody had contacted me, so I called the store, and they said there was a delay, they asked me to be patient, and that the bed was going to be delivered by the end of July/08.
At the end of July, same thing happened, so they gave me a small discount to keep me happy. On August/08, being concerned, I called the Head Office, and talked to the President, Mrs. Eleanor Reynolds, who apologized and explained to me that the order was delayed on its way to Toronto, but she gave me "her word" I was getting it on Sept.27/08, and that I was going to receive a new discount (which I never got).
Needless to say, by mid-September nobody had contacted me, I called Mrs. Reynolds back and she told me the bed was discontinued and that I was not going to get it the way I ordered it, so she gave me other bed options different to the one I wanted in the beginning; none of them were satisfying.
With no other choice, she offered a refund (less the small discount they gave me), and I accepted it, but when I asked her who was going to be responsible for those 5 months of interest I had been paying on my credit card, she refused to honour them. She refunded just what I paid on April, less the discount given on July.
It was not my mistake to be informed the bed I wanted had been discontinued after 5 months of buying it, and fully paid for it!
This is just lack of responsibility, lack of commitment, lack of respect and lack of seriousness from Mrs. Reynolds and Neoset Canada.


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    Retributed Jul 29, 2009

    I finally received my $1450 refund of my Neoset deposit from TD Visa after their 6 week investigation on this charge to my Visa bill. Credit card seems to be the only way to get money back since Greg Papas did not answer any of the numerous messages I left for him. I made my purchase back in September 2008!!

    In my first calls to Visa, they told me I was way past the 3 month deadline to file a complaint to have them investigate. It was not until I called back many times and asked to speak with a supervisor and sent her copies of correspondence with Neoset, the bill documents and copies of this forum and articles in the Star, they finally agreed to investigate. Their investigation gives the merchant 6 weeks to answer to the alegations of improper charges. If they don't respond, Visa posts the money back to your account.

    I also poasted a complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch of the Government of Ontario. This was a waste of time (as is most things with government organizations) as they only called me to inquire about the incident and said they would get back to me. They are powerless and only attempt to mediate with the merchant, and anly if they get enough complaints.

    Good luck everyone, and take heed not to put down large deposits on items unless you do it with your credit card and you ensure you get delivery within the three month valid complaint period!

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  • Ri
    ripped off II Jul 04, 2009

    been also taken advantage of and ripped off

    purchased items to complete daughter's bedroom with existing neoset furniture in april 2008 and after many times listening to excuses from store and company staff, been ripped off over 1400 dollars

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  • Ga
    gary Jun 12, 2009

    you can get a refund from your credit card company even if it's past the 30 day mark. just keep on calling and speak to different people, including the supervisor.

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  • An
    ann May 26, 2009

    I too is the victim of Neoset canada. I purchased a wall unit and was misled to put an almost full deposit of $1200 at the Mississauga store in September 2008. The sale person was Ameet who pretended to be helpful just to get your $$. after when i learned that I was disatisfied with the purchase a week later, I went back and demanded money back. he said it was too late as the order was processed. I waited until December for them to delivered partial pieces. They told me that the porter strike in Greece is causing the delay and they will contact me to deliver the rest at a later date. By the way they took my money in full within 2 weeks. I tried to call the warehouse and the store 4 times without a return call. In March 2009, ammet emailed me and said that someone will contact me. No one did. I tried again 3 weeks ago and found out that all numbers had been disconnected. i went to the store a few days ago and found out it is now closed. I took the advise of some customer and contacted my AmeX and they told me that the dispute is invalid as the purchase was made more than 90 days. I don't know what to do now. I will file a complaint with the BBB. We should not let them get away with stealing $$ from people. I am sure the employees knew it was going under, and still push business. Their trick was you have to purchase it today and put down the deposit as i will give you the 15% off today and only today. I will never be this naive again and never pay for anything until it is fully delivered. any ideas of how to go about getting the refund back???

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  • Ne
    Neoset sucks May 26, 2009

    Why am I not surprised?

