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Charlene of Louisburg, NC May 13, 2009
Arrived to this location to purchase a mattress set for my brother and law. The young sales man that was helping me was super professional but the store manager Janita was unnecessarily rude, curt, abrupt and down right nasty in manner. The first interaction the young sales guy wanted to check the total pricing of the queen mattress set, with delivery to Maryland (ordering from N.C.) and tax. Her reply was loud, harsh, and she was extremely rude as if she did not want to be bothered and didn't give a damn if I purchased anything or not...very bizarre.

In any even, the price sounded right so I phoned my partner to see if this is something he wanted to do. He asked me to ask them if this price included the frame and if not what kind of deals could they get us on frames. Lord in Heaven have mercy, this very simply question sent her over the top, yelling, shouting "YOU ARE ALREADY GETTING IT (MATTRESS) FOR FREE". At this time I looked at the sales guy and shock my head, while stating to my partner, (who was simultaneously asking me what is she screaming about?) "No, I'd rather go to the Room Store, pay an additional $20.00 dollar's rather than give this Nasty ### (yes, I went there) a dime".

As a began to leave, the store manager wanted to have the last word by shouting at the sales guy who was walking and talking to me, to "Leave her alone, let her leave, you don't need her sale", then she started addressing me saying "Leave the store, get out, go to the Room Store, Bye-Bye-Bye hope you have a nice day". I was so fed up! What the hell is all of the hostility for? My goodness, gracious! I turned around and asked her to stop being a smart ###...she started yelling at me again to leave and I took out my cell phone and said you know what, you want me to leave then you call the cops and let them make me leave...I was pissed!

We both phoned the cops. The cop was super nice, and told me that Janita wanted to place me on a Do Not Trespass List because I wouldn't leave the store when she asked me to. Of course, I signed my name, I had no problem doing that because I "WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANY MATTRESS WAREHOUSE BRANDS". I have yet to hear from anyone, district manager Kenny, anyone from corporate. They do not micro manage the store manager's practice and as a result it is substandard, disrespectful and a complete mess.

Let me tell you that God is Good. I not only purchased my Queen size mattress set at The Room Store but after telling them about my ordeal they gave me 10% discount off, the Sealy Posturpedic is a better set than the one offered at the Mattress Warehouse. When I asked about discounts for the frame they didn't jump down my throat, the simply told me that yes, they can also give me a frame for $20 dollar's off, stating that at The Room Store, when you purchase a mattress set and frame they will give you $20 dollar off of the nice.

Princess of Raleigh, NC April 28, 2009
On April 7, 2009 I bought a Simmons Beautyrest classic mattress set. It was a buy one get one free deal.I choose a twin mattress same brand for the free one. Before purchasing I asked the sales rep "Could it be delievered the same week " because I had no mattress at home and needed them ASAP. He said "yes" and scheduled a Friday delivery date 4/10. I also ask that if I am not happy with the product could I return it. He said "yes" we stand behind all of our products and we have a money back gurantee policy. I asked for it in writing. he showed it to me but said that he did not have an extra copy and I could come back and get the next day. He also said their mattress once returned are sent back to the warehouse in MD and destroyed. Adam also said that exchanges were welcome. The company would do whatever to make the customer happy.

So, I made the purchase with my credit card $929.00.The next day Adam called and said that he made a mistake and the mattresses would not be delievered until next Friday 4/17 and the price I paid was wrong but because of the inconvience the store would honor the price. His boss Crystal (store manager) was on the phone as well and said that Adam was new.Apparently for the buy one get one free deal you had to purchase a mattress that was $1399 and up my mattress was on sale for $799.00. Crystal said we are giving you a great deal. This was all on the telephone. I said "okay".

The next day 4/9/2009 I went to the store and told Crystal that this was not acceptable I need mattresses now.I ask for my money back since the purchase was barely 48 hours and they had not even submitted my order because she said that she was just getting ready to submit it when I walked in the door. i said well if its not even submitted yet then why cant I get a refund and she said we have a No refund policy but I will give you 2 mattresses to choose from that we have in stock and can be delivered tomorrow. At this point I am frusturated and I said Okay. I picked a Serta Pillowtop and a Sealy for the twin because that's all they had in stock.

The serta was okay but I liked the simmons better but it could not be delievered until the following week. i am starting to feel like I am in a no win suituation. she gave me a exchange invoice and kept my orginal invoice from the orginal purchase.The next day 4/10 the mattresses were delivered and appeared to be fine. I signed the received form. That night was a sleepless night. I felt like I was lying on bricks. The next day i went back to the store and told Crystal this is not the same mattress as the one in the store. The one in the store was really plush mine is hard. She said well ours are worn in all new mattresses are hard. If you are still unhappy on Monday then you can file a warranty claim.

I said well what about the money back gurantee policy that the store has and she said Oh that is only for mattresses that cost 1400 and up not on sale mattresses. I then demanded a refund and she refused it once again. On Monday 4/13 when I was changing the linen I noticed a ripped in the mattress. I reported this to the store and took a picture and Crystal said that it is a warranty issue and Mattress warehouse is out of the equation at this point. I have now filed a warranty claimed with Serta. This is the biggest diaster. I cant find a number for their headquarters. On 4/28 I have been told my claim has been denied. Now I have to buy a new mattress.

Joni of Sykesville, MD April 26, 2009
On l2/31/08 I purchased a full mattress and boxspring at Mattress Discounters a few minutes from our home. We picked up the mattress and boxspring ourselves to avoid delivery charges. Four months later my son sat on the the bottom edge of the bed. The boxspring completely cracked in half and he went to the floor.

