Meijerhaving the shelves stocked!!!

T Nov 10, 2019 Review updated:

Frozen breakfast foods none!
Ground original blend dunkin doughnuts coffee? This has been a problem in the past, but it's huge! It"s what I f*king drink!!!
No ensure 300 plus!
No single sticks of deodorant had to buy a double pack... Wasn't planning on investing 10 + dollars on my arm pits this week...
The produce sucks!!! You can put 5 peaches in a bag and bludgeon someone to death with them...
I'd rate this store a d-
They say said (cashier) its corporates fault, but I think they just don't get the job done!
I have raised 5 kids & have spent thousands of dollars there, but I think it might be time to go krogering


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