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Nk Oct 01, 2019

Tuesday 10-1-19/ 19:26:57 / Op: 2276024 Mutaz.

While checking out; the cashier coughed in my face several times.
When I brought the fact that he was coughing in face to his attention he tried to ignore me. After he realized that I was not going to let the issue go; he gave an unsincere apology.

My Perks card number is [protected]. Check my card to see how often I shop at your store and the amount of money I spend each visit.

I have gotten pass the selective greetings by the greeters at the door; but I will not turn a blind eye to rude and nasty cashiers.

I usually use the self check to avoid this type of interaction; but today I had more then 20 items.

I would pay higher prices at Giant Eagle if my patronage is not valued at Meijer.

Nkrumah Pollard
2952 West Case Rd.
Dublin, Ohio 43017

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