    Eleanor & Greg: Aren't you tired of playing over and over the same old tricks on your frustrated customers?

    Phone numbers that are disconnected, a head office that is closed down for good, a directive travelling overseas, a warehouse that is empty, and e-mail addresses that doesn't work.

    Stop the lies, and face the people with responsibility!!!
    If you were there for us when we gave you our money, why can't you be also to tell us the truth?

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  • Ac
    a customer May 23, 2009

    I went to the head office today its closed.. they are out of business. GONE!

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  • Fu
    Furious2 May 22, 2009


    Unbelievable! I thought I was the only who went through Neoset hell! Unfortunately, there are a few too many that have been where I have been. I myself purchased quite a few items from Neoset - Jarvis location back in August 2008 and was told 6 - 8 week delivery. As of November 2008 my furniture did not arrive. It did not come in December. I called the Jarvis location in January and was told the furniture was in the country (WTF??? I mean what does that really mean?). I made several attempts to reach Eleanor Reynolds and Greg Pappas by both e-mail and phone. As you well know no response to either. I did ask Mia from the Jarvis store for a refund for my deposit of $2500 which she told me she was unauthorized to do she would have to speak to HQ and promised me she would call within the week. She never called. My second attempt by phone was met with a similar answer. Eleanor nor Greg got back to her! Finally, I filed a complaint with the BBB and contacted MC to dispute the charge. I am still waiting as I had to write out all contacts I made with this company and the promises made to me when I would be getting my furniture as the time for the time of deposit and delivery date was over the alloted time frame for disputes I believe 90 days. However the supervisor said they would try and enter a different delivery date to keep within the time frame. I hope I get my money back as it sucks to have pay for something that you don't even have to enjoy. As for Greg, Eleanor and the rest of the Neoset gang I hope that you these complaints and understand the extent of what you have done. In saying that, always remember Karma is a ### and you will get yours.

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  • Sc
    Scammed by Pappas May 21, 2009

    This is becoming more interesting by the minute. the web of lies that Neoset threaded has no shame at all.

    Now a "cusotmer service rep" appears all of a sudden to defend the company.

    Isn't it strange that this CSR doesn't use caps at all, or has no sense of grammar?

    Is it me, or a real CSR would never use a phrase like "you should try to work things out otherwise move on"?

    Who are you really?, why are you so afraid to give us your real identity?

    My recommendation to all of us, deceived by Greg Pappas and Eleanor Reynolds, is not to trust this user, as it looks like a phony account, same as "gregory pappas", and probably "TRUE CUSTOMER"

    If you have time to read this board and post here, dear "csr", then be kind enough to take 5 precious minutes of your time and answer our e-mails... there's still lots of us waiting for answers from Neoset.

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  • Cs
    csr May 20, 2009

    i am responding to the many notices i am and have been helping many customers and staff solve issues at the company.
    what you are doing is wrong. if you have a greivance with the company deal with it in the right manner. if you are a customer visit the warehouse and present your problems we have been solving many problems. what you are saying here is wrong its lies. ... and does not help the company solve the real problems. i just posted a while ago and now reading many of your words i think you need to visit either your unemployement office or the labour board or contact the warehouse or head office for your product if you are a customer.

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  • Cs
    csr May 20, 2009

    chris schultz i am a cusotmer service rep for neoset and i can assure you that it was impossible for you to speak with eleanor reynolds and that she did not go to europe as you and some body else has indicated. she has not been working for neoset for many months now. she like others was an employee like myself.

    if you have any questions about your order you need to speak with greg pappas the owner he is working hard on helping people. there is a sign on the headoffice that you can read yourself it states open saturdays [email protected] if you need to contact him. The words expressed here are untrue and if there are mad ex employees you should try to work things out otherwise move on.

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  • Ch
    Chris Schultz May 20, 2009

    Does anybody know if Eleanor Reynolds is back from Europe?

    She promised me she was gonna get in touch with me in two weeks, three weeks ago. She said she was gonna give me better furniture at the same price if I was patient and didn't get my deposit back.

    Anybody else in the same situation?

