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For a "Free" trial bottle (only pay shipping and handling, billed to my credit card) I received not only one bottle to try, but many more bottles and other products. One month later, I received a charge for $108.09 on my credit card for what they had sent me saying it was an part of what I had agreed to on an automatic shipping order and the only way I could get a refund was to return all but the one "free" bottle (paying for shipping) and than I would get my refund. Until I do this, I will not only be charged, but will continue to receive further shipments monthly charged to my account. There is no cancellation unless I return something I never ordered. Beware of this company. They apologize profusely but maintain that by ordering from there website, I was made aware of this. No such thing is further from the truth. I never agreed to any such contract, but they claim it is very clear.


  • Ka
    Karen Mangold Oct 15, 2008

    The same thing just happened to me-exactly as you described. I just sent it back today with a nasty letter. I will also report them.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Kinsella-Harmon Nov 23, 2008

    I totally understand and am going through the same. I did manage to cancel it via telephone, any further shipments, but I still need to send back 60 days of the 90 day supply. Free is free and you are entitled under the law what has been advertised for free and what you paid shipping for. If we send back the product unopened, then for each of those, the company is scamming people out of $6.95. False advertisement. Very simple, you take out of the shipment only 30 of each product and send back the remaining.

    I also believe that when dealing with promotions like these, it is probably best to use a prepaid credit card. That way, if something like this might happen, you can stop them from bleeding you dry.

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  • Ji
    jillian Nov 27, 2008

    Did not order follow - up shipment of product, after free trial period

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  • Fi
    fireviolet Jan 01, 2009

    I ordered the free trial which was only suppose to be $5.95 . When they sent it there was two more bottles and some other stuff with it . Now they have charged $99.85 to my credit card. I didn't order this stuff and does not tell ANYWHERE on the website how much it cost after the free trial. This is false advertising and a scam. I am going to try to get my money back .
    For anyone thinking about ordering this stuff BEWARE.

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  • Ju
    Jude C Jan 20, 2009

    I just ordered online the "Natural Relief for Women" and was very surprised when I recieved it today that there were several more bottles than I initially signed up for, with some others I never asked for. I have not opened any of them and plan to send them all back, although Iv'e already paid 6.95 for a one month free trial. I really wish I had done some extra research before ordering this product. I can't find anywhere on the website what the true cost is...but now I'm finding out...we'll see how easy it is to send back and if I get anything else taken out of my debit card.

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  • Ma
    mary wilson May 26, 2009

    It is true there is no free 30 day trail, you pay for what you get! But for a women who has hot flashes or night sweats and knows how hard they are to live with this product works. I have been taking these for 2 months now and I no longer have any hot flashes or night sweats at all. I would put the window up and down in our truck so much I broke the motor in it. At night we never slept because I was always taking the blankets off and on all night long, I drove my husband crazy. I really thought I was going crazy they were so bad. I dont have hot flashes any more and I sleep all night long with our waking up. All you have to do is call the number up and tell them just what you want and nothing else and they will do it. The product works and I love it.

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  • De
    dengosa Jul 23, 2009

    It is any way to stop this people??? Where can I make a complain?

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  • Mi
    Mimi 09 Sep 24, 2009

    This company should be stopped! Thery are scamming the women they are claiming to help. Whitney, in customer service made the matter worse by her bad attitude when I called to find out what was going on. I did NOT find this product helpfull. It did NOT work as claimed. Not only am I unhappy with the product, I'm MAD at being misled. I'm MAD because they KNOW IT!

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  • Em
    EmiliaK Mar 25, 2010

    Another problem with this company is that they are inaccessible by E-mail. You will be forced to call them, because they do NOT answer your messages—and not everyone has the time/patience to hang on to the receiver. After I finally got a hold of them, I was told I was supposed to return a certain number of capsules in the containers. As I, very upset, told the teller, there was NOTHING in their web site on that matter. What a rip-off! The good news is, you can go to their own web site and let everyone know the problems you had with NR: How sweet is that? ;-)

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  • Em
    EmiliaK Mar 25, 2010

    PS: You can also go to the Federal Trade Commission and file an official complaint: These guys will take your complaint VERY seriously, unlike Natural Relief for Women!

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  • Ji
    Jisright May 29, 2010

    As the old saying goes "Nothing in life is free!"

