Motel 6loud partying/slamming doors all night

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I have been staying at motel 6 in Indio CA room 240 for 4 days now well on my 3rd night for which I shouldn't have even had to pay for forth night should've been compensated, but on 3rd night I had called the office numerous times to complain about a party or whatever goings-on next door, heard extremely loud music, slamming doors, loud talking, slamming of doors, even these people would knock on my room door thinking it was the room with party which it was not. I could not sleep at all that night because of this whichbis [censored] I pay way to much money almost $80 a night to have to deal with this. I would like a night compensated for its the only right thing to do

  • Updated by Frank Davenport/Melissa Lopez, Sep 11, 2019

    I called the office a couple times during disturbance, did not called the police that is something they meaning the office should do if they need to be called.

  • Updated by Frank Davenport/Melissa Lopez, Sep 11, 2019

    Out of control!! Something needs to be done, or if not then the prices need to come dramatically down, , I mean weekdays $60# something dollars weekend damn near $80 that's ridiculous.
    It's beyond out of control, it's just one big party place for all these people, all the hookers, & drug dealers & [censored], ridiculous. And ain't no shame in their game they will tell you exactly why they are there.
    If you want ice forget it, 2 ice machines, no ice, all the homeless, & everybody else getting it All. I see people in there filling up trash cans, bags of ice. That's [censored]. For as much as you gotta pay per night to go through all that is wrong. There's constant activity all night long outside, it's horrible. Constantly hear talking, slamming of doors, cars with loud music, fighting all kinds of [censored]. It's wrong

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  •   Sep 09, 2019

    Did you call during the night to complain? Did you call the police about the disturbance?

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