Midasa fuel pump put in my car

J Jan 07, 2020

On 12/20/2019 I took my car to Midas because it was cutting off I was told I need a Fuel Pump which would cost me $1653.56 I could not afford that so I had to take out a loan from Midas car care I got my car back and in two days it cut off again so I took it back on 12/23/2019 the mechanic look at it and said there was nothing wrong so I went to pick it up I tried to star my car it would not start I went back to get the mechanic he tried to start it it would not start he took it back in the shop later that day he called me and told me it was a Fuel Pump Control Module and it would cost me a additional $251.88 he said he would order the part that day but he did not order the part until 12/26/2019 which cause me not to get my car back until 12/30/2019 I was without my car for a week. I feel like my car was misdiagnosed by your mechanic and I was charged for a fuel pump that I did not need so therefore I am asking to be reimbursed for the money I had to pay (borrow from car care) for the fuel pump, My first payment of $148.50 is due 1/10/2019. I have always took my car to Midas and would like to continue to do I hope you can take care of this matter. You can reach me my email or phone my email address is [protected] or phone [protected].

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