    As I was signing up for the free samples and got to the part of which credit card I wanted to use, there is in very small printing that a $100 + fee would be charged to the same credit card monthly. I immediately erased all of my information. Read the small print before you buy!!!

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  • Sg
    SGlady Aug 11, 2010

    I have been taking NR for Women and like everyone else on here, had a problem with the first order, BUT I have to say that after the initial order, the 90 supply comes like clockwork and they only charge me $29.95/month (per bottle) and $33.90 to including s/h on the reorder. The first 30 day supply was actually free whean all was said and done.

    I have also found that in the last year, the hot flashes and night sweats lessened with NR, and as my body was changing back and forth it seemed to help, but I have also found that the last two months the hot flashes and night sweats are not being stopped and are more intense again. I think this product is good at first signs of the hot flashes, etc., but I also think your body gets used to the pills and it is no longer working. I just received a new 90 day supply and will probably return it and try something else. Remember, the first 90 days of using this product is the key time to see if it will help you. I know we are not all the same, so give it a chance - some it will help, others will need to try something else. I don't think it's a scam, it's just not clear on the website of what to expect - but in defense of NR, when I signed up, it told me everything that was coming in the mail. I had to call and talk to someone who was able to help me return the unwanted products, give me a monthly discount of $10/bottle and only receive the one type that I wanted to receive. Make sure you take a daily women's vitamin everyday too!!

    On another note, I hear that Ambien is not good for you and I believe it is either off the market, or is going to be off the market. At least NR for Women tells you their ingredients, whereas Ambien does not and is $100 per month/30 day supply. Beware of any product that won't tell you what's in it!

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  • 64
    64&hot Aug 26, 2011

    If your nights and days are miserable from hot flashes, you are willing to try anything that claims to work. I received my 90 day free trial of NR+ today and can understand there could be a need for more than just one supplement to be included to provide all vits, minerals and herbs that could possibly help. I missed the deadline for the Ambien free trial and ended up paying for a product that didn't work for me. I agree advertising is misleading so this time, I copied and pasted the info below from the Natural Relief website to my word file before I ordered so I could refer back to it if I don't like any or all of the products. I also marked my calendar before the 30 days were up to return unused product. I am already spending alot of money on vits and creams each month that are only slightly working, so it'll be worth it's weight in gold if it works. Here is the info from their website: Natural Relief Hormone treatment money back procedure. *Void where prohibited. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. This offer is subject to change or termination without notice. Each shipment includes a 90-day supply. Pay only $5.95 for the first 30 days of the initial shipment of all three items and then you will be charged monthly payments of $29.95 each for all three items every 30 days thereafter in this and later shipments to the same card you use today. Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska orders will be charged an additional $9.91 shipping and handling. Each 30-day shipment comes with its own 30-day money back guarantee (less only S&H) upon request for a refund and return of the unused product. You can cancel future shipments at any time by phone by calling 1-888-607-3505 or by mail to: Natural Relief, Attn: Cancellations, 170 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92084. Heathly Living Essentials is free for 60 days. If you decide to continue after the 60 days, your credit card is billed just $9.95 per month. Plus you keep the steak knives and grocery coupons as our gift just for trying it out. You can cancel anytime by calling 866-231-6997. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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  • Aw
    AWKP Jul 24, 2012

    SCAM!!! SCAM!!!
    Call the Attorney General of your State to report these scammers and shut them down. This company deliberately and routinely ignores autoship cancellations and want to refuse product returns. Notify your credit card company that any and all charges from these scammers are unauthorized and should be disputed. Call the company's customer-no-help number, record your conversation with the representative, and inform them that you're doing so for the purpose of taking legal action against their employer, should it become necessary. Demand that you speak with supervisor and tell this person that if the company wants unauthorized, autoshipped, unopened product returned, they will need to provide a *postage paid* mailing label. They will balk, but inform them that you're doing them a favor by returning product that was never authorized and you are not legally required to return. Eventually they WILL cave and send a postage paid label.
    Ask for a cancellation number, while they are on the telephone with you, and state very clearly that you will accept no more unauthorized product from this company, will not accept credit card charges for ANY further shipments. and ask for the name of the representative you've been speaking with. This is your recorded evidence to be submitted in what will surely be a class action suit against these scammers, and your personal insurance that if anyone receives financial satisfaction, you will be among them.

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  • Ro
    Robert C. Stevenson Oct 11, 2012

    I have a credit card charge and haven't ordered anything. Amount $71.95

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