Monsanto Companypesticides in the food chain cause cancer

N Aug 12, 2018

Guess you guys know why you are all getting cancer where as years ago it was less evident ! The Lawsuit that has just been won is causing a panic in the uk and no doubt everywhere else. Shop chains are reviewing their products(yeah in case they get sued too) . We all knew about Monsanto and others like them years ago, but now we are on the verge of a major outbreak of truth and corporate/business lies will be shot to [censored]. You want to know what is making you ill, causing cancer etc etc...its all in and on the food you eat every day...PESTICIDES !!! and profit mad companies dont give a monkeys cos they all think the by the time the public find out what we have been doing, they will all be dead anyway. These are the so called customer friendly big food chains who ply you will kindness and concern whilst secretly reaching into your pockets with their mechanical hand for your money whilst killing you will their products !

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