I called the store and they said I had to submit a claim on line which I did. They said they would give us a new boxspring BUT the new box spring had to be returned and new one picked up (not where we bought it) at their warehouse in another county. They would not let us return the box spring to the original location we bought it from. We could not travel to another county so they told us there would be a 65.00 pick up fee for the broken mattress. Well we paid no delivery fee for this so I think they should be responsible for the fee if they wont let me return to original store. I cannot get it to the warehouse. Therefore, I am stuck with a broken boxspring which we will try to fix. I have purchased many mattresses and never had this problem. Never again will I purchase a mattress from Mattress Warehouse

Anne of Lancaster, PA April 20, 2009
In January my husband and I bought two mattresses and box springs and a headboard and foot board. The day of delivery we received everything but the headboard. We called that day spoke with Mike and he said it was on back order it should be two more weeks until we get it. Two weeks have past we decided this time to go in. We spoke with Mike again. He said it was up to us if we wanted to stick with the style bed we ordered the in a week or two there will be a delivery to the warehouse of the Isabella beds we or we could pick out another bed. We told Mike that if the Isabella doesn't come in we would take the Emily. Once again we got nothing and he did not call us back.

March 16 we went to the Mattress Warehouse on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, Pa. Spoke with Mariam aka manager. My husband and i complained to her about Mike and him not returning phone calls. She stated she was going to have a talk with him and went ahead and ordered the Emily. She had the delivery date March 19, 2009. We were to get a phone call on that morning for a delivery time. Once again we received no phone call. I called and spoke with mike later on that day to let him no that the bed was not delivered. Of coarse he said he would call me back which he didn't. I called back and Mike said the do not have the Emily in the warehouse that we could wait or get our money back. I told him we want our money back but since we paid cash we had to wait until it went through the corporate office that it would take two weeks.

Three weeks went by I called Mike again to let him know we have not gotten our money I asked him to have the manager to call me back, in fact I have noted on our receipts that I called three different time and dates for a manager and no one called me back. Two more weeks went by my husband decided to go in to the store two more weeks later and spoke with Miriam again she decided him saying she never saw him and my notes of requesting her to call me back stating she would have called me back. Of coarse at this time my husband is getting upset. She told him they don't even deal with cash accounts and when my husband said that was [lies] we paid cash she ended up calling the police on my husband for harassment and trespass.

when the cops showed up she showed my husband a fax from the corporate office saying our money was in the mail. We should get in a week. A week went by which was last week from this date and the girl who wouldn't give a name said we should get it by that Friday. Today April 20, 2009 at 11:10 am I spoke with Miriam again and told her the she told my husband two weeks ago the money was in the mail and we have not gotten it yet! She told me she was going to call corporate office and call me back it's been an hour and she has not called back. We are complaining to better business burrow and emailing our local news WGAL for them to investigate.

With the way the economy is today not getting our money has hurt us with bills. I am on disability and my husband had lost his job so we are low on cash. It has been an inconvenience to our lives our bedroom is not what we had hoped it would be. And the EMBARRASSMENT that they put my husband in by calling the police and having him sign a harassment and no trespass contract when he did nothing wrong and just wanted what they owed us back.

Melinda of Baltimore, MD April 9, 2009
We read bad reviews about this place before we went, but did everything we could to make sure we didn't get taken advantage of like the others. Here's what no one could anticipate: We spent over $3100 on this bed. We bought it Feb. 18th and scheduled delivery for April 4th. We waited all day on April 4th and it never came. Around 6pm, I called to find out what happened, and was told that the mattress was out of stock and would not be coming that day. They played nice and gave me a $100 discount for my trouble and said they would call me later to arrange delivery.

On Tuesday evening I came home and found the bed all set up in my bedroom. My husband and I had been at work, so I can only assume that a construction worker had let them in (it's a new house). The problem? A huge hole in the fabric on the top of the (unflippable) mattress (photos below). I called the store, and they said they would put in an in and out request (whatever that means) and wanted to know who signed for it. I have no idea who signed for the mattress- it wasn't me. I contacted my credit card company and told them to stop payment until the issue was resolved.

Thursday morning I got a call from the store saying that my in and out request had been denied because the mattress had been signed received in good condition. We aren't touching the bed, so we're still sleeping on an air mattress. They gave me the number to customer service, where I left a message. I feel like I could live with the hole, but if you read the fine print, it voids the warranty if the fabric has any holes or tears. I'll update this review if anything is resolved, but I am frustrated, angry, and feel like I've been taken.

Tonya of Prince Frederick, MD April 7, 2009
April 7, 2009, On April 6, 2009, at around 4:00pm I place a call to your Prince Frederick, Md store and I spoke with a salesperson by the name of Antonio. In our conversation, we discussed styles and prices of Full sized mattress. I asked for the physical location and told Antonio that I would be in to see the mattresses that evening. My daughter and I entered the store at approximately 5:30pm. Upon entering, the salesperson (Antonio), was busy with another customer so my daughter and I looked around the store while he assisted the customer ahead of us. During the time we waited, a Caucasian couple came into the store.

Once Antonio was done with customer 1 I informed him that I had called earlier about the full sized mattress. He did show me the 2 mattresses that we discussed but in the middle of me asking him a question about another mattress, he proceeded to the customers that came in after me and proceeded to help them, leaving my daughter and me standing there looking foolish. I stood there for a minute or 2 in disbelief then I gathered my daughter and we proceeded to leave the store. On my way out, I stopped at the door and said to Antonio, Thanks for all of your help! He didnt respond because he didnt even notice that we had left.

