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Maybe it's just me, but I don't find any fault with a COMPANY THAT EXPECTS CUSTOMERS TO LIVE UP TO THEIR END OF THE DEAL!!! I mean, they sent me my $1000 shopping spree, I used and enjoyed it, so I realize I should pay my end as well!!! Besides, 6 magazines at JUST $3.85 is a STEAL!!! Also, I know that when I was put through the verifacation process they told me 3 times that I couldn't cancel due to the fact the company was incurring a significant cost. Maybe people just need to start having integrity in there convictions.


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    Scambuster48 Mar 14, 2011
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    I want to thank you all for taking the time to leave you comments. Im truly grateful if it wasn't for you, I may have been roped in as well. I recieved a call today from one of this company's reps, who seemed to be a very nice guy. I was informed by him that I had won a $1000 shopping spree on a site, www.selectyour All the while he was talking, I was reading your complaints, so I played along with the "survey". Well, when he offered me the magazines, I told him I did not want them, just the shopping spree. He said I couldn't have it without the magazines. I just couldn't contain what I was reading, so I let him know his company was a huge scam. His reply was, " Ma'am, I don't own the company, I just work for them." I said to him, "Well then, you need to change your profession." I told him about this site, and advised him to look it up when he got home. Thank you all so much! I'm thinking about starting a site of my own that warns consumers about rip offs such a this...

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    Spicerack Dec 07, 2010

    Report all poor business practices to the Federal Trade Commission - - interstate fraud is a crime.

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  • Ih
    IHateMAC Dec 15, 2009

    Hello. The people who have been dissatisfied with Mountain Area Communications please email me. I would like an affidavit and will give you my po box address. Please if you decide to send one to get it noterized. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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  • Ai
    Airica Dec 05, 2009

    If the company wouldn't have been so shady to begin with...none of us would have had this problem. Giving out our information may not have been a good idea, but how many people give their info to bill collectors to pay over the phone..or online. The problem is the shady company took advantage of everyone. Many of us were told we could CANCEL within thirty days...when I tried canceling after ONE day they told me I couldn't.

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  • Sm
    smart person Dec 04, 2009

    Whether or not it is a scam, everyone that has posted a negative comment have 2 things in common. The first being that you obviosly do not pay attention, as many of you have said, you spoke with 3 people before the order was finalized, so you obviously had 3 chances to say no, but YOU didnt, so thats your fault not the company's. The second thing you each have in common is the fact that you gave out YOUR credit card number!!! You could have hung up at that point, or simply said NO!! But YOU didn't, so again not the company's fault!!

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    ksg Dec 01, 2009

    In the defense of the people being scammed, I was told that I could receive the magazines at a weekly rate but that to make it "easier" for me they would combine the weekly charges into a monthly rate. I do hope their messages are recorded because when the "supervisor" told me that it was for 60 months I about passed out. I told her quickly that I was not interested in her 1000 shopping spree or her magazines, she tried to give me a sales pitch and I told her NO, that I was not interested, then she hung up on me. A couple of hours later I found that they had debited my checking account anyway. I have attempted to call them, I have spoke with the Hancock Sherriffs Office, I have obtained the local district atty and asssistant district atty name and number and I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Proverbs 11:18 The wicked earns deceptive wages, but he who sows righteousness gets a true reward.

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  • As
    AshAP Nov 25, 2009

