Moe's Southwest Grillamount of food in meals

Ch Oct 06, 2019

My wife and I went in to order food to go. My wife ordered a salad and the lettuce they put into it was maybe 6 pieces of lettuce. In my opinion we did not get our moneys worth. The young lady serving our food was clueless of how to make the meals. Also I asked for black beans and you could tell there were hardly any left. She kept digging to get them out and the salad had maybe 10 beans total on top. I ordered a homewrecker burrito and the tortilla was not warm to start off. I asked for steak which she forgot about and put on the end. I also wanted black beans and she kept digging to find them to put them on my burrito and i got about 6 more black beans. The burrito was not to what I am used to eating while at Moes. The last few times eating at this location have not been worth while. Also while the young lady was making my burrito she leaned over to get onions for my burrito and her shirt was all in my burrito. Very displeased with overall outcome of our meal

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