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BEWARE this scam of door to door salespeople with sad stories, asking you to give donations to help inner city school kids by purchasing books and magazines.

Ironically, on the back of my receipt, it says they are solicitors working for money, and are prohibited from saying they are helping underpriveliged persons...interesting.

The guy was very pushy, asked for water and came in my house, looked around at everything and then laid on a guilt trip that "the least i could do to help" was to order something from him.

He also showed me a log of people who felt compelled to share comments about his honesty, including a few of my neighbors. Then, after i handed him my check, he coached me on what to write, adding to his little list. wow, was i gullible!

oh yeah, i never received the item i ordered and called only to find out they don't even sell that item - he was working from a fake merchandise catalog.

I recommend you NEVER ever buy things from strangers knocking at your door - it is too risky.

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Aug 11, 2016 12:55 am EDT

What the hell?! I bought into the whole sob story of a door-to-door salesman who needed to sell enough magazines to complete some program that kept him out of jail and put him on the road to getting his son back. It's a bunch of ###. My husband and I really didn't have the money to spend on that crap but we did because we felt for him. I should have known when he pulled out a brand new phone to call his supervisor. He got us for $65 and we never got the Disney and Me magazine we ordered for our son. I'm so pissed and now no one who sells stuff to us at our door will get any money.

Sep 10, 2008 6:55 pm EDT

These people are door to door with pity story about "trying to better their life..blah blah blah"
they got me 3 times besause yes, i felt sorry for them. Everytime it is black youth, and quite frankly, they may not even know that the magazines never come...
don't even open the door!

Aug 18, 2008 10:08 am EDT

I paid $91 to a door to door salesman who said the magazine sales would help inner city youth. It is 2 months later, no magazines, the company did not respond to my email or voice mail and they never answer their phone. It is always voice mail. Unfortunately now I won't buy from door to door salespeople some of whom I believe are legitimate as I have ordered and received magazines that way before. This company appears to be a big scam.

Mar 26, 2009 6:58 pm EDT

Order $112.00 (3) worth of magazines from a Shon Phillips 9/24/08. Receipt says delivery within 120 days. Well, it's March 26, 2009 and no magazines. Same sob story as other complaints---got out of jail, found God, turning life around, and trying to get his son out of foster care.

Apr 08, 2013 4:00 pm EDT

The bottom line is that there are good apples and bad apples...Some companies and their agents live up to high standards where other's not so much. I have been in the door to door sales business for 20 years now. I have sold magazines, and for me my experience was terrific, and I hire for one of the companies listed throughout this thread...Pro-Tek Chemical...I'm here to tell you that after some of the incidents involving the magazine business it's refreshing to work for a legitimate company that IS listed with BBB or Better Business Bureau with an A rating...look up other soap crews or mag crews...Are they listed? That's what you really need to do to protect yourself as a consumer and as an agent. If the company is on the up and up they will stay in nice hotels, have nice vehicles, their people will Get Paid every week or two depending on the companies payroll, they will be listed with the BBB and have a good rating, they will get permits to work all areas, they will have a professional secured website and Facebook page. If the company you are buying from or a company you are wanting to work for does not meet this criteria you're probably better off doing and working elsewhere. This is the truth and these are the facts. Pro-Tek has this and more. Need a job? Call Me :)

Nov 08, 2011 10:19 pm EST

I started selling Pro Tek in October of 2001. My story, I grew up in Inglewood CA and was deep into gangs and drugs and violence. I answered an add in my local paper for a job to travel state to state which gave me the opportunity to get out of LA. I had no sales experience and even less experience talking with people and being a closer... I got trained by a kid from NY and got real real good at sales thanks to Mr. john nelson Mr. joel lambert and all the different peeps I met... Now 11 years later I dont sell cleaner but i MANAGE 265 people that do with one of the largest companies in the world AT&T. So for all the bad stuff people say bout d2d they are not all wrong but for US Custom Chem... John Nelson Joel Lambert and Denver Price thanks for teaching me EVERYTHING i know and getting me into a career that supports me and my family of 3 kids and a wife



Jun 14, 2011 8:18 pm EDT
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Some sales persons represent legitimate businesses. It is good to ask for literature and perhaps not make a purchase until the next day. I always order with a credit card. The charge can be disputed if the goods fail to arrive or are of poor quality. Many of these persons are just trying to make a living selling merchandise. Do not purchase to help someone, purchase because you need the product. If you want to help people, make a donation through a recognized charity. Why would I buy magazines I do not want to help someone go to camp?

