Motel 6housekeeping customer service

M Sep 28, 2019

Me and my wife where at motel 6 on 18900 47th Ave South SeaTac wa on dates Sept 27 2019 - Sept 28 2019
And the older man that was a maid litterally walked in the room after hearing my wife in the shower and heard shower running and was trying to peek in the bathroom opening the door . My wife feels very uncomfortable and is tramatized by this happening I talk to the lady that was in charge of maids and she blew me off and didn't respond to me and flicked me off, I went to the front office and talk to the manager in charge and she said she will speak to them and apologize, so the next day I tried to pay and they told me I can't extend my stay because of smoking and me and my wife have asthma and don't smoke and the lady in charger of maids basically grin that I was getting kicked out . the housekeeping service is very unprofessional and their are several people that has been thru the same issue with that hotel and no one doesn't fix the staffs conduct I am a disabled veteran and very disappointed with my stay.

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