Michaels Storessam store manager at store 1264

A Nov 24, 2018
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I was there today waiting in line, having had a great experience up to this piont. Standing near cashier one I heard a cashier yell from the last cashier stand(6). I can help someone one 6! I then saw the two women in front of me walk to six. As I went online to pull up my coupons, the cashier from 6 (Sam, store manager) came up to cashier one stand and in front of a full line of customers, leaned over the counter and yelled right in my face "ma'am cashier 6 is open!!" I really couldn't believe it and was really embarrassed. I've never had a cashier treat me so rude. When I got to the cashier stand I said to her, "ma'am I'm really sorry I have pissed you off so much. I saw two women walk your way when you yelled the first time that you were open and thought they were going to you. I know this is a bad day for you but you really should think about a better way to speak to customers." She just spoke over me with a fake irritated voice and said "No ma'am I'm in GREAT MOOD." She never said she was sorry or that she didn't mean to be so harsh. When she was done checking me out I said "next time just simply say excuse me ma'am I can help you on six." She just looked at me snarky (still no apology) and screamed to the front of the line "I can help someone on 6." I would highly recommend some customer service training for you manager Sam at store # 1264 on Merritt Island Florida but in the mean time I will be shopping at Hobby Lobby.

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