Apr 22, 2011 10:04 pm EDT

Yes, in San Antonio, TX these young sales crews come by every so often (I got burned the 1st time, when I bought a subscription and never received the magazine). Now what I do is ask them for the web site where I can place a direct order or a mail in order sheet and if they have a sales ID # that I can tag to the order to make sure they get their commission. They always say that they must pickup checks directly, but I explain my previous problems with unfilled orders (..saying "you can never be too careful.."). They usually leave grumbling..

Jun 27, 2010 11:57 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

They send a young black teen girl to the western suburbs of Chicago to try and coerce money from hard working families. She uses a "teen mom from the south side of Chicago, trying to earn money to support herself and her baby" sob story. She also says anything that she sells, she gets 50% of the sale price. So I agree to buy a book to "donate" to a single mother or abandoned child who cannot afford to buy them. She tells me that only "certain" books are donatable and when I look at the list of course only the high priced books are donatable. I could buy 3-4 books for the price of the 1 book they are selling. So I finally find a Hannah Montana book for $25(cheapest I could find) she writes up the ticket and says, "that will be $40 dollars" You DO have to pay for processing & handling, she says. I should have said No Thank you right at that point but I am too nice of a guy! (SUCKER is the more appropriate word, and that is what they count on) So I am DONATING a book that is 4 times what it should cost and then they add on $15 for processing! I know, I am a [censored] for buying this. Well no more, my friends! I put a NO SOLICITORS sign in my front door today and will never buy or donate $ to ANYONE who rings my bell ever again. Please learn from my ignorance, naivete, etc...

Feb 14, 2010 1:20 am EST

Movemeant Sales is a COMPLETE fraud! I've been waiting for over 18 MONTHS for my order, including multiple phone calls to their offices. Though they did call me back, the continuallu promised that my order would arrive within "4 more weeks" .. I hear that crap from them at least 3 times. My complaint was actually unresolved with the BBB. Movemeant Sales STOLE my money!

Oct 24, 2009 12:35 pm EDT

I worked with Pro Tek selling cleaner just recently. My advice to anyone is to NEVER let them in your house, and NEVER EVER give them your credit card information. In the 28 days I worked for them, several people stole credit card information, as well as went into the customer's bathroom and stole their medication from them. They will steal anything they can, because they are starving. Do you think they make money off of the cleaner? Not hardly. They live off of commision for their sales-which might be at the most 20 or 30 a day. Usually they will get the bare minimum of 10 a day, because sales are doing badly. Under no circumstances would I let them in my house, or offer them a check or credit card. Also, the cleaner isn't as good as they would have you believe-it is almost always highly concentrated in their demo bottles, if it were as diluted as you are instructed on the directions, it wouldn't clean the way they show you in the demo. And it is NOT anti-bacterial. Once again..DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE OR GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!

Sep 04, 2009 12:18 pm EDT

I worked for the company recently. It isn't a fraud, I'll tell you that. It's all real, and they are to help the under privilaged. I will tell you one thing about the manager that was over me. She was a ###. She literally asked me if I was mentally ###ed. Always told me I was slow, and had the nerve to call me stupid. I still have the notes. She treated me horrible. And one of the sales people on my first day treated me awful cuz I wasnt properly trained how to do something she needed done. I wouldn't suggest buying from them.. they aren't these nice people you guys see... or at least not most of them.

Apr 22, 2009 1:30 pm EDT

It was a very cold, rainy night and 2 older adults came to the door dripping wet. I allowed them in to my home and the older gentleman said that he was helping out the "new lady salesperson" to meet her quota. I ordered a magazine for $46.00. I contacted the magazine itself to see if they'd received the order, but they had not. Like most of the other comments I will never purchase magazines from a door to door person again. Lane Holst

Feb 16, 2009 5:09 pm EST

this is some ###ed up ###. this has nothing to do with the door to door success.

Here are some sites that will help:

these site will you can have nasty sex with animals, yum. lots of ### here you know what i mean.