    I'm also a person who has been roped into this scam. I'm 18 years old and they called me in spetember telling me how i won this amazing proze of 1000.00 dollars too what ever i wanted to get on the internet. I would jut have to pay 20 payments of 49.90. Now the lady i was talking to said it was simple. That they would break my payments up into quarterly payments of 49.90 and that'd be it. Now if that was the case, i would still be happy with the company. Instead, they took money at the beginning, 50 dollars that they dont even have on there record, but it is on my bank statement, and they also took the money out of my account 3 days before they were supposed. I didnt have the money in there so i went into the negatives, I've never been in the negatives before. It got so bad with fees that i had to come up with over 200 dollars to get myself back on top. I then immediatly tried to callt he company and tell them i wanted to cancel, and that i never agreed to pay 20 consecutive payments. i did agree to pay 20 payments, but i thought it would be every 4 months. I can afford that. i cant afford every month. its stressful. And nerve wacking and im so mad at myself for falling for this. I cancelled my debit card so they couldnt rape my bank account anymore, and they started calling me constantly! they wont leave me alone, and its not just to talk about my account, they harrass me and are very very nasty people!!! they talk over you and dont even listen to what you are trying to tell them! They called this morning and almost made me cry! it's ridiculous! my mother called the attoney general here, and in TN they told us to just ignore them, and that they have had several, several complaints about this company, when is it going to stop!!! I'm tempted to just change my phone number that i've had for the past 3 years!! Its frustrating, and annoying! If anyone knows how to make this stop please let me know. We should all stand together and bring this company down, how many cmplaints do they need? My dad also looked online and tracked their business down and they never renewed their business liesence...not since JUne 2009, so they are in some serious trouble if they get caught doing what they are doing!!! If anyone knows how to get this company to leave you alone, please let me know, im over it and i wont paay $500 to cancel it! I dont have have $500, i dont have $100 in that case. my email is [email protected]!!! Power to the people!

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  • Tr
    trapp Nov 21, 2009

    Whoever wrote the comment about getting what they actaully said they would get, probably works for the company or is actually the one trying to scam everyone out of their money. My son is a college-age student and got roped into this deal. He told them on the phone that he didn't want the magazines and they sent them to him anyway as well as charged him $39.90 every month. Also, he has never received any kind of a gift card or shopping spree. He has called about three times now to cancel. He thought it was taken care of, but now they have sent him a notice saying that he needs to pay. What in the world would he do with more magazines than you find in a doctor's office? Does anyone know how to get these guys off your back? Or better yet, has anyone filed a lawsuit against them? If so, please post the information so the rest of us can get in on it. This is rediculous! By the way, there is an awesome guy named Bill Gephardt. He is with KUTV News in Salt Lake City. He will investigate fraud or anything you want him to and usually he can get things resolved for people. Maybe if we all write to him, he can help us and expose this company on the news! Here is the link: Just be nice when you voice your complaints because he is a very nice man and I doubt he will want to help us if any of you use fowl or obscene language. That kind of language makes people sound uneducated anyway, so please keep your comments clean. Thanks and good luck to us all.

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  • Ai
    Airica Nov 13, 2009

    I've been keeping up with the complaints and compliments people have about this company (mind you the comments are far and few between) and I really appreciate the fact that even though you worked there that you were still honest about it. This company will eventually figure out that they can't make money by being shady.

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  • Ma
    macyuck Nov 10, 2009

    I worked for Mountain Area Communications for one week and I have to agree and disagree with both sides. Yes, the consumers do have to consent to this service; they do have the right to tell the person on the other end no or "hold on for just a sec" or "can i get your number to call you back?" Taking this time out, you can sit down and run these numbers through a calculator...3.85 per week for 60 months- break it down, 3.85 per week for 4 weeks outta the month- 15.40, 12 months in a year 184.80, 60 months=5 years, at 5 years 924.00. Take the time out to listen to the data aspect of the conversation, they are telling you the total cost but they are able to distract you with fast dialect and unanswered questions. When they consolidate it, the price also increases, 49.98 (around that) for 20 months, 999.60. You are paying for your 1, 000 shopping spree essentially-it's not free because you paid them for it, this is where I embark upon my disagreement- there is no need to pay this amount for magazines, you can get most of these select magazines through their individual companies and pay 15.00 per 12 months and alot of those magazines will also send you an additional magazine for 12 months at no charge...this total over a period of 5 years, for all 6 magazines at 15.00 is 450.00, so you are being duped once more. This is a big difference from 996.60! Additionally, I believe that they could gain and keep more customers who will be loyal to the service if they told you all outright what the service was they were providing. I didn't agree with the services that they were providing and didn't stay with this company very long. To all those who I may have sold to (a couple) I am extremely sorry because I was duped myself from the initial training and was told about the "great" offers they were giving you. My eyes were also blind, but when I figured the numbers, I left. I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone unless you like to flush money...

