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Th Aug 31, 2019 Review updated:

I checked into this motel 6 3195 Portland Road Northeast
Salem OR, OR 97303, United States confirmation # NUMBER:
[protected] through on August 29th at aprox. 5:15 pm with 2 dogs one of the dogs is a service animal for my minor daughter checked into the room. When I returned to the room, one of the dogs was missing out of the room. In checking with the clerk working that night, he informed me that my hotel room was open and both of the dogs had been running loose on the property for about an hour before he put one of the dogs back into the room. On my account, my phone number was listed. The clerk didn't bother to notify me that the dog and my room door had been open for over an hour exposing my personal property to theft. Upon questioning the clerk he was very rude telling me "it's not his job to watch my animals." I did inform him that it was his job to inform me that my door is open and allowing people to come into the room and steal my belongings. He lied and said that my account didn't have a phone number when it was clearly on my account. I called the police and reported the theft of the service dog. The clerk stated that I had left the door open knowing that I had my 2 dogs in the room that would escape out of an open door in a city that I don't live in. Josh the asst mgr viewed the security tape but he didn't allow me to see the tape at all. The part where my dogs were seen loose on the property. The door was shut upon leaving the room. I am very upset about how this situation was handled and the apparent theft of my service animal.

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  •   Aug 31, 2019

    You need to explain a bit more. Did you leave the door open? If you went out with your daughter, why didn’t her dog accompany her? If you left your daughter and dogs together, who opened the doors?

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