Oct 11, 2008 4:30 pm EDT

I guess I'll add my name to the list us those who were scammed by this group!

Like the rest of you, I got the "sob" story. Ironically, I'd placed a magazine order with a different group a year earlier and there were NO problems so, I assumed that these folks were legit.

Sadly, I placed two magazine orders (approxinately $70 eaqch) for two youth groups through these MSP "scammers"! Like the rest of you, the magazines were NEVER delivered!

Now, I too will NOT purchase from anymore of these door-to-door salespeople.

Sep 16, 2008 1:58 pm EDT

I just called their number. A girl there told me that the reason for the huge foul up was that they ahd moved their office and the new staff wasn't doing their job, so they moved back to MI...we shall see...even if they cash my check, spend my money, and I see zero magazine issues, God knew where my heart was...I will considerate it an offering..sad way to tithe, but life isn't the greatest sometimes! If no magazine arrives, I will have learned my lesson...

Aug 30, 2008 10:56 pm EDT

Success Stories Share Your Story For Parents Resources

Door-to-Door Traveling Sales Success Stories

Read first-hand how traveling sales crews have positively impacted many young men and women. Stories are completely unedited, except for minor spelling and grammar corrections. Many of the crew members here have even agreed to have their email address publicly displayed so you can ask them questions directly.

Have a story of your own? Share your traveling sales crew success story!


Name: Steve Doggit (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Street Entertainment
Best thing about your job: "My experience were both good and bad..."
Steve's Story:
"I have both experiences. Yes good and bad... but the one I remember the most and talk about most often is the success I achieved right out of high school as a door to door magazine agent with my company (TICOA), my Crew (Champions), and my Manager Belo Kellam."

Name: Jessie Kone (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Current Agent
Best thing about your job: "The best thing about my job is waking up every morning and thinking about how many cool people I am going to meet today. Most average people don't meet as many new people each day as magazine kids."
Jessie's Story:
"When I first started on crew I didn't know what to expect. And now for being on crew for 4 months I can read people and what they are going to say before they even say it and it has made me a better people person. So if you ever wanna try something new mag crew is for you."

Name: Brian Defoy (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Current Agent
Best thing about your job: "I like the fact that we get to meet a lot of really nice people and travel all around the country and see what most people don't get to."
Brian's Story:
"I joined crew about 5 months ago. I was working at a car lot and it seemed like my day would just drag on forever and i could never get any time to myself and then my cousin got me to join FRS and I have realized that there is much more to life than a normal routine day and I can have fun while working and I have also opened up a lot and made some new frineds and found out that it is alright to trust new people."

Name: Theodore Steigerwalt (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Currently on a crew
Best thing about your job: "Love coming out and meeting new people everyday. You never know what you are going to get at a door."
Theodore's Story:
"It took me off the street and out of the life of street crime. It showed me you can make money and still have fun doing it. "

Name: Dominic Debrowsky (email: )
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Currently on a crew
Best thing about your job: "The best thing about my job is i get to see the USA."
Dominic's Story:
"I have been doing magazine sales for two years now it is the best thing. Before I was in a gang for 11 years and I've been out for two years now and I will never go back because I have seen the world. "

Name: Ciara Harper (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Currently on a crew
Best thing about your job: "Meeting people from all around the world, and learing knowledge from people behind the doors."
Ciara's Story:
"The best thing about joining mag crew was leaving Toledo, Ohio, I was told I could never leave cause of my chronic asthma, but then I met an agent and she hired me and I love mag crew! I kept geting sick and and never gave up and kept going back, until one day I had little treasure (she loves ramen noodles) and then I stopped to be a mom, but I realized that my family was mag crew and I love Mr. Kellum and Mr. Travis so much I had to go back."

Name: Joshua Torres (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Manager at Firestone
Best thing about your job: "Having a grand in my pocket every week, buying anything I wanted and going to all the big states in huge hotels. "
Joshua's Story:
"I went out of high school curious, wondering what is this thing all about? At first it was different but then in like a week or so I got it and was making like $500 a week easily, then it was about 2 months later it was like $800 week. I met my wife on the same crew and she is now in the medical field and I am a manager at Firestone making good money. I would do this line of work if you want a change in life for a while fast pace. I was a quiet person, not outgoing, didn't know how to talk to people. I learned everything I needed to know about sales and speech for work and life from this place. You can make a lot of money- I did. I brought home $10, 000 cash and made $55, 000 in one year."