As I sat in my car on the outside of the store very upset, I called back into the store to ask Antonio for his superiors name and phone number. He stated that no one was in charge of him and that he was the senior person at this location. I then stated that there had to be a District Manager or something and that I would like that number. I then told Antonio, that I did not appreciate how my daughter and I were treated and that we came in to purchase a mattress with cash in hand and that he just left us to attend to another customer after only giving me about 2 to 3 minutes of his time. He in turn said that I work on commission and I cant spend all of my time with 1 customer. I then said that I do understand that you work on commission, but you only gave me 2 minutes of your time. The conversation began to go back and forth and I finally said please just give me the number to you superior. He did attempt to give me a phone number to the corporate offices.

Apparently, in my state of distraction, I mis wrote the number. I called the store back but there was no answer. So I called the Annapolis, Md store and spoke with a salesperson by the name of Jim. I asked Jim if he could please help me by giving me a number to the Corporate Office because I had an issue that needed attention. I guess that he heard the pain in my voice and he asked if I was ok. I began to explain to him what had just happened to my child and me at the Prince Frederick, Md store. He offered his apologies several times and said that I or anyone deserved that treatment and gave me the phone numbers that I needed.

I truly believe that I was discriminated against on based on race. I think that Antonio thought that the best chance at making a commission was with the other customers. I came in the store with full intent to purchase a mattress for my daughter on that date. FYI. The couple left after about 10 minutes in the store. I would appreciate it if someone would please look into this matter because no one should be made to feel like I felt when I had to walk out of that store with my daughter on April 6, 2009. We were treated as if we werent worth his time.

Douglas of Midlothian, VA April 3, 2009
We purchased a mattress from the Mattress Warehouse near Chesterfield Towne Center in Richmond, VA during the President's Day Sale on 2/16/2009. The sales person showed us many mattresses and we settled on the Camilla Bay model mattress at a hefty price on sale of $4, 000. We completed the paperwork with the manager, James, and he indicated delivery would be within the next two weeks. Two weeks came and went with no information. We contacted the store several times, but no one answered the phone. Finally, in March we were able to get a hold of James and he stated the delivery date of March 14, 2009. Without any additional notification, we received the mattress on 3/14/2009.

To our disappointment the mattress was the wrong model. We ended up with the Reflection Bay model, one which is about $1, 000 less and a very firm version of the original mattress. We contacted the store that day, and they insisted they had ordered the correct model. We proceeded to go to the store and showed the manager, James, which model we had agreed to purchase on the floor. There was not even a Reflection Bay in their store. At that point the manager admitted he had made an error and agreed to fix it ASAP. Since this all happened on a Saturday, James said he would make calls on Monday and call us to let us know when we would receive the correct mattress.

On Monday 3/16/2009, James called and said that the mattress would be delivered no later than 4/1/2009 and should even be the week before. He apologized for the mistake and said we could use the mattress that had been delivered in the mean time. On 3/30/2009 we still had heard nothing from Mattress Warehouse. When we called James and he said that he would check on it and call us back. He called back our home number (all other conversations had been via cell phone) and left a message that the mattress was scheduled for production this week. Apparently they hadn't even made the mattress yet? And there wasn't one anywhere else they could ship it from?

Since that day we have called the store and the headquarters in Maryland at least twice a day with no success. If the local store answers the phone (rarely happens) James has been away from the office, and we end up in eternal hold at the corporate office. So at this time there has been no resolution. Today is 4/3/2009 and we are heading into the weekend with not much hope. This has been a horrible experience. Not being able to sleep on a mattress for $4, 000 is a pretty bad feeling.

Paying for a mattress that we do not even have. Wife sleeps with kids, and I get the couch.

Jami of Bethesda, MD April 2, 2009
Just did a google search for Mattress Warehouse to call Paul, the Store Manager at the Bethesda MD store. Remarkably, reading this site, we are going through the same thing. We purchased our King Size Simmons Beautyrest Villamoura mattress on March 9th. It was delivered the next day. We noticed immediately that it was very hard. We called the store and told them this. They said that it might take 2 weeks to break in.

We waited a few days and sleepless nights and went in to speak with them. They said that the guy who sold us the mattress was a big guy and liked the mattress we purchased and that perhaps he didn't have the product knowledge, but that the warranty was only for defects and not for comfort. They put in a request for exchange with corporate but it was denied. We have since called and gone back again. We have filed a warranty claim on the sleephappens website. We have been told that we will have a Mattress Investigator call and come to the house and see if the mattress is truly defective. We believe it is.

We have also been told that the Simmons rep will call us. He has not yet called. We just want a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Sleep is not happening with us. We spent over $2000 on a bed that is so uncomfortable we wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning have neck and back aches. We have spent time trying to rectify this. We just want to exchange the mattress for one that we can sleep on.

Jody of Scottsville, VA April 1, 2009

Purchased a 3500.00 mattress & boxspring from charlottesville store July 1, 2008, 3 months after having the mattress, it started to sag, feeling like I was falling off the edge of the bed, by the next month the whole side of the mattress blew out and sunk. Called the store, they advised me to start the appeal process on line, completed the 1st step- questions on line, then they sent an email to me, that there was a 2nd step process, did that (same questions with some information they want YOU to take off the mattress, measurements with a ruler and a string.

I get a call in february from a lady from the Mattress Marshalls, they want to come see the mattress, she comes, flips the mattress, takes pictures, measurements, checks the box spring etc. I get a letter, few weeks later that I can go to the store and pick out another mattress but must pay 65.00 delivery fee or return the old mattress to frederick md. So i go to the store, pick out a mattress on 3/25/09, told the delivery date is tues 3/31/09, I take off work, wait and wait no call on tuesday, I call at noon, the gentleman there does not know why I am not on the delivery sheet and I have to call paul on wednesday, call today 4/1/09, paul does not know why, he states he is waiting on corp to tell him where it is or when it will be on the truck. NEVER AGAIN!