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  • Ym
    YMS May 12, 2009

    Victims of NEOSET Canada:

    I was also told -by both a Jarvis Store employee and by head office- that 'delays in shipping' were due to a port strike in Europe. No answer to my pointing out that the stuff I paid for came from QUEBEC. Last time I looked, there was no ocean between our two provinces. So, do not for one second believe the lies and excuses served up by Greg Pappas-type slime balls and collaborators. Fraud is fraud. Go after these people.

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  • Fr
    Freespirit May 11, 2009

    True customer (methinks not!!!)

    Who is paying your wages?

    The article above by Ellen Roseman appeared in the star in February. If you haven't understood, people are complaining legitimately about non-payment of wages, non-delivery of furniture, and more, all of which constitute violations of their contracts and business obligations. - get it? People have been hurt financially, and the company kept on taking money for orders that they knew weren't going to be delivered.

    Do not trivialize other people's issues with how they were treated.

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  • Fo
    for all employees May 09, 2009

    Ellen Roseman TORONTO STAR -

    Vicki Low ordered a computer desk from Neoset Canada last August.

    Jenya Zukershtein ordered a desk and shelves from Neoset last June.

    Both were told to expect delivery within six to eight weeks.

    Months later, they had received neither their products nor their money back.

    "I'm at my wit's end, " said Low, who paid in full ($573). "The head office has stopped returning my calls and the store on Jarvis St. has been unhelpful and unapologetic."

    Zukershtein is still waiting for the refund and four months' interest on her $593 deposit that she was promised last December.

    Neoset Canada has five company-owned stores in Toronto, which import modular furniture from Greece.

    The Better Business Bureau gives the company an F rating (unsatisfactory), reflecting the number of complaints filed and lack of response to the complaints.

    Owner Greg Pappas responded quickly to our intervention on behalf of the two customers.

    He said Neoset's problems started a year ago, when Greek workers held rotating strikes to protest government plans to privatize container handling operations at two major ports.

    This resulted in a backlog of containers headed overseas.

    "We didn't receive any containers for 14 to 16 weeks and fell significantly behind, " Pappas said.

    "We tried to communicate with customers, but the staff was not prepared to deal with it. This was my fault. There was no training plan."

    As the strikes continued, Neoset started getting containers with orders only half complete.

    "We kept falling farther behind, " Pappas said. "We fulfilled orders for customers who screamed the loudest."

    Neoset has 170 stores in Greece, but sold its Toronto stores to Pappas two years ago.

    The parent company started to care a bit less with the divesting of Canadian operations, he said. There was no need to ship across the ocean for its other stores.

    "We didn't foresee the strikes or danger of having one supplier in a country that's going through some unrest.

    "It was bad risk management on our part."

    Yesterday, Pappas said he would process Zukershtein's refund within 24 hours.

    He said Low could have her choice of getting a refund or her long-awaited desk – which had arrived in Canada, after all.

    "It was not prioritized and was sitting in a pile of orders, " he admitted.

    People can live with delays if told what's wrong and offered refunds. But if they're ignored, they contact newspapers and write nasty comments online.

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  • Fo
    for all employees May 09, 2009

    we were just doing our jobs all of the employees just did what we were told. its the owner pappas that told us what to say anddo. from heather and arthur and linda and eleanor all employees of who you have discussed here just did what they were told to. its the owner that kows what the situation is not the employees. we did our level best.

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  • Ym
    YMS May 09, 2009

    Fellow victims of NEOSET Canada, please not not lose heart.
    Do go after Greg Pappas and those who chose to collaborate with Pappas.
    You are doing the wider community a real service in making clear that it is NOT WORTHWHILE TO CHEAT AND DEFRAUD in Canada.
    I have lived all over the world, and I have often complained of fellow Canadians' complaceny and lack of initiative in making things right. Posters to the Complaints Board prove me wrong! Please, keep up the good work.
    Greg Pappas-type slime balls do not respond to notions of honesty, honour or shame. What can curb their behaviour is the message that Pappas-type slime balls will be hounded and held to account. Pappas-type slime balls and co. must learn they will not benefit from the tricks they have played.
    I got my money back in the end, though no compensation for long distance phone calls, or lost interest or time. Believe me, it was worth it. If we victims join forces to make it sufficiently inconvenient for them, Pappas-type slime balls will think twice in future before ripping off customers.