Name: Dawn Russo (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Publishing
Best thing about your job: "Working with Door to Door Companies that exemplify integrity."
Dawn's Story:
"I am a consultant for magazine subscription agents and magazine publishers and have been in this business for 17 years. I have not knocked on doors but have contact with many who do. I can say that those companies that are in this business for the right reasons have provided young adults with an opportunity that in many cases they would not have had. These companies have provided income, a place to sleep, an adventure to see the beautiful USA and are teaching these young adults a trade: salesmanship. It is the choice of anyone regarding the decisions they make about themselves and their future. Yes, there can be negative publicity about this industry as there is in any industry, but I believe NASA has made some mistakes in their choices and even companies as large and contributing as Wal-Mart has problems with negative press as well. My point being, this can be a very useful program for young adults who are struggling with everyday life and don't have the support of a family to help them make good decisions. I commend those Door to Door Companies who strive to make this a better industry and a better world by teaching young adults the value of a job, earning an income, and self-respect."

Name: Charles Key (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Manager
Best thing about your job: "Well I would have to say the best thing about my job is everything. I have the opportunity to show young men and women that there is no limits to dreams, if you are given the chance. You are the only one in charge of your life! You can learn more about me at "
Charles' Story:
"Well, it was my second week after my 18th birthday. My life was about to change forever. Just before that on my 18th birthday I got a card from my uncle saying “Happy Birthday! You don’t have a job, get your stuff out of the house by the time I get home.” Sounds like tough love, you think? Well, it was done out of love, and he is a great uncle, who loves me dearly. For two weeks I spent my time couch surfing (staying with friends) from Hollywood to Ventura, CA. I had no direction in life, nor did I really care. I saw an job ad that said “Travel USA” and I said, "that’s me, a travel job, I can do that!" I was on the job/crew for about two to three months and it all started to make sense, I could be a manager, I could be a leader and teach others everything I have ever learned. I was a pretty rough kid with no future bouncing around Hollywood and Ventura. Now I see kids/agents and I just want to show them that, all those who broke you down and told you that you didn't have a chance. You have a chance, you have a voice. I have a chance, I have a voice. Just think about it, you're reading this. To all you doubters in the world, embrace the New Generation and show them what they can have. They will listen, just give them a chance. We were all young at one time, I chose a travel job, others choose to go to college, and some choose to go to a factory job. Each one of us can make a difference in the world, I chose to lead and it’s very rewarding. You can check me out at New Generation is my Crew and United Subscription Agency is where I clear my orders, and I must say “USA ROCKS”."

Name: John Nelson (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Sales/Publishing
Best thing about your job: "Where do I start! Travel, I was in charge of my destiny, I learned ethics, That doing the right thing was just right! I've been blessed to have earned millions in this industry, The foremost fact is earning money, and keeping it, is a side effect of doing things right, and of the competitive skills honed in the direct sales industry"
John's Story:
"I had just come home from a stint in the Army, it was Friday, June 24th, 1983. The first question out my old mans mouth was "what are you gonna do" My response was I'll look for a job next week Pop. I forgot to mention my dad was a general, A real live 4 star Marine General. I don't think that was the answer he was looking for. The next morning at breakfast he had my reenlistment papers, a college application, and a newspaper. He said pick one and make up your mind. Monday, June 27th, 1983, the most beautiful red-headed girl I've ever met handed me an application. She said fill this out, wait outside in line. Monday night, June 27th, 1983 I got hired! YYeeaahh! I was in Philadelphia, PA. I was hired on to Denver Price's 013 magazine crew (the pretty red head turned out to be Mrs. Price.) That's how it started. I've had more ups in this industry than downs. Twenty-four years later I can look back and honestly have no regrets about my choice of a profession and life style; the skills, the determination, the tenacity, the competitive edge I've learned have helped me become a Good father to my children, a better son, The best creative, and inspiring Manager to my own sales crew, "The 012 power crew" And to the managers and crews, that have come up in my organization And to be able to publish my own magazine from scratch and make it in the publishing world. Today I run Home owners choice magazine, And I run U.S. Custom Chemical inc. We sell Pro-Tek chemical products: It's been an awesome 24 years. I've formed friendships that have lasted my career, I've lived 3 lifetimes! Some times I think I'm the luckiest man alive. I'm looking forward to 24 more great years. 'The Best Times Aren't Even Here Yet...'"

