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J Nov 03, 2019

I called prior to making the almost 3 hour drive from my house. Asked if they have green metal roofing in stock to which the guy on the line replied yes we do. So I make the drive to find out you don't have cap for the green metal roofing. For some reason when I asked if he had green metal roofing he didn't think I would need a cap for my metal roof. The manager then came over who wasn't much help I mean what could he say. I asked for free delivery as it would be snowing soon and I needed it ASAP. So it was tue the 22nd that day they said they have a guy that comes up by me every wed. Thursday the lastest. Well thurs comes and goes and I finall call yesterday to ask what exactly is going on up there. Mind you this is 11 days after I purchased my product. They say that he came up here and had no way to contact me so I didn't get my cap. I gave the girl at the counter my information before making my order and seeing the manager on the 22nd so I know for sure they had my information. So now here we are the 3rd and still no cap and there is 2 inches of snow on the ground outside. This was on top of the fact that the supply yard guys are not very helpful unless you wave them down and say hey come help. And also being sold outter foam enclosures that were not in stock had to go back inside to collect refund on that. Very disappointed.

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