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  • Tr
    TRUE CUSTOMER May 08, 2009


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  • Tr
    TRUE CUSTOMER May 08, 2009


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  • Ab
    abc May 08, 2009

    they are all a sack of lies.. i called the store spoke with a fellow by the name of arthur gitten who promised to get back to me in august of last year.. yeh ok... see what happens. NOTHING>>>>then i called the head office and spoke with heather thompson.. scheduling... yeh whatever... again promised to call and yeh nothing... for months and months only me calling and zero response.. its like i have nothing better to do.. thank goodness for credit cards... eh... they are covering me due to non delivery.. but i say its the staff from store level right to head office who screwed us all... they were the ones who were non responsive.. who took our money... and were our contacts... it the sale person who promised to call and follow up.. thats who i gave my MONEY to... who did you give yours too?????!!!

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  • Vd
    vd-Q May 08, 2009

    Another victim. I'm from Montreal. I purchased furniture from Neoset last year, on February 26th. After 6 month they came down to Montreal and delivered me other pieces that I was told would be delivered. I filled a complaint (Consumer Proctection Agency). Greg Papas promised that he personnaly will take care of this matter and nothing happened then...he ignored any email from the Consumer Protection Agency . ... I want to sue the company...

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  • Ne
    Neoset robbed me May 08, 2009

    Eleanor Reynolds was leaving the country?... when did that happen?... why was she leaving?

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  • Dw
    dw4457 May 07, 2009

    spoke with the toronto sun today. they will be investigating the neoset story beginning on sunday. the fellow writing the piece is brett clarkson. he can be reached at [email protected] and [protected]. he is busy with two other assignments and will try to give this his full attention on sunday the 10th. i'm sure he would appreciate hearing a few of our stories in greater detail than we were able to provide through our postings on this site. personally i think we need to keep this story alive for a while longer. i have a friend in athens who tells me that all their stores in greece are offering 50% off on everything. sounds like they are pulling up stakes after gathering cash in the same fashion. so..hopefully the sun runs with this. he seems very interested and was impressed by the passion of our writing. did you notice that reynolds admission that she was leaving the country has been removed from this site? good luck to us all and let's hope that they 'hang em high'

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  • Va
    Vadim May 07, 2009

    I ordered furniture in the beginning of January 2009. Paid 50% deposit by Mastercard. They promised 10 to 12 weeks delivery. It sounded a bit strange, but I dealt with Neoset before (few years back) and was very satisfied with the service and the product, so I went ahead with the new order. I called them in the beginning of April and got that standard "in the next 2 weeks" response. A few days later I decided to check the web site and saw that it was gone, then I googled neoset and found out what is going on. I immediately called Mastercard and they returned the money without any hassle. It was past 90 day period that people are talking about here. So based on my experience I would suggest, if you paid by credit card, don't waste your energy on Neoset and talk to your credit card company right away.

    On a side note, the product was pretty good and was very popular even though the prices weren't cheap. How stupid one should be to screw it up like that.

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  • Ym
    YMS May 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Miss Fratzoglou [email protected]
    Athens office number +[protected]
    Google other NEOSET Greece phone numbers and e-mails and BOMBARD THEM TOO!

    E-mail first to establish a record of your efforts, followed by a quick phone call to the head office in Athens (mention each call by you in a subsequent e-mail, including date, time and what number phone call and e-mail each is, again, to establish proof of your every effort).

    BOMBARD Neoset Greece in Athens, of which Neoset Canada is/was a franchise. I think that is what finally compelled Reynolds and Pappas to return my money to me.
    Neoeset Greece may tell you it is not their responsibility, but I DID get my money back, only after calling & e-mailing the Greek office a few times.

