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Ke Oct 10, 2019

I brought my vehicle to mavis to have the wheels balanced an alignment done. After picking up my vehicle 2 times an bringing immediately back as the alignment was worse then when i brought it in. Each time there was an excuse an reason why 1st I was told they aligned my vehicle to a different vehicle they had selected all together on there computer. (There words NOT mine). The second time i picked vehicle up it was even worse then the 1st. If I let go of wheel I would go off left side of road an fast. When I brake vehicle would pull hard to the right. I picked my vehicle up the 3rd time an just as bad I now refuse to let mavis touch my vehicle again I was assured it was ok to drive. ALSO when I asked for the print out of the alignment specs I was told they are out of ink an whoever supplies it has not sent then any in months! I would have liked to know there was not going to be any proof BEFORE I booked this appointment an went through with it. Not ok!
So being as frustrated as I was I immediately took my truck elsewhere to have alignment fixed an or verified.. an wow to my surprise the alignment was so bad it was not even in specs or even close! I am seeking a full refund for a job NOT completed correctly! Attached photos are before which is from mavis an after which is now correct. I hope to hear back from someone quickly as my next step is to the local media to shine light on this rip off situation and or whatever other legal steps need to be done to acquire my refund.
I look forward to speaking with you

Ken w,

Mavis Discount Tire
Mavis Discount Tire
Mavis Discount Tire

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