Midas International Corporationdisturbing service!

U Sep 27, 2019

I opted not to say my name I just want to let you know about a disturbing incident I witnessed at the Cinco Ranch location on Wednesday while I was getting an oil change. I'm so disturbed by it but today I sent my sister in to get an oil change just to check on the young man. To my concern she was advised and told me that he had gotten fired for this incident. I was so Disturbed that I can't even sleep tonight and I decided to write in to the your corporate office to advise them on the situation that happened because I was a fool witness I was in the lobby. It was so bad that I got scared and I had to go outside to call my husband because I didn't want to go inside until the other man left. Well here's the story.

I went in for an oil change on Monday. There was no one at the store but myself so I was quite happy so I could get my oil changed in and out. Well I was sitting there when my oil change was getting done an African American gentleman walk into the main office where Jesus smaller Hispanic gentleman was working. The black gentleman went in to the office and attacked him with such vulgar verbiage that it surprised me. But more to my surprise was how loud and aggressive he was getting. The smaller Hispanic gentleman ask him what are you talkin about leave me alone I don't know what you're talking about. The African-American walked out the office for a second then came back in louder than before yelling at the top with guns pointed at his face so mad that spit was coming out of his mouth this was all inside the building right next to the showroom. I got so frightened I walked outside why was outside I decided to call my husband to let him know what was going on and I don't know what to do well by that time I see the black gentleman go out to the shop so I kind of walk in to take a look he goes around I see him jumping his car and he leaves. The Hispanic gentleman walks out of the office and says I don't even know what's going on and why he did that to me. So this Panic gentlemen kept his composure but I was so concerned I asked him several times if he was okay as if there anything I could do for you he replied no I'm okay it's just co-workers stuff. Well I have to say I've never seen no co-workers get that aggressive in a workplace in my life. I am still so disturbed by it that I still think about the Hispanic gentleman and how he got attacked I literally thought that the African-American was going to start punching him in his face. I was so Disturbed I decided to call my sister the next day. I asked her if she would go get an oil change on her car and I would pay for it what should we played sure that would be great. Then I told her the story she was really surprised. So I asked her to go to check on him and if he is there to let him know I was worried so I sent you down to check on him. I let her know he doesn't Spanish gentleman early to mid forties the only one that's in the counter I believe you can't miss him. The other gentleman is a big African American please advise them that you would like to do with Hispanic guy. So she went. When she walked in the door she noticed it was too gentlemen. Well on the way in she decided to call me. When I answered she described the two gentlemen that were there and neither of them sounded like this Panic gentlemen that I witnessed get assaulted. So she asked enter her surprise they said he doesn't work there anymore, so she replies for the store or for the company? Under the African-Americans breath he had a smart alec remark and said for the company. While she was waiting to get her oil changed she called me and I couldn't believe what she was telling me! I have to say what I saw was one of the most disturbing, vulgar attacks I have seen anybody do to anyone much less a co-worker. So the reason why I'm writing this is because I witnessed the whole thing and the hispanic guy was not at fault. Now if he retaliated I did not witness that but I would understand. But I am still bug buy and I am appalled that the African-American gentleman did not get fired for verbally attacking a co-worker almost hitting him in front of a customer really concerns me. I have since found out the Hispanics name and phone number because I want to call him and make sure he is okay. I have not done so because I am deciding what action I should take against your company on mine and his behalf. I hope you look into this Seriously look into it! I am going to do my own research and when I feel I am ready to let you know who I am and what I decide to do you will hear from me again.

I truly am worried about the gentleman that got attacked. I hope he is okay. I hope this gets the right authorities and gets investigated to the fullest.

I am a prominent woman in the Cinco Ranch and Katy Texas area. I do know lots of people and I'm deciding whether I should get with the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce in any other businesses, schools and neighborhood associations to let them know to boycott Midas if this gentleman was wrongfully terminated.

If you had any kind of heart you would be concerned for his well-being as well. Please look into this.

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    The reason why I would like to be unknown is fear of retaliation from the co-worker that attacked the Hispanic gentleman.

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