    I understand from Greek family that NEOSET Greece is big and well known in that country. PERHAPS A GROUP OF YOU CONTACTING A MAJOR GREEK NEWS OUTLET on your miserable Canadian experience would get you some action. Or just warning NEOSET Greece that you plan to.

    NEOSET Canada is/was despicable, no sense of honour or shame, nevermind pride or professionalism. Embarrassing Pappas and Reynolds into a refund by contacting NEOSET Greece may help you. It worked for me.
    Is there a Greek community newspaper in Toronto? What might it have to say? Honour and honesty mean nothing to Greg Pappas and Co., but exposing Pappas as he skulks off to new ventures is a service to the community.
    Good luck and best wishes to you all, fellow victims of NEOSET.

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  • Xe
    X-employee May 01, 2009

    neosetcanada website no more available...

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  • Ih
    ihavesomething2say May 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    18 Huddersfield Road
    Etobicoke, ON M9W 5Z6

    google or mapquest it...but it's probably gone

    427/ albion

    I SAY WE ALL GET TOGETHER FOR A CLASS ACTION SUIT...if not for the furniture or the money, then at least the interest on the credit card!

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  • Sa
    Sale May 01, 2009

    I have sent e-mail to Mr. Pappas and got reply from gmail that the address is non-existing.
    Does anyone know where is NEOSET warehouse?
    Is there any legal action against Mr. Pappas and Mrs. Reynolds or they are free to go anywhere they like?
    Where can we file our complaints?
    I am surprised things like this can happen in country like Canada...

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  • Xe
    X-employee May 01, 2009

    Hey Guys,

    Don't get trapped with false promises...after two weeks...who knows
    Do you think you will get better quality product than NEOSET ?
    I'm sure Eleanor is not aware of the technicalities associated with NEOSET product.
    I was proud to work for the company, but not under their mismanagement.

    By the way I hope Etobicoke is not part of Europe...
    as these guys don't have money, how can they go and talk to other companies?
    who will trust them? are they not famous enough ?

    So without any further delay ...GET YOUR MONEY BACK FIRST

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  • No
    no fool Apr 30, 2009

    I hope the authorities take note that you are taking our money and leaving the country. I don't expect you will ever return, at least not as Eleanor Reynolds anyways!

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  • Al
    ali Apr 29, 2009


    Here is my update.

    On April 22 I responded to the message posted here from G. Pappas.

    He replied on April 23:
    "Our stores are closed and the company is insolvent making it impossible to refund your deposit. We can look to see if we have the captains bed or something close to it in our warehouse to complete your order. If that is not an option I would encourage you to contact your credit card company to seek reimbursement of your deposit.
    I'm very sorry for the terrible inconvenience this has caused you and if there is any other way I could help, please let me know."

    Same day I e-mailed him asking what furniture he has available, and never heard back from him.

    It's been a week now. I doubt there is anything left in his wearhouse.

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  • Fr
    Freespirit Apr 29, 2009

    Hey guys,

    The messages from Greg & Eleanor are their usual stock! I tried to contact them but they haven't replied to me. Methinks that they are trying to dupe us again, to keep us quiet while they try to escape the consequences of their actions.

    It is clear to all of us what kind of people they are, and it is our duty to make sure that other people are not scammed. We also need to contact Better Business Bureau, the Labour Board, the press, and let the public know that these two are eminently unemployable because they are untrustworthy, and without any morals or principles.

    There's an old saying:

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

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  • Ih
    ihavesomething2say Apr 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Ms Reynolds,

    I find it ironic that only now you have tried to contact any of us after the stores have been closed, mailboxes full, and the phone lines disconnected. Instead of trying to explain the matter to us when your sales people were available in stores or when the lines were open only now you are trying to rectify the situation? I, along with everyone else, have been taken for a ride. Yet you are asking us not to be rude to you as you are trying to keep us happy.

    Again you are delivering the same message to us we'll call you to bring your orders up to date in the next "2 weeks". I have heard this so many times, since September 2008 to be exact. Obviously, you will contact us as your head offince number "is no longer in service". The honourable thing would be to contact each of us ASAP and deliver all our products along with a discount on top of the incurred interest on our credit cards over items we have not yet seen but have been charged for.

