Miller Planteunethical behaviour


I purchase the septic product from this company some time ago. Maybe a year or more. The company has called non stop since that time. I have ignored their calls, however they have now resorted to calling from a "local" number. I received a call from them on 10-25-2017. The representative asked if I was using the product. He asked if I was having issues with the product. When I told him that I was not having issues, he explained that it is only a matter of time. He explained why the product was working as it should and that the company now has a new product. He gave his sales pitch for the new product and I told him that my son in law was a master plumber and that if I have any issues with my septic tank, I will contact my son in law. I told him politely that I was not interested in the new product. At this time, he became very aggressive and told me that a plumber couldn't fix issues with septic tanks (which I know is a lie). He went on to tell me that he was shipping the product to me and charging the credit card that I previously used. The whole time I am telling him No! Do not send me anything! He just ignored me and kept talking. I finally began yelling at him No! No! No! He hung up the phone. I cancelled my credit card immediately and I will return the product if he ships it out to me. This is nothing more than a scam. Do not talk to these people. Do not even give them the time to make a sales pitch!

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