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Motel 6  -  Would like a refund on the 2 nights I payed for to stay at the motel

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On 04/27/2022 I booked a room for 2 nights at this motel. I booked a room on there website the my 6 app. I booked the room on the ground floor which was supposed to have a microwave, and a refrigerator. When I arrived at the motel the Front desk gave me a room on the second floor and when I asked him for one on the ground floor he said he couldn't give me one. When I got my room and carried all my belongings up the stairs, I realized that the air conditioner did not work and made a awful sound when I turned it on. I went back downstairs and asked front desk to please move me to a room with a.c. He moved me to another room on the second floor and down the way. As I gathered my belongs and went to the other room, I opened the door and the heater was on full blast. It was at least 100 degrees in there! There was no a. c in this room either, and not even a microwave like there was in the first room, I was originally in. My husband went back to front desk and just said we would just stay in the first room, cause it was way to hot in the second room. We stayed the first night and it was so hot I was miserable, the second night, I noticed there was not even a fire alarm in the room! Went to go get ice and both of the ice machines didn't work! I realize this is only a 2 star motel but this motel should not even be in business if management cant maintain it! I want a full refund for this and maybe they should get audited!

My name is Tara Mudgett and my email is [protected] and my phone number is [protected]

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