Sylvia of Chambersburg, PA April 1, 2009
I pay full, and it been two week.Ipay for delivery 65.00dollar Ikeep calling them and they keep telling me the same thing.Ihad these mattress on layaway not even amonth.and they keep giving me the run around.Idon't have gas to be cost to my mattress is 741.99dollars.I'm in need of my mattress. Iwill appreicate if you could contact me as so as possible.thankyou and have abless day

I HAVEN'T GET MY's nice to pay in full but haven't recievce, nothing yet.

Nicole of Clinton, MD March 30, 2009
I ppurchased a queen size mattress from the Clinton location of Mattress Warehouse in February 08. A week after purchased I called and spoke to my saled person(Carl) and informed him that we were not comfortable on this mattress. We went from our backs hurting on our previous mattress to now are shoulders are bothering us. He informed me that my mattress was a floor model and that it was nothing I could do? I asked him why didn't he explain that when we purchased it? I would never had brought something without a warrenty. We decided to let it go and chuck it up. Well fast forward to now, both me and my husband have been back and forth to the doctors for our shoulders, we both have had Xrays done.

Our doctor informed us that both of us can't be suffering from the same pain and it has to be our mattress. I decided to go back to the store and pursue this thing. I begin by calling the store on March 11th. I first start by speaking with Morris-who has now replaced Carl. He says he will call me back but doesn't. I call the corporarte office and speak to Winston (he is filling in for the District manager who is on vacation-K. Keller) who tells me to call the store back and get my original reciept and file the warrenty but can't promise anything. I call back to the store and get Morris but his conversation is so confusing I decided to go over and do this face to face.

On March 15th we get to the store and search about three boxes for my reciept of which we never find. He finally finds a copy of something that appears to be fraudulent. He too gets concerned and tells me let me call you back after I speak with the original salesperson who has been transfered to another store. I ask for a copy of what he has, he didn't really want to give me a copy but does. He ask me not to share this with anyone because someone might get in trouble. Later that evening he calls back and says its all straight now and he has filed the warrently claim.

On March 23rd I call Morris back to get status of claim he tells me let me check with customer service and get back to you. Nothing! On March 25th and 27th I call and leave a for the district manager (K. Keller) who has net to respond?

Restless night, aching shoulder pain and lower back pain

Patricia of Front Royal, VA March 17, 2009
On March 11, 2009, My daughter purchased a mattress and she paid cash in the amount of $629.99. She was very excited about being able to pay for her purchase in cash which she worked very hard to save. The Manager at the Front Royal Mattress Warehouse, Debbie was very quick to take this young womans cash and promise her a delivery date less than a week away. I also purchased a Mattress Pad that Debbie suggested to protect and guarantee the guarantee, of the mattress, in the amount of $83.99 (this was put on my Credit Card).

My daughter got rid of the bed she had in her room and slept on the floor because Debbie assured her that her Mattress would be at the store to be picked up on Friday March 13, 2009. When my daughter went there to pick it up Debbie informed her it would be another week or so before the mattress would make it to the store for pick up?. My daughter then requested her money back because she did not want to wait another week for her mattress. Debbie informed she could not issue a refund on the spot that it had to go thru the main office, and that she would have to wait at least 3 weeks for her refund, it would be a check of course.

I also wanted to return the unopened mattress pad for the bed we did not receive and Debbie informed use she would TRY but they dont usually give refunds on any merchandise. This made me very mad, to think that a company that was so quick to take the cash and promise a delivery date then back peddle out of the original date just amazes me.

When I got home I read the back of the receipt and it stated that once merchandise is received by the customer it cannot be returned or exchanged, I cannot believe a company actually has the nerve to make that kind of statement what kind of message for customer service is that. In these time of economic uncertainty you would think a company would try and work with the customer instead of working against them and not issuing a refund on unused or unopened items with a receipt. Please post an extremely poor customer rating for this company.

Risha of Fort Washington, MD March 15, 2009
Jan 31, 2009 ...I purchased a King Size Mattress from MW made by Simmons Manufacturing. The bed is hard ... nothing like the bed in the store. I reported the problem 24 hrs after the delivery. I was informed to give the mattress a week to break in ... come in to the showroom a try out another mattress. Then I was instructed that I had to wait thirty days and the district manager would let us exchange the mattress. I called back after the thirty days and was told the exchange would be granted if $ 800.00 more was provided. This is unbelievable they accepted my money and delivered a defective hard pillow top bed. This store has no compassion for the consumer. Sleep is not an option.

My back and neck are sore. I am experiencing sleep less nights. I can afford to spend another $ 1800 for a bed.

Cynthia of Woodbridge, VA March 12, 2009

I purchased my mattress from Mattress Warehouse on November 26, 2008 from the Potomac Mills, VA store. A couple weeks after delivery I noticed the mattress was not anywhere near as comfortable as the one I chose and tested for over an hour in the store. Also, I noticed a sizeable indentation in the mattress in less than a month. I contacted MW offices immediately, a mattress inspection was arranged and conducted in December 2008.

Several weeks later I received notice dated January 21, 2009 that the inspection showed normal wear/indentation and my case was dismissed much to my dismay. I would have thought, at the very least, Mattress Warehouse would offer me the opportunity for a replacement or some sort of restitution, especially with my excellent credit. Not only that, but I also had to deal with your accounting department regarding my account and the erroneous way it was set up initially.

I'm stuck paying $1823.00 for and sleeping on a defective mattress.

Mrs. Kerr of Upperco, MD March 12, 2009
Sale ad read Buy one get one free of equal value. The advertised mattress is no longer available. Salesmen sold me a better bed for the sale price on Sunday. Bed not there could pick up before Saturday, when I called I was told the salesman shouldn't have sold it to me but they would honor it but only for delivery for an additional charge. I disagreed because we wanted to pick it up so Alex told me okay pick up at store on Thursday after 4:00.

