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Lo Oct 17, 2019 Review updated:

I went in to the Fairfield Twp, Butler Co, Ohio (#3274) store as I do at least 3 times a week. I needed a plumbing part so I went in the first door where I know the plumbing supplies are. My wife and I are handicapped and cannot walk long distances, so I parked in the handicapped spot closest to the first door. I got my item and went to counter closest to where I was parked and the young woman at the counter was quite rude and said "I will check you out this time, but this is NOT a checkout. It is a return counter." I can see my car in the handicapped parking spot from the counter area. I have checked out this way many times when I have one item. I was very upset and drove down to the other door where the customer service desk is and spoke to the manager. He said that counter is not for checking out due to security reasons. He said "We have handicapped parking spots on this side where the checkouts are." That is all well and good, but my car won't miraculously appear at the other door and I don't know if I can physically hike around the store just to check out.

If it is for security reasons, that is ridiculous. If you don't have cameras everywhere, then you are fools. If I am paying for one item, then your security is not at risk with me.

We have rental property so we have spent a lot of money at Menard's. Love the store, just hate how big it is and how far you have to walk.

Customer service should mean customer service at ANY register where a handicapped person is standing for a long period of time. I am sure the American Disabilities Act would cover this non customer service. It is unfair to embarrass any customer, handicapped or not.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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    My husband Derrell Sergent wrote this but our Google account is in my name.

  • Updated by LoisS · Oct 18, 2019

    I thought this was a legitimate sight. I didn't know it was just trolls. I won't make that mistake again.

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  • Li
      Oct 18, 2019

    This is the husband typing again. Just you know this incident made me so angry that I bet up my wife. I am not as handicapped as she is and I beat her up. I was so angry at her. Now thanks to them they made me son angry that she has a black eye. Her parents died an I told her that I wish she would die and that it was mistake marrying her.

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