Mavis Discount Tireripping off customer and racism

Wi Sep 29, 2019

Appt. on 9/27 for oil change and tire rotation @ 11AM. Work took double amount of time to complete, svc advisor's communication (Ricky Doe) was non-existent, very unfriendly demeanor and only toward me. Other customers were treated differently (non-hispanic). On top of that, he tried to rip me off for additional charge I did not authorize. The next day 9/28, when I went back to bring the overcharge error to his attention, Ricky Doe finally acknowledged me by raising his eyebrow and insisted the charge was correct (which it wasn't). After voicing my disagreement, he then told me the best he could do was to give credit toward the next service. Afterwards, I spoke with the service manager (Ryan Doe) and he provided a credit for the additional charge. At no time did either person apologize for their error and wasting my time. When I requested their full names, they totally refused and said they did not have to provide that information. When I told them I would be contacting headquarters about my displeasure, Ricky Doe said "go ahead, I don't care". Ryan Doe brought up the poor rating I gave on the review (and rightfully so). These are the people representing Mavis Discount Tire! The sad part about it is I have been coming here for over a year, bringing multiple cars here, a Mavis cardholder and that has no bearing or merit. As a customer, they do not care about losing my business and in this climate we're living in there should be zero tolerance for racism.

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