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Neopost is a company that has mail meters that you rent the machine. The salesperson I spoke with was wonderful on the phone and you get 6 months free and then you start paying the rental fee. But my concern was that I hadn't heard of this company and I was concerned if we didn't like the postage meter can I have a 30 days to try it and he said yes but your not going to need it everyone loves our meters.
So that being said we found the meter very loud and not as user friendly as they said it was going to be so my staff wasn't happy with the meter and it hadn't been 30 days. I called and spoke to my salesman and he went from the nice salesman to the mean salesman who swore up and down he never told me that and I am stuck with the meter and I said who would purchase something they never tried and not have the option to return it and he said we don't do returns. So I asked to speak to the supervisor who was just as rude and not helpful or understanding of my situation and basically said the same thing you are stuck with it or we can upgrade you to the next model for more money. I said to the supervisor why would I want to continue doing business with a company who doesn't have good customer service. When I was purchasing it they were super nice and promised me the world. But in the mean time trying to find me someone to speak with for 45 minutes on and off being on hold the message when you are on hold is Neopost bragging about their customer service and how they make sure all the customers are happy and we pride ourselves in our customer service. Well speaking to this supervisor who has no customer service at all and I mentioned to him when I was on hold having to hear this and why aren't you standing behind what you are trying to promote he couldn't answer. I said your salesman promised me I could try this product out for 30 days and he said we never do that and he pretty much called me a liar and he also said he didn't believe me that my staff wasn't happy with the meter because it's rated the number one meter. I said to him we aren't happy and I would like to return it. The salesman said everything I needed to hear to get me to purchase this product and than they don't want to deal with you after the sale if anything is wrong. The supervisor said to me he couldn't do anything to help me it's the law and the guidelines we have to follow he said and I said I don't believe that and he said have you ever tried to get out of Ptiney Bowes they won't let you out either and I told them I just did without any problems. I wish I never left them having to deal with this company and they have no professionalism on how they treat there customers. All I want is to return a postage meter we aren't happy with it and they won't unless I pay for the remaining 36 months. So a warning to anyone interested Neopost they don't stick with there word they don't care if your unsatisfied with there product and they shouldn't be in business. The supervisor told me that there was nobody else I could talk to about this you will get me and you can't get out of it unless you want to pay for 36 months and if you don't like the meter we can upgrade you to more expensive one. He was not nice and not professional. I truly can't believe that they would have a person in this position who would talk to customers in that way.

Jun 30, 2014 6:57 am EDT

No they didn't just trying to hook you in and when your not happy at 30 days they don't care your stuck with it...sorry or buy your contract out which is crazy. They don't care about CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Nov 29, 2014 7:11 pm EST
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I had the displeasure of working for this company for a brief 4 months in Dallas, TX. I can assure you that they don't care one bit about customer service. All they care about is the sale-- period. The manager in the Dallas office is lazy, rude, manipulative woman who spends her days making the sales staff miserable, of course that's only part of the day. The other part she spends stalking people online. She is truly insane and has no clue what it takes to be an effective leader and mentor as all she's every done is taken orders at a uniform rental company previous to landing a job that she does absolutely nothing at all day long. She doesn't know how to demonstrate any of the machinery her salespeople sell, and her lack of tact is something to behold. The General Manager seems level headed and smart, but he's just a 'yes man' himself just trying to work his way up the ladder and kicking everyone in the head as he steps over them on his way there. I have a feeling as to why he keeps that crazy sales manager woman around, and it has nothing to do with Neopost. To top off that group, is an overbearing black woman who runs the show there. She is merely the receptionist but gets to do whatever she wants, when she wants, and how she wants it She is no help to the sales staff, and has made each of them scared of her, to the point that no one dares asks her to do anything remotely to what her job description actually states because she will go running to crazy manager or the GM- to tell on you. And you'll never witn that argumnent, as a matter of fact, you might get fired instead. DON'T DO BUSINESS WIT THEM AT ANY COSTS -- YOU WILL GET SCREWED OVER.

Jun 29, 2014 11:30 pm EDT

I'm not going through the same thing, but something very similar, did they tell you about saving money on your postage during the sales process? We were promised that this meter would pay for itself and in the end, they don't actually offer commercial rates- you have to apply to the USPS.
I'm trying to find more people with this issues for maybe some type of "class action"


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