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10:39 pm EST

Mountain Pine Goldens Dog Mix up / Breeder took my Puppy away

I recently decided to buy a puppy from Mountain Pine Goldens - Randy + Bonnie Kidd in Colorado Springs. I agreed to buy a little boy named Mr Black. After I picked up the dog, I completely fell in love with it. I named it, I bought it tons of toys and food and necessary equipment. I stayed up all night with this dog and held it in my arms and started training it. Imagine my horror when they called the next day to tell me that THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG DOG. The dog I was given was a little girl. How on EARTH does a "responsible" breeder with 30 years of experience give a customer the wrong dog? I told them that I didn't care that the dog was a girl... I was completely in love with her. I had committed myself to this little dog. They told me I needed to give the dog back, because they had promised it to someone else. I was completely + utterly devastated. I held that little girl and cried and cried and cried. They came to take her and offered me the boy, but I said I couldn't take him. I was in love with his sister. It would not have been fair to take the boy - I would have compared him to the other dog for his entire life. Randy gave me my money back, but offered only a paltry $100 discount (out of $1800) on the boy dog if I did take him. Frankly, I found that minuscule concession insulting. $100 can't even begin to make to compensate me for how devastated I was. The worst thing you can do as a breeder is to give someone a dog and then demand it back. The only reason I gave her up was because of the other family... allegedly they had visited the little girl several times and loved her like I did. I understand that mistakes happen. (Even though it's COMPLETELY ABSURD that a breeder would be unable to properly determine the sex of a dog) What I do not and will not understand is that they refused to accept about consequences for this horrible error. I was the one who had to suffer for this. Randy + Bonnie had another little girl dog that they could have given to the other family, but instead they chose to keep her for themselves. The right thing to do would have been to understand that you CANNOT take a dog back once you've given it to a new owner. When you make a horrible mistake, you don't inflict the consequences on someone else and save yourself. They should have faced the music, and offered their own female puppy to the other family in reparation. Instead, they got to save face, make their money, and face no consequences at all. And here I am sobbing hysterically, mourning the loss of that little puppy that I fell so in love with.

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Senpai Meepmorp
May 27, 2017 9:47 pm EDT
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Yeah that sucks. But now you have no puppy, and $100 is $100. I feel for you, but I don't know that it would have been right to the other family to give you their dog. The mix-up sounds human, not bad business.

You expressed that getting Mr. Black instead of the dog you bonded with wouldn't be okay, so how would it be okay for the other family to have the female they wanted taken away for a female they didn't pick? (Plus, contracts are contracts). Not wrong to feel upset. Would have been upset, too, but also would have taken $100 and Mr. Black. Probably would have bonded just as well, if not more, since he was the one you wanted in the first place.

Randy Kidd
Jan 10, 2016 1:56 pm EST

In response to this complaint. My name is Randy Kidd and I made the mix-up and sent Ms. Reviewer84026 home with the wrong puppy. She was sold a male puppy. The registration papers were filled out and she was given ownership of a beautiful little boy puppy that she wanted. See email copy, with name revised, below:

“ Re: Puppy
(Ms. Reviewer83026)

To: Randy and Bonnie Kidd

I saw the puppy yesterday and he's PERFECT - we'd like to purchase him ASAP!”

My wife, who is the breeder, (I was the helper) was away to Phoenix because her sister was dying and she wanted to say her last goodbye. Her younger sister died that Sunday 11/15/15. Bonnie said that I could wait until she got back and that she would take care of selling the pup then. I thought that she was going through enough so I volunteered to give Ms. Reviewer84026 her pup so that my wife would have one less thing to worry about when she returned home Monday. Boy did that turn out to be an extreme opposite.

All of the information I am providing was also previously provided to Ms. Reviewer84026. She chose not to consider nor include any of this information. She stated in an email that she had no interest in our problems that she was the injured party she also added that if we wanted to protect the business we should be willing to meet her demands.