Today is Thursday after 4:00 and now I am told it is on back order and hopefully will be there next thursday. I said no give me something else better or equal to, he offered me discountinued items that cost 1/2 the price and low quality. I called another one of their stores and was told it could be delivered to my home tomorrow if I purchased it today, Alex said that is not true and is calling his district manager. I have yet to hear anything back from them, if I want my money back (they already have my money) they could issue me a check in 4-6 weeks or put back on my crecit card in 5-7 business days. They took my money on Monday the day after the sale and I still have no beds. Unbelievable! My children have nothing to sleep on tonight and I am not sure for how long.

My children have no beds to sleep in! We disposed of their beds earlier today to make room for the new ones.

M of Washington, DC March 8, 2009
Bottom-line: Mattress Warehouse, Inc could care less. I had other issues with this company and this is just the latest. Warranty Issue on a pillow top mattress. The stiching is is unravelling around the edges and corners, the pillow top lost conformity/warped, and it dip/sinks by 2. According to Mattress Marshal while writing the report these are warrantyable items. However, when the report came back to me from the corp office there were no warrantable defects found on the mattress.

Gerry of Stewartstown, PA February 7, 2009
I went into this store to check out futon mattresses for sale. I will need one for approx. 6 weeks and then it will go into a guest room. I spoke With Eli, the manager of the store, and he showed me 4 sample futon mattresses. Of course these are only about 2feet by 2feet and one can only sit on them to try them out (a huge difference than actually laying down on the mattress). I chose the Premium King Koil mattress for $179. (interestingly enough, the same mattress is on their own website for $50 cheaper). It had an eggcrate style mattress sandwiched between 2 other pieces of thick green foam. In addition, there were several other layers, very compressed. I was told that this mattress was very supportive.

I later returned to the store and paid for this mattress in full but was told it would have to be ordered. A few days later I phoned the store and was told it was in. My husband picked it up but I did not immediately put it on the futon as I wanted to purchase an allergy zip protective cover for it. 2 days after picking it up, I removed it from the plastic and attempted to unzip the cover which was on it from the factory to put the new protector on it. As soon as I did, fluff started falling out. I unzipped it a little more and realized that there was NO EGGCRATE FOAM IN THE MATTRESS at all- JUST FLUFF AND A FEW THIN PIECES OF WHAT LOOKED LIKE CARPET PADDING. This padding was paper thin when I gently squeezed it between my finger and thumb, providing NO SUPPORT at all. Again, there was no eggcrate or foam at all in the mattress.

I immediately took photos of it and went to the store. Mike was there and I complained to him. I showed him photos and took photos of the mattress (sample) that I sat on/bought etc. He acted surprised. At that point, he checked a similar mattress he had in the back storage room and it was the same way--- all FLUFF and no foam as shown in the sample. I demanded a full refund which he said he could not issue because he was not the manger of the store. He advised me to call customer service and call the manager of the store the next day. I phoned customer service and asked to speak w/ a manager. I was told Melissa was away from her desk but would return in a few moments and would definitely return my call asap. I left a detailed message on her voice mail. 4 hours later and no phone call. I called again, just to be told that she was available. I gave my name and a summary of the story and the previous message I had left for Melissa. After putting me on hold again, the secretary said that MELISSA could not come to the phone and I could leave another message. I chose to hold. I was on hold for 45 minutes and she never returned.

The next day I phoned the customer service number again- same thing- no luck contacting ANYONE at this place. I called the manager of the Shrewsbury store where I bought this fake. I explained the situation to Eli and he contacted his district manager. Of course Mike was supposed to fill him in but didn't. The next day Eli called and said that his district manager said they had gotten a bad batch of mattresses. What a scam. How many other people paid for thick convoluted foam and got fluff? He offered me a free upgrade but I chose to simply get a refund.

I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. I HAVE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. I have also contacted a local news station since I have great photos of the mattress sample in the store and the one I actually received. I am extremely happy that I rec'd a refund but I am trying to warn other consumers.

Gary of South Riding, VA February 7, 2009
My wife and I purchased a Serta pillow top mattress from Mattress Warehouse in Chantilly back on July 4, 2007. The sales person insisted that it had one of the best warranties in the business that included a 10 year protection. 2 years later the mattress has depressions on both sides to depths of more than 1.5 and has an awful hill resulting in the center.

As a result we are both experiencing restless nights of sleep and lingering back pain. We have been thorough about rotating the mattress with no success in revitalizing its shape. We filed a complaint as it says on the website for MW. It details the process by which we could qualify for an inspector to come out and investigate. In the process, it demonstrates how to measure for sagging (which is the complaint) as well as a check list for support requirements. It mentions adequate support would require a minimum of 5 slats underneath the bed - we have 8.

We more than qualified by the statutes provided in our paperwork and read all the vague fine print to feel safe enough that our claim would be fairly resolved. An inspector showed up one morning to do measurements and analysis. He insisted I leave him alone in the room to work - but I refused since I have a lot of valuables in there. I noticed the tool he was using to measure was inaccurate and requested to look at it closer but he refused. Additionally, he provided no copy of his paperwork or proof that his records or employment were legitimate.

I called MW and spoke with John to request copies of the paperwork that the inspector had but John refused. Even after I insisted, he argued and then spoke with his District Manager who refused to help either. A week later we receive a letter in the mail saying our claim was denied due to Insufficient support as well as a small stain that voids any further warranty. The support issue is incorrect according to the terms on my paperwork. My support structure complies and goes beyond said requirements.