Name: Suzanne Miller (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: "Meeting new people and traveling the country... seeing all the cool places "
Suzanne's Story:
"I love selling magazines! Don't get me wrong...there are days that I hate it...but that's with any job. I've been on a few crews, and Fidelity Reader Service, is by far the best company that I have ever worked for! I love the people I work with; and the things you get promised out actually see! It's not just a dream! You actually get what you deserve!"

Name: Eva Turos (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: "Being able to travel and see the USA, and meeting all types of people"
Eva's Story:
"I starting the magazine business 6 years ago. I had nothing going for me and I wanted to start something new so I called an ad in the newspaper and I started right away. My mom hated it at first because her baby girl was traveling and not gonna be near her. But now she loves it because she knows that the magazine business has turned her baby girl into a women. It's a great job. Actually it's not a job to me, IT'S MY CAREER"

Name: Mike Bosch (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Sales Manager
Best thing about your job: Making as much money as I wanted to, traveling, learning direct sales marketing skills, people communication skills, business management, and the power of positive thinking. Plus much, much more...
Mike's Story:
"I was hired at age 18. I come from a family of seven; my mom was a single parent working two jobs doing the best she could to raise us, mostly boys, raised in a social economic low income poverty and crime stricken area. Gangs were becoming a popular way for youths. I guess I was lucky to have joined with a company that ran its organization with southern family values. We had a set of rules like: no alcoholic beverages during week nights, and absolutely no drugs of any kind. There was a three-strikes-your-out law for trouble makers and people who fought. We all received our own account books and kept track of our income, sales, production, bad business, etc., which made it easy for us to set weekly and monthly financial goals. The P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) meetings helped us to focus on bettering ourselves in all aspects: the way we dressed, how we talked, who we associate with, and always having money in our pockets. We were called the T.O.P.S. (Team Of Professional Salespeople) on the crew. I was visually impaired but managed to earn and save enough money to pay for the retinal operations to my sight, now I have 20/20 vision. I met my wife which gave me a beautiful daughter. My wife passed away when my daughter was two years old. I then stopped traveling to raise my daughter. While working part-time in an office still hiring for the company, and private security on the side, I still had enough money to get a nice place in a two family brick home in a private community, $5, 000.00 worth of new furniture, and dream child's room. My daughter is now 22, graduated with honors, went to beauty school, and is now a professional hair stylist. Since I did my duty as a responsible, devoted, and caring father, I'm back to work the company, and they welcomed me back with open arms. You see, some crews believe in QUANTITY rather than QUALITY, believing that the more people you have the better for sales and production, hiring people by the masses without doing a proper background check and allowing their crew to run rampid, letting them drink, smoke, stay out late, and letting them do what they wanted. This is when you have people or crews that give the industry a bad name. Because of this industry, I've helped my mother with many bills, bought my brother a car to find work, fixed my sight, helped pay my wife's hospital bills, got my new place in a safe, quiet community to protect my daughter from the elements, etc., so I believe strongly in this industry. Remember in anything you do when dealing with large groups of people, yo will encounter certain problems, but if you don't have rules, laws, regulations, or principles things will get out of hand. I wrote this poem inspired by Ms. Maya Angelou: "BE MINDFUL, MY PEOPLE, TO WHAT YOU DO OR SAY - FOR A NEW PERSON WAS HIRED ON THIS CREW TODAY, REFRAIN FROM GOSSIP, PREDJUDICE AND LIES - FOR SENSITIVE ARE THEIR EARS AND EYES, TOGETHERE WE CAN BUILD SUCCESS AND FAME - WITH UNITY WE CAN EARN OUR RESPECT BY NAME- AND IF ONE OF OUR PEOPLE SHOULD HAPPEN TO FALL - DON'T LOOK TO BLAME ONE - BLAME ALL..." To this day, the T.O.P.S. still use this poem."