I handed Ms. Reviewer84026 the wrong pup that night. Unfortunately my thoughts were more on my wife and her family. I went to the basement and into the indoor kennel. I picked-up the pup that was marked with black nail polish, looked at the undercarriage and made sure I had the right one. Upon exiting the kennel two rambunctious pups squeezed past me and escaped. I put the pup I was holding down to return the others to the kennel. I returned who I thought were the escapees. I looked down at the pup that was out and in the spot I had placed Mr. Black and the nail polish that remained on it looked black to me. I thought I had the right pup. Evidently what I saw as black was actually a very dark purple. Bonnie would not have made this mistake and it is not one I will ever make again

The next morning I realized I had given Ms. Reviewer84026 the wrong pup. I called her immediately and told her of the mix-up and I offered her a discount and would bring her the “PERFECT” puppy that she had originally selected to buy. The little girl pup was in her possession overnight, less than a day.

The female she was given was previously purchased by another and was to be picked up Monday. That female pup was this person’s top choice. We also kept a female. We were torn between that female and the one we kept. Because the other buyer is also someone we have known a long time and like, and since it did not make a difference between the two for my wife and me, we decided to let the other breeder have their top pick. We told Ms. Reviewer84026 that this was the case and that switching females with the other buyer was not an option.

I believed the only way to fix the mix-up was to get everyone the pup they had originally selected and paid for. Ms. Reviewer84026 bought and had registration papers for the male pup. Can you imagine what could have happened if Ms. Reviewer84026 discovered on her own that instead of us giving her the “PERFECT” male puppy that she had originally selected and paid for, if she thought that we had slipped her a female that she did not select? Initially she was set on getting a male pup not a female. That was a bigger concern to me.

Monday morning I loaded up the male pup and drove about 90 miles through the worst blizzard so far this winter to make things right as quickly and painlessly as possible.

My son and I had the male pup on her front patio. Ms. Reviewer84026 brought out the female pup and put her on the ground by her brother. The two were actively engaged and I asked Ms. Reviewer84026 if she wanted the little boy. She stated that she did not. She indicated that she wanted to say her goodbye to the little girl AND THEN SHE ASKED WHICH ONE IT WAS. I told her that it was the one that was over by my son and not the one closest to her. She tried calling the female pup to come to her, but it was distracted and unresponsive to her calls. The puppy that did respond and was jumping up and down at her feet, who was the “PERFECT” one only a couple of days ago, was now not going to be considered as Ms Reviewer84026 outlines in her complaint. She was unwilling to even give the little guy a chance. She would not accept a litter mate and a discount. She did however want monetary reparation. She also asked to receive contact information for the breeder who purchased the little girl so that she could buy a pup whelped from this girl in the future. This does not make sense to me because if she was unwilling to accept a litter mate because of the painful remembrance she would have of the girl pup how would thinking about and having one of her pups in the future be any better.

I returned all of her money, we gained nothing, and that was not enough. She stated that she might sue us. SHE ALSO STATED THAT SHE WORKED FOR FACEBOOK AND THAT SHE WOULD USE ALL RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO HER TO HURT US AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IF I DID NOT COMPLY WITH HER DEMANDS. I have a tendency to not give in to unreasonable ultimatums and threats such as what she was demanding of me. The only options she stated that she would accept were to keep a puppy that was not hers but one that had already been purchased by another, or to receive, as she outlines in her complaint, a large monetary compensation. I saw a very different side to the person characterized in the complaint. I have worked with a lot of people in the past and I felt that the demands, threats and actions were some of the most illogical, unreasonable, difficult, bitter, and hateful that I have ever had to deal with. I noticed that she had no issue in identifying my wife and I with personal attacks but chose to remain in anonymity by only identifying herself as “Reviewer84026”.

I have stated all that I need to. Any further response by either party would only be argumentative about feelings and emotions, a “he said she said” battle. I owned up to the mix-up. I tried to fix it to the best of my ability with circumstances as they were. I regret if I hurt Ms. Reviewer84026s feelings, however a bigger regret, for me, is the additional pain that my wife has received in a time when she did not need the additional duress. I believe I have addressed why we could/would not comply with her demands. I just thought you should know the other side of the story so you could judge more fairly.

See attached pictures of the little guy that was rejected -

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ali bellerson
Nov 21, 2015 10:56 am EST

I am BREEDER and agree that this mistake should NOT have happened in the first place but AGREE wholeheartedly that the Breeders SHOULD HAVE given THEIR GIRL to the other family, ESPECIALLY since they could have another girl the NEXT breeding! BREEDING and CUSTOMER SERVICE 101! SO SAD, I am SO SORRY this happened to you!

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