As far as the stain, my paperwork says that any unreasonable stain could void the warranty, but fails to define the term reasonable. The stain to which they refer could be covered up by a coin smaller than a dime. How is that unreasonable and how is does that accelerate the issue of sagging? I spent over $2700 in an effort to purchase a top of the line set of mattresses, and was sold on the warranty only to discover that the warranty isn't worth the paper its printed on. This is as absurd as having a transmission warranty problem with a vehicle only to be rejected because of a scratch in the paint on the door. I have no validation that my inspection was handled by an independent party. As far as I'm concerned, MW is in violation of a breach of contract for failing to comply by the terms established in their paperwork. What recourse do I have?

Sandra of Vienna, VA February 4, 2009
We purchased a king-sized mattress from Todd, who told us that we could make a comfort exchange if we didn't like it. The bed delivered was MUCH harder than the bed in the store. We went back to make sure, and we told him we wanted to exchange it. He told us we had to wait at least 30 days to give it time to soften up. At exactly 30 days we called to tell him it was still hard as a rock, and he said we had to write a letter. We did, and he faxed it to his boss.

From that point no one at mattress warehouse would return our calls. We went back to the store and Todd said they didn't make exchanges but we could try a warranty claim. They refused the claim. The Better Business Bureau got involved, but Mattress Warehouse would not respond to them at all.

We lost over $2, 000 and suffered a lot of shoulder and hip pain and numbness from the extreme pressure on our bodies. We also spent hundreds of dollars on various pads that either didn't help or caused asthma attacks. We finally had to buy a new mattress from another store.

Ada Marie Feffer of Annapolis, MD January 28, 2009

I purchased a mattress from this store in December, soon after I [did] my husband passed away. I was assured by the salesman that the delivery people would move my existing mattress to another room and set up the new one. The delivery arrived on schedule. However, one of the persons delivering refused to move the old bed nor would he even assist the other person with the original delivery. I told him I was assured they would do that for me. He refused again and became verbally abusive, using obscene language.

The other person took care of moving the old bed and I compensated him, as I told them I would do. I reported this abuse to the store and tried to contact the District Manager, K. Keller, but have never heard from anyone to this moment. I then sent an email to their corporate headquarters, but still have not had any reply or apology. Also, I was never offered a free bed frame, free delivery or money back guarantee as advertised. There is no way I would ever purchase anything from this company ever again nor would I recommend anyone else to them either.

There was no physical damage nor any economic impact. I want an apology for the suffering and emotional distress caused by this non-person, Jason somebody.

Lakesha of College Park, MD January 22, 2009

On 8/18/2007, I placed a queen sized mattress, boxspring and frame on layaway at Laurel, MD store. After trying to get back on my feet, studying for the bar and moving into my own apartment, I hoped to purchase my first queen sized bed. Though the price was a bit high, I thought I could handle it. I made several payments and received a call in February '08 from a new manager (can't recall his name) stating that I needed to make a payment by the 18th of February. I came into the store to make the payment and a salesperson named Albert informed me that the bed I originally placed on layaway was no longer in stock. I asked if there were any other beds at the same or lesser price.

After showing me a bed that he claimed was very similar to my original order, I paid another $50.00, BELIEVING IT WAS SIMILAR. Later that late spring/early winter, my mother became very ill and I had to continuously leave the DC metro area. This caused severe financial problems and I called Mattress Warehouse about canceling my order. I was told I'd received a call back and that no one had ever done that before. I didn't believe that because most furniture, mattress stores have refund policies. One may not get the entire amount back but will receive some kind of refund. They do want customers to come back and give other potential buyers recommendations. But, my mother was ill and I had other worries.

I then made a payment for $20.00 on 8/18 after finding a receipt from MW. I then inquired about cheaper mattress sets. After receiving no help, I purchased a mattress set. One that I could afford. I contacted the current manager, Nick and asked for a refund. He stated he'd cancel my order and send it to the main office for a refund on 1/12/2009. He later called me on 1/14/2009 stating that I could not receive a refund and either had to lose $190, continue with the layaway INDEFINITELY (I only have a 1 bed apt and no family in the area) or give the $190 to someone (in effect, lose $190).

Now, my problem is, a multimillion dollar company, how can you treat consumers like this? You gain money from the little people but the little people lose. Who has money to throw away? I certainly do not. You have my money and I am supposed to just walk away? Not issuing some type of refund is unconscionable, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE THE MATTRESS SET YOU ORIGINALLY WANTED. Also, the District Manager (for the Laurel Store) whom I finally spoke with, wasn't very pleasant.

In this difficult economic time, I am out $190 and they have gained $190.

Matthew of Catonsville, MD January 20, 2009

My wife and I purchased a brand new king size Simmons Beautyrest mattress from Mattress Warehouse on December 31st. The distict manager was at the store and was like a snake oil salesman, using every trick up his sleave to get us to buy a mattress we weren't sure about. He finally lowered the price enough and so we decided to purchase the mattress.

When we slept on it a few days later for the first time it was extremely uncomfortable. We called the store and they told us they'd try to work something out with us, but we never got a call back. I called the district manager directly several times and filed a complaint on their website, begging them to call me back and help, and still haven't heard a word. At best I was hoping to get a refund or exchange the mattress (even if we paid a fee), at worst I would have been willing to pay for a new mattress at cost. We paid over $1600 for this mattress and now we're sleeping in our guest bedroom on an older bed. The customer service at Mattress Warehouse was appalling. I highly discourage anyone from shopping at their store.

We're out over $1600!

Vivian of Centreville, VA January 20, 2009

I purchase 2 mattresse set from the Mattress Warehouse 4-25-07. With in a year the mattress stated to get sink in the center of the mattress so I rotate to the other end of the bed and that didn't help any, the sink just worse so I contact the mattress warehouse on 3-18-08 and told them the problem I was having with the mattress, because of the sink my back hurt so bad that I can hardly sleep in the bed. I paid $1870.44 for these mattress and they are suppose to have a 10 year warranty not to sink in less then a year.