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  • Pl
    platinum_princess Oct 21, 2009

    When I went through 3 people and I was asked for my card info I made sure that I understand exactly what I was getting myself into. sooooooo maybe its just me but someone needs to wake up before giving out card info
    and i called them back cuz i wasnt happy with shopping spree so i got a 2 night 3 day vacations and did nothing for it! Im happy but i guess someone ppl just like to give out there personal info without knowing that they are getting thereselfs into

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  • Ns
    NSmrs.hanif Sep 14, 2009

    I think you must be crazy too these people are very deceitful and full of lies! Nothing in the shopping spree is worth 1000.00! Again i say your crazy!

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  • Ma
    mad77777 Sep 10, 2009

    your physco if you think they are a good company. i'm sending all their information to the attorney general of my state and the better business beauru and if they take things any further than they already have with me i will get the media involved.

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  • Pi
    pissed off 2 Sep 10, 2009

    This company is nothing but a scam. They record your conversation and nowhere in the conversation do they say you cannot cancel your subscription. If you get a call from them saying that you have won a thousand dollar shopping spree do not talk to them they will record your conversation and get you to agree to $12 a month for magazines but then they will charge your bank account $40 and when you call to cancel it they will say you have to pay a $500 cancelation fee. My girl friend had to cancel her credit card and bank account because of these greedy aholes. Im fileing a complaint with the better business bureau right now. This company needs to be stopped!

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  • Je
    Jenntank83 Aug 29, 2009

    You probably work for the company. they never said three times that I COULDN NOT cancel. They asked three times, they twisted their words to make it sound like they were asking, and not demanding I couldn't. ALSO, the thousand dollar shopping spree is for cheap (very very cheaply made) products.. AND it isn't free. You have to pay outrageous shipping fees for EACH ITEM PURCHASED WITH THE 1000. In the end, they are making EVEN more money off the poor ### (myself included) who got scammed.

    They have been very rude during every conversation. AND I have not received ANY MAGAZINES.

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  • Am
    AMCoig Aug 06, 2009

    I do not support MAC at all although I did once work there. But I will say this to their behalf. They get all of your information from surveys you take on the internet. When you sign up for a free $x amount gift card, that company sells your name, address, and phone number to third party companies like MAC. So, MAC isn't actually giving your information to anyone. But the Vantage Benefit Program I'm sure you all know about, is not an outside company from MAC. It's customer service is at the same place as MAC customer service. Just a different phone number. You can cancel for 55% of your final balance as long as you give them hell when they offer you 70%. They will send your magazines still if you do cancel.

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  • Do
    Don't fall for it! Aug 06, 2009

    All of these magazine companies are fraudulent. I signed up through Mountain Area Communication and received my magazines as they said I would. That was fine. Yet, somehow other companies received my information and made calls on behalf of "the company that sends out your magazines". That's how they got me, by posing as somebody else. I thought they were legit and told them what they wanted to hear just to get them off the phone. In the end I had multiple accounts. It was cheaper to settle then to continue to make payments. I'm out hundreds of dollars as a result. MAC sold my info!!! The companies that received it tricked me. I don't believe the people who leave positive comments. They are part of the scam. I've caught them so many times in lies. They call me and try to string me along, but as soon as they realize I'm on to them, they hang up on me. I will say one positive thing. I received all my magazines. But they were all magazines I DIDN'T WANT!!!

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  • Lo
    loveepink22 Jul 15, 2009

    yous are probably lying first of all because thats what everyone from this ###ing company does.

    NOT ONCE DID I EVER RECEIVE A MAGAZINE . this first started in FEBRUARy and its now JULY and never in my life have i gotten anything except for harassment by these ###ing annoying sneedville people calling my cell phone at least 5 times a week.

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  • Ai
    Airica Jun 18, 2009

    If you were actually going to get what you were promised, that would be great. I was told i could cancel within 30 days. I called and cancelled the next day and then a month later was told that there was no record i cancelled and that i was suppose to pay. It's a scam. It's been documented as a scam by many people. If it weren't a scam, there'd be more happy customers than unhappy ones. Several have said they didn't even recieve magazines, I didn't. I didn't even get to use the $1000 shopping spree. The website you have to buy stuff off of is crap anyways. I'm glad the scam worked out for you though.

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  • Thank you so much for coming on here and saying this. Sometimes, people only see the bad in things. People who are happy with their service usually don't think to post anything saying so. It's only those who are unhappy and looking for a way out or a way to get back at the company or express their feelings. So, your positive input is very much appreciated.

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