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Pa Oct 03, 2019

First, I would like to state that I have been a loyal customer at STS/Mavis since 2001, so Itook my car in for brakes last week, thank goodness I needed only the back ones, and I asked the Manager Mike Ramirez (I believe that is his name, he is a tall, large, Hispanic Male x-ferred from the Bergenfield, NJ location) to see if he could charge up my A/C,) which I had the compresser changed in March of 2019 when I brought my car in for smoke and an unGodly noise, which turned out to be the compressor fan that was chewing up my Engine fan belts, which was repaired). I also asked that all the filters be changed when they did an oil change, they did all that including my cabin filters (2), & fuel filter.

This week on october 1, I pulled into the parking lot of my work, which is 11 miles from my house, and to my horror, gasoline was pouring out of the right rear side of my car!!! I was an avionic mechanic in the us air force for 15 years, so I looked under the car and to my horror, the leak was coming from the fuel line into the fuel filter. I called mike back in the fair lawn, nj mavis store and told him what was happening, and I was going to have it towed to the fair lawn location, he then replied, "oh, don't tow it here, I don't have a mechanic at this store, so I said,"how about tomorrow?"he replied,"um, I don't have a mechanic here at this store" he told me to call the lodi, nj store, but he didn't know the #!!! I called aaa of nj and they knew where to go, so they towed the car there.

Long story short, casey and jesse, the store managers there, took custody of my car, the did the inspection and found not only was the fuel filter damaged when it was installed, there were safety issues with the tires!!!, and the suspension coils, shocks etc... $3, 000.00 later my car is now running, but my concern was the fact that when the mavis store in fair lawn replaced my back brakes how the hell did they not see the cracks in the tires!!! Besides the tires (which could have blown out, and the [censored] job on the replacement of the fuel filter, me, my 2 children & my husband could have been blown up with the defective job on the fuel system!!!

I am writing to you because I and looking for a refund on my mavis credit of the $2, 895.00 repair, which I feel is not even a drop in the bucket compared to our deaths!!! A reply needs to be forth coming with a solution, asap.

Thank you,
Paula Held
10-10 Ellis Avenue
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

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