    I will post when you have contacted me. I urge everyone to do the same to see if you are for real

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  • El
    Eleanor Reynolds Apr 28, 2009

    Good Afternoon everybody, this is Eleanor Reynolds from Neoset Canada.

    The reason of us being silent is because Mr. Gregg Pappas and I were just trying to help everybody as fast as we can, and I am here today to announce that every single customer with an outstanding order has been contacted already. If you haven't received our call yet, just give us two more weeks to finish and do the last calls. I am happy to announce that 95% of the people who were contacted understood the situation and agreed that Neoset has been handling these issues with honesty, ethic and respect to our customers.

    Please try not to be rude to us, because we only mean good, and we're trying really hard to make everybody happy. That is, and has been always, part of the Neoset core of values, from the sales floor employee to the highest management position; the most important thing is to satisfy our customers in a fast and efficient manner.

    Have a great day everybody, and I give you my word that if you haven't been contacted, you will be in the next two weeks.

    Eleanor Reynolds
    Neoset Canada
    Director of Sales & Marketing

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  • Kr
    Krystyna- MAD Apr 24, 2009

    My name is Krystyna ordered 2 beds for my children, 1 coffie table and a side bed small cabinet I payed $1100 for all that nobody called or emailed me no body answered my messages and calls. PLEASE HELP ME CONTACT ME AT: [email protected]

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  • Fu
    furious Apr 23, 2009

    hihihihhihiiiii! Very very funny GP!! Hilarious! Where the hell were you when we needed answers? Not to mention furniture we paid for? Not to mention when we begged not to be taken for a fool? When we called and left endless messages? When we wrote hundreds of e-mails? Not to mention when we asked and then later, demanded, our money back? Working very closely with us, my a**... more like hiding, hoping for the gig not to be up so soon, runing through trapdoors and secret passageways, ... GP, stick up your fake collaborative manners now... Where was the emotionally interactive opportunity you are providing now when we would have needed you? You knowingly scammed us... so don't piss on our shoes and tell us it is raining...
    DUPED and DE4457, my sentiments exactly!

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  • Dw
    dw4457 Apr 23, 2009

    hey>>who doesn't agree wuth DUPED..pappas' ### email was no compensation for the repeated lies that he and his representatives told for months. only a low-life like these neoset ### would knowingly steal your money and them hide like the cowards they are. they know nothing of responsibility or decency. they are criminals. can anyone out there tell me one good reason that these ### shouldn't be charged and summarily prosecuted for their repulsive and contemptous actions?

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  • Du
    duped Apr 23, 2009

    Amicable solutions! What exactly is the problem? And how the hell are we supposed to be amicable when we were never contacted by your company that our orders would not be delivered. I have been emailing you for days with no response, not even an amicable "set a time and date to discuss". I have been left hi and dry with no furniture and out of all my money!! This is a ### way to run a business Mr. Pappas. And your method of handling the "problem" which I still don't understand is legally corrupt. You had better get some people answering phones, and emails or your actions will be front page news.

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  • Gr
    Gregory pappas Apr 21, 2009

    My name is Greg Pappas and as President of the company I would request that you contact me directly so that we may try to find a resolution to each of your concerns. I can be reached by email at [email protected] We've been working closely with our past customers, staff and suppliers to try and find an amicable solution to their concerns.

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  • Vl
    Vlad Apr 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Another victim. I bought in April 2008. Nothing delivered, after many phone calls and promises nothing.
    Plus Visa can not help, TD Elite they said can resolve dispute only within 90 days.
    So what we are doing now, company is gone?

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  • Ma
    majorlyscammed09 Apr 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks eleanor hater. I contacted Visa and they should be able to help. The ridiculous thing is that Neoset still hasn't filed for bankruptcy.

    You're right, I don't understand how they were able to operate either. That's probably the worst part about this situation - people were being cheated from the get go since June 2008, there was no truth in anything the sales person told me during my transaction.

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