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Motel 6  -  unclean, roach infested, overpriced and unsafe

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I was unlucky to have arrived in Charlotte, NC during an NBA event and found Motel 6 was available. I thought there were laws that insured minimum cleanness, roach free, safe rooms for rental, so I booked.

However what I got was [censored] covered toilet (arter maid cleaned), 50 year old worn out beds with cigarette burns, blood in the freezer, roaches and much more.

You may think this is just the unit I got but I inspected 5 units and this was the BEST of the lot.

They advertise "free WiFi" but it breaks every 2-10 minutes, 3mb service at best.

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Feb 16, 2019 1:40 pm

After talking to customer relations, I discovered that my experience is by design and not an accident. Motel 6 ownership clearly (as expressed) are NOT concerned with your safety, comfort, or providing the services you contracted for.

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May 12, 2022 8:36 am

I never thought it possible that a motel could be so cheap. When asked if I could have a ice bucket I was given a thin plastic bag, they obviously never tried to fill

this the ice machine has a button you must push to dispense ice. Have you ever tried to hold a thin plastic bag open while pushing a button?

It's impossible I asked the management for an ice bucket and they said they don't have them! So the only solution was the holder plastic bag open with both hands under the dispense spout while kneeling on the floor and pushing the button with your forehead! This is how cheap motel 6 is motel 6 is the cheapest hindu-owned business in Wichita Kansas!

Mar 10, 2019 11:02 pm

1. Call Claudette Carroll, head of consumer complaints +[protected] (essentially the woman they put in charge to tell you “no“);

2. Write to owner Steve Schwarzman @ 740 Park Ave, Penthouse) NY, NY;

#3. Call Briana, executive assistant to CEO RobPalleschi +[protected]

4. Email Maggie Kruger Mertzlufft @ [email protected]


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