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I first called at 5:52pm yesterday, August 19, 2019 to ask if the Motel had power so I could make a reservation there as the Motel on Appliance Ct in Raleigh was without power from a storm. The woman rudely stated "Yes we have power." Then the phone went completely silent as I was trying to make a reservation. I called back at 5:58 pm to make a reservation. The same woman who answered spoke poor English, was abrupt and rude. I was attempting to provide my phone number and repeated it twice when she suddenly, in a rude tone stated "I can't understand you. Goodbye." Then she abruptly hung up on me. I drove to the Motel to make the reservation and then the same woman became rude again after I told her I was the person she hung up on and she stated "you sounded like a little girl all laughing and giggly". Which was inaccurate as I was not "laughing and giggly" but was positive and upbeat. My response was "would you prefer I be rude like you are being to me?" and then she stated that "I do not want your business" and stopped the transaction immediately. I asked for the managers name & number and she stated she wasn't giving it to me. I found a business card with the name of the General manager "Mr Patel" and I stated I would call him. The front desk lady then stated it was the hotel number and that if I called she would pick it up and hang up.
This experience was one of the worst I have ever encountered at a hotel/motel. I found a competitor hotel nearby where the staff where friendly and kind and I had no problem checking in. I would never again attempt to stay at this motel 6 or probably any at all after this experience. Nor would I recommend it to anyone I know. It appears the staff have no respect for guests and believe they have no consequences for their actions. This has been by far the worst customer service I've ever received.

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  •   Aug 20, 2019

    I would have another person call them and ask for the manager. Once he picked up, I’d get on the phone and tell him about your issues.

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