The mattress warehouse sent someone to check out the mattress and the man that came would not let me stay in the room he said that it would take to long so I left the room. Well in the end I get a letter from Mattress Warehouse tell me that they could not do anything becasue the man found a stain on the mattress the size of a dime and that voided out the warranty. I don't think that is fair when I have a 10 year warranty on the mattress for support and this is a firm mattress. The saleman Steve told that it has a 10 years warranty so why is it that they will not replace my mattress.

My daughter has the same problem with her mattress but because she did get a small stain on her mattress she just said to forget it because of the hard time they gave me. I know what they are doing isn't right but what can I do but file a compliant with you. Hope that I can get some help. $1870.44 is a lot of money to pay for a mattress that doesn't last or live up to the warranty.

I can hardly get up in the morning because my back is alway sore and in pain from this bad mattress. i'm sleeping on the corner of the bed because the middle is so back even when you make the bed you can see the sink in middle of the bed.

Dan B. of Smithfield, NC January 17, 2009

Purchased expensive new mattress set. When delivered found defective issues - stain, stitching coming out, etc. Contacted Garner, NC location warranty claims using there email process. What a nightmare! After 2 months of haggling over whether we had a legitimate claim, we were granted a replacement mattress set. Oh, but wait, it's not over yet. After we were told that a new replacement set would be provided, upon setting the schedule for delivery, we were informed of delivery fees. After complaining that we should not have to pay of delivery for replacement defective product, we were told take it or leave it. So, with no choice we accepted the fee and scheduled delivery of the new set.

It was at this time that we were told that the factory was shutdown for the holidays and that no deliveries could occur before Jan. 10, '09. Nice. So, again, left with minimal choice, scheduled delivery for 1st thing Jan, 10, '09. Receive a call during week of Jan. 10, '09 informing me that the factory had shipped the wrong mattress set and that they could not get the correct set delivered to the store by Jan. 10, '09. Of course! So, when I inquired as to the following Saturday (Jan. 17, '09) 1st stop for the day, I was told Why, yes sir, that will not be a problem.

Well, guess what, I get a call late Saturday night before (Jan. 16, '09) requesting a 4pm to 7pm delivery time! Did I not (twice) express a 1st delivery each time the subject was discussed? I'm fed up. I will never buy another product from this company. I will never refer this company to anyone inquiring as to where they might purchase sleep products, and I will make sure I tell anyone who will listen my experience with this company.

We are out $65 dollar delivery fee. We have an expensive mattress set that has stains from the factory and poor (or failing) stitching.

Barbara Webb-Edwards of Bowie, MD January 16, 2009

This company has the worse customer service I have ever experienced. My husband and I pruchased a full size bed witht he understanding that it would be delivered on the upcoming Saturday. The delivery people brought a twin bed with no headboard and we refused the delivery. Carl, the salesmane promised to make the correct delivery on the following saturday. On the following saturday they brought a full bed with no headboard. Needing the entire set for the guest room immediately, and frustrated with such poor service, we refused the delivery and rquested a refund. The sales person promised to call the business office and get our refund.

My husband and I shared the payment when we made the purchase, he with a debit card, I paid with a check. They stated that it would take two weeks for my check refund. My husband received his debit credit after about 10 days.I have not received my refund of $292 YET! The purchase was Novemeber 11. Calling the customer service department is a joke. First they said they never recieved the refund request from the store. When contacting the store, they blamed it on customer service! Calling customer service again, I left messages with no return call.

I made another call and I waited om hold on the phone for a customer service human being to pick up for 30 minutes (3-10 minute increments). When someone finally picked up they blamed it on the saleperson again! This was January 16th, two months later ! The salesman probably gets half for commisssion and did not report it so that it would stay in his pocket longer. These folks are shadey.

lost time on two Saturdays. No bed; my visitors ended up on a blow-up mattress. I just want this posted so that no one else falls victim to these people. I reported it to our local BBB also.

Robert B. Schaefer of New Freedom, PA January 14, 2009

We purchased a mattress and boxspring for our daughter who was coming to spend Christmas with us. We were supposed to receive a bed frame, but it was never on the order, so we picked one up a few days later. When we put the bed on the frame we noticed that the mattress was bent. The wood inside the boxspring was broken as well.

We went back to the store and the manager, Eli, said he would be out 12/24/08 to look at it after work since the store is only one mile from our house. He called and cancelled, saying he would be out Fri. 12/26/08. He never showed up. We went to the store and Eli stated that he would bring replacements to our house later that week. He never called to set up an appointment. We went back to the store and were given a delivery date of 011309 between ten am and noon. My wife took off the morning from her job, and of course no one showed up. I would like this resolved.

total aggravation!

Kathleen of Bay Village, OH January 5, 2009

We had a Sealy Posturpedic Crown Jewell Pillowtop which, after ten years, finally wore out. Had to go shopping for another bed. So, my comment is actually a compliment and not a complaint. We bought a cheaper bed from Mattress Warehouse, (than what we paid for our original Crown Jewel) took it home, slept on it for several nights (with the plastic on so as not to void the warranty) and I hated it. Felt like I made the wrong choice.

Went back to the store, and worked with James, who was VERY HELPFUL, who gave us as much as a price break as he could, essentially giving us an upgrade in bed for the cost of a redelivery fee. Also, the delivery guys who delivered the first bed were on-time, careful and didn't damage anything (walls or carpet) in getting the bed upstairs. So, I hope I like this new bed better, but I have to say, that my experience with this one particular store and salesperson was very positive.

