Mavis Discount Tirenew tire purchase

J Nov 18, 2019

Dear sir/maam,

I called on 11/13/19 to the 607.330.9998 number which is the local Mavis location on Elmira road, store # 130.
Said I wanted the same tire I have already which is the Continental TrueContact Tour with $70 rebate. Was told that is no problem.
Before rebate I was quoted $587.92 after tax and my order # was 147782 scheduled for 11/15/19
I was also told I couldn't have a specific appointment but had to leave the car for the day. I agreed to those terms and price quote.

On 11/15/19 I arranged for a coworker to meet me there and drive me to work. I left my car.
I was called inconveniently in between a very packed morning of meetings at 10:26 saying they don't have that tire.
Now this is definitely a situation of "bait and switch". I now don't have time to research and compare tire ratings and have to take the recommendation, under duress, from the technician on the phone. With an upcoming road trip I also don't have time to look elsewhere.
I ended up with, of course, recommended Mavis brand tires at considerably more than originally quoted. My end charge was $692.56 after tax with zero rebate opportunity. This is a $174.64 difference than originally quoted.

I continued to come back to Mavis because I trusted them, above all else. I also need to get four new tires on my husband's car in the next few weeks. I had brought both of our cars to Mavis two years ago but now I am potentially shopping elsewhere for his tire needs because of this unethical experience.

Your staff is very courteous and friendly so I don't blame any individual, but the practices are unprofessional.

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