Meijerfish center

C Dec 01, 2019

Hello my name is Courtney Garcia-Barley i have been going to woodhaven meijers for years upon years and just so happen i started a fish tank at my house3 to 4 months ago and upon addeding fish to my family fish tank i go to meijer 2 months ago and the all of their tanks was so green u can not even see thur rhe tanks and over 100 dead fish in all there tanks and all the dead fish haslve WHITE FUR growing on them that is soo disgusting if Their employees can not take care of them fish tanks they have a problem i tell their employees when i 1st seen it 2 months ago they just say ok and walk away here it is 2 months later i go in today to purchase some fish and they r worse i am absolutely disgusted and took my business to pets mart .. i have never seen so many thanks just abused and left for dead my phome is [protected] if i would have thought about it i would had taken photos actually i may go tomorrow and take some i am so saddened to this in a business that foes not care

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