Shelley of Newport News, VA January 5, 2009

When looking at matresses, I asked the salesman if the matresses had any chemical odors because I am very sensitive to chemicals. He assured me there would be no chemcial smell from the mattress, and he would take any corrective means necessary if there was. We bought a Simmons Worldclass Beautrest, and it reeked when we got it. I called him and told him he lied to me, and I want my money back. He hasn't called back.

Mattress is unfit to sleep on. We had this happen about five years ago and it made me and my husband very sick so there is no way I will put my son on it. We purchased a Sealy last year for my daughter that has not had any problems. I am currently out $2200 with no bed for my son.

D of Alexandria, VA December 26, 2008

We purchased our king size bed in 2004. Within a year we noticed sagging on both sides of the bed. Eventually in 2008 we couldn't even sleep in the bed. Both my partner & I had restless nights from lower back pain. I forgot that our bed was under warranty so I went window shopping to price a replacement mattress. Thankfully the salesperson told me that our current mattress should be under warranty. I checked- we had a ten yr warranty.

I called Serta (who where very helpful). They told me to go back to the store where purchased and file a warranty claim thru' them. Up until this point it was a pleasant experience. The independent Mattress Marshall who Mattress Warehouse contract to inspect beds is not an impartial third party. My experience is that they are not completely honest. The measurements done on my bed entitled me to a replacement bed set.

However when I eventually got a copy of the report the documented measurement were not the same as those I observed. (Serta were kind enough to mail me a copy after M W ignored my several requests for it.) It turns out that the box spring was not up to manufacturers standards and they would replace that. Now that info is proof that our complete set should be replaced. The box spring M W gave us compromised the quality of our mattress. After reading the many complaints this seems to be common practice for M W.

Melinda of Lancaster, PA December 23, 2008

This is the customer service inquiry I submitted. I recently bought a futon from the Mattress Warehouse on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA. It was promised that the futon would arrive Dec. 16th, however, today Dec. 20th, I still have yet to receive it. I have been trying to contact the manager, Richard, all week and he keeps pushing the delivery date back. Instead of calling me to let me know that the futon would not arrive as he said on Friday Dec. 19th, he left for the day, with no one in the store able to help me.

Today, I visited the store to check on the futon, and was treated with the utmost disrespect by the salesman. He couldn't find the corresponding receipt for my order, so he told me that he was going to have to help the other customers in the store. The total dismissal of my request was enough to make me return the futon and never come into another Mattress Warehouse again. I called back to express my discontent over the way I was treated in the store. The salesman said I'm sorry you feel that way. Thank you. And he hung up the phone. I am not one to complain, but I am so utterly disappointed with this transaction. I would have loved to give business to this store, considering all the great products you have to offer, but the way I've been treated is completely unprofessional and offensive. I would like someone to contact me to discuss a full refund.

I received a refund.

Ruth of Clifton, VA December 2, 2008

Oh what a mistake we made ever going to Mattress Warehouse in Chantilly, VA. We found a higher end mattress we thought we liked and my husband was eager to buy. I wanted to check out a competitor first but the manager gave such a hard sell, we bought it but first asked for a 30 day return, if bed was not to our liking. The manager made a big deal of it, calling in for permission of his district manager and then offered a 30 day return deal.

When I returned to the store a couple weeks later saying I was not happy, the manager said I would lose money if I traded down, ie. if I preferred a less expensive bed. He also made it clear, for the first time, that we could not get a full refund. I could not find another bed at the store that was comfortable and especially did not want to deal with this deceptive sales manager. Now we are stuck with a bed I don't want and a bad taste in the mouth from this experience. They are sleazy operators and I should have known better.

Loss of money from spending money on a bed I don't like. My husband will not go through the agonizing hassle of fighting this retailer so we are stuck. Hopefully we can prevent others from making the same mistake from our message.

Jeff of Hanover, PA December 1, 2008

My Wife and I purchased a Serta Reflections King Size Matress on 11/03/06. Over the last 2 years the matress has develpoed a sag of both sides of the bed apx 2 deep and deeper after we lay on the bed for any period of time. We contacted Matress Warehouse who told us that there was problems with that matress and to fill out a claim on the internet so we did. Several weeks later an inspector came out to look at the matress and he said he could not see why they wouldn't let us exchange it for another.

We just stopped into the store today to check on the status of the claim and they told us that the claim was denied, due to a juice stain on the matress the size of a quarter. We spent over 3000.00 for this matress and we were told that they could give us a great deal on a new one. I compare this to buying a brand new home because I am a builder, if I bought a new house and I had a plumbing leak and someone came out and said sorry its out of warranty because there is a stain on the carpet that would be unheard of. Am I right or have I just lost my mind.

Months of sleepless nights

Mark of Bryans Road, MD November 25, 2008

We purchased the top end Sealy Posturepedic Signature mattress at Mattress Warehouse at the end of September 2008. My wife complained that one side was hard, leaning a flat, but it wasn't for a few weeks that I decided to check out her side. It was indeed deformed, leaning, and much harder than the other side. We went back to the store and spoke with Tuesday about this and she helped us file a warranty claim and also try to help us get the correct box spring (they brought the wrong one out 2 times already).

Although Tuesday was very nice and friendly, their mattress inspector didn't come out for a whole month, and then turned in a report stating there was nothing wrong with the mattress! He didn't even lay on the mattress or sit on it! He just a had a little tupperware box of plastic tools to do some basic measurements. Was contacted today and told they weren't going to do anything because their high school educated mattress inspector reported the mattress as within specifications. Called the store back, then called my credit union to chalenge the $1, 400.00 transaction. After a five level fusion and severe neck pain, I wasted all this money on a defective and probably used mattress from these hucksters. Recommendation - stay far