Midas International Corporationpoor brake service

S Jul 16, 2019

I would like to bring to your attention about an incident with MIDAS INDIANAPOLIS, 8530 Michigan Road Northwest, Indianapolis IN 46268, who did a complete brake overhaul, including resurfacing of the rotors, for our 2010 Toyota Prius, on October 26, 2018. The charge was $ 520.79.
About two weeks ago, my wife complained of a strange noise from the front side of the car. I drove the car myself and realized that the sound was coming from the front right wheel whenever the brake is engaged. On July 15th afternoon, I took the car to the same MIDAS store and left the car there. I called at 5:19 pm, same afternoon, and inquired about the status of the car. I was told by a gentleman that there were some loose hardware that needs to be tightened and the car should be ready in no time. At 5:37 PM I got a call from MIDAS that the rotor has to be replaced because there are hotspots on the rotor.
Theoretically, the hotspots on the rotors could develop due to 1) aggressive braking such as 60 to 2 MPH in 2 sec, or 2) bad resurfacing in the first place. I can't believe that my wife practices aggressive braking. She has been driving Toyota Priuses for over 15 years and is a very safe and environmentally conscious driver. Therefore, it is clear that the workmanship in the first place (October 2018) was faulty. It is to be noted that my wife has been driving this car since 2010. How can you justify that while there was no problem of hotspot on rotor for eight years, but it has now developed in eight months due to a bad driving practice of the same person for the same car?
This is clearly an evidence of bad workmanship in October 2018. I would, therefore, request MIDAS INDIANAPOLIS, 8530 Michigan Road Northwest, Indianapolis IN 46268, to replace the rotor and pad, without any extra charge to us.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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