Name: Belo Kellam (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Auto sales, jewelry sales, magazine sales
Best thing about your job: Being paid what I was worth, traveling and seeing my country.
Belo's Story:
I dropped out of college and saw the travel ad. For three years, my parents encouraged me to leave and come back home. Then after my successful advancements through the years, in 1978 my Father (a successful banker) agreed to run my new company as tight as a bank. He passed away in 1989, and with what he taught me about ethics, hard work and dedication, my present company Fidelity Reader Service, has thrived and grown to what it is today. I owe so much to him, my mother, and my first manager for teaching me discipline, and to He who makes all of this possible, the Father of us all.

Name: Brent Jones (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: Talking to people and meeting people that can, and will help change my life. The experience of talking to people who think and feel like I do is the best in the world.
Brent's Story:
Leaving was the hardest thing I did... Then it became the smartest... I learned how to deal with adversity . This has changed me into a new and better person who now has, respect, knowledge, belief, and direction to become the person I know I can be. It's more than a career, it's a lifestyle.

Name: Tara Hocking (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: I love the fact that I can make people laugh and get paid for it; I love making people smile
Tara's Story:
Well my life wasn't going anywhere. I was working dead-end jobs as a waitress, and then I was a secretary. I joined the mag crew, and that was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was a like a dream come true. I have been in the business for almost five years, I left for awhile, and guess what? I came back, because of the opportunities, they are amazing; you decide how much you make. One quote I'm going to end with: "Success is an accumulation of learned failures, without losing your enthusiasm". Have a great day and get a bunch :)

Name: Ashlie Buck (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: The fact that I can run around and talk to people and get paid for it... I have always gotten in trouble for talking too much... Now what other people said was my downfall is what pays me everyday.
Ashlie's Story:
I was raised in group homes and foster homes. People always told me how I would never succeed and now here I am proving them all WRONG! And it is all thanks to the magazine business. It has helped me to grow into a mature women.

Name: Sandra Hall
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: I am the owner/president of Alliance Service Company
Best thing about your job: I loved having the opportunity to travel and meet people.
Sandra's Story:
It was 1972 and I was fresh out of college and wanting to travel. I saw an exciting job opportunity in the newspaper with Par Reader Service & Metro Press out of California offering the chance to travel around the country along with the opportunity to make great money, and I thought to myself, this job is for me.

Name: Beau Harry (email:
Sold: Chemicals
Current profession: Finance Manager
Best thing about your job: Selling cleaner door to door gave me the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills, and confidence that are required that are required to be a great salesman.
Beau's Story:
I spent a year selling Pro-Tek for US Custom Cleaner. I learned more about selling, and confidence in that year, than I have learned in the several years since.

Name: Krystal Stafford (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Working to become Nurse
Best thing about your job: The traveling is really great, and the people are very positive in the jobs. The bosses are very caring, helpful, and professional and you earn lots of money.
Krystal's Story:
I came from a crazy environment, so these lovely people moved me from that, and built up my confidence. They also brought faith and wisdom into my life, so now I see clearly, and I know what I want. My goal is to help people, so I'm becoming a pediatric nurse.

Name: George Valentine (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: Travel, meeting new people all the time, and helping the youth of America!
George's Story:
I have to first and foremost thank God for me getting this job seventeen years ago. I am now the vice president of the company I started working for back then. I am from a poor part of Pittsburgh, PA, my parents never had enough. My mother passed away when I was ten old, and all the kids I grew up with (as well as my family members and teachers at school) always put me down on a daily basis. When I finally reached California five days later, it was like a different world. All of a sudden, I had friends and leaders that wanted me to succeed. The confidence that gave me is the reason I am still here today! Please give our jobs a chance! You never know until you try!

Name: Ricky Haibon (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: Knowing that no matter what happens, I will always have the knowledge from the crew to take me just about anywhere I want to go.
Ricky's Story:
Well in a nutshell, I was pretty much doing nothing before this job, except for various temp. jobs. Let me tell you. Those kind of jobs will take you nowhere. It was like my life was surrounded by dead ends. I was in the U.S. Navy before this and when I got out my life just became stagnant and I did not know where I was going or what my profession was gonna be. Then some situations came about with my significant other and I pretty much had nothing, and no one to turn to. Thank God for the internet! I was online and found the ad for F.R.S., and the rest is history. I have learned a trade that is insurmountable among any other. Steve Travis and Belo Kellam have given me more confidence, experience, knowledge, and character than even my own family. For that alone I love this job and this company. I know that this lifestyle is what I want and that this company will take me all the way to the top...and that is just the beginning. There’s no telling what I will accomplish, and it is all from the magazine business. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Name: Jeremy Jackson (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: I got to meet great people who kept me inspired to become more than what I started out as.
Jeremy's Story:
Before I joined crew I was living in a hotel in Illinois. A guy named Jim Cornelison was telling me about the job in a bar attached to the hotel. I started the job only wanting to do it for 2 weeks so I could get the $500 that they start you out with. And when I started talking to people door to door, I enjoyed the knowledge and encouragement that they were giving me to keep me motivated. Well when I first started selling magazines for Fidelity Reader Service. I was on TKO, and a month later I got fired for not producing sells. So my greatest mentor Mr. Steve Travis hired me and gave me the greatest opportunity of my life. I went from selling drugs to selling the hell out of magazines. My very first contest (out of about 89 people), I came in 10th place. My goal was to come in 20th. The next contest I came in 2nd place, the 3rd contest I came in 5th, then 5th again. Now i am in 6th, but the biggest success I got out of this job was becoming something I never thought i could be: a role model for others that want to do something better with their life. My goal is to be a manager and bring others up, like Mr. Travis did for me.

Name: Philip Pontrelli (email:
Sold: Magazines
Current profession: Magazine Sales
Best thing about your job: Traveling, meeting new people, getting the money I was worth, learning respect and self-discipline, doing things as crew together, going bowling, and going to the movies.

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Aug 23, 2008 9:20 pm EDT

Hello! I won't disclose my name however I feel that there has been an injustice done. The Movemeant Sales Enterprises is creating realistic job opportunities for people who have been less than fortunate in life. Perhaps you are all too closed minded to have the patience to wait for your magazines to be delivered to you or perhaps you all coincided in advance just because of the fact that the majority of the employees of the Movemeant are minorities. I have a couple questions for these consumers that have said Movemeant Sales Enterprises is a scam.
Did you wait the alloted time that is listed as stated: Delivery will be within 120 days.?
Did you write the correct address on the receipt that you did receive with the phone number of [protected]?
Did you even think to really call the number during the hours of operation?
In conclusion, I guess it goes back to the old saying. You can't teach an old dog new tricks & don't judge a book by its cover. If you don't understand what I just said then I guess I was right.



Apr 18, 2008 6:47 am EDT

Same thing happened to me. The story was that the salesperson was selling magazines and mentoring younger men to keep them off the streets. He even had a young man with him to back it up. It's been two months and I still don't have the magazine I ordered. I have been getting a magazine called Maxim--which I did NOT order and which I detest. I assume the guy mixed up the order. I'm very disappointed. No more buying from door to door salespeople for me!

Mar 09, 2008 6:50 am EDT

I was also scammed by a very similar outfit, Y & S Magazines. Same sad story by a very pushy young man. Ordered my magazine on 12/10/07 and never received anything! Filed complaint with Better Business Bureau and they closed the case because the "company" never responded. I have no recourse to get my $80.00 back. It's a shame these people can get away with "robbing" us hard-working, honest people. You know what they say about karma!

Jan 02, 2008 12:25 pm EST

Same thing - took us for $86 even after we mailed them a written request as instructed when we called (more than once). TOTAL SCAM. If someone really is going to launch a serious complaint. I am in.

Dec 29, 2007 10:19 am EST

Hi Bill, They got me too, I ordered 2 years of Vegetarian Times from a girl who said she was trying to feed her children, and trying to keep an honest job! That was 6/23/07 and as of today 12/29/07 I have not heard from this company or recieved a magazine! I called Veg. Times and they told me to look at the back of the check I wrote, it will have the Companies name, address, and phone # stamped on the back of it. If this doesn't work I will post a complaint through our local police, newspaper, and I will contact the BBB also! I want a refund & if I don't get one soon, I will make sure this company is never heard of again! ( A local T.V. station who helps the consumer get justice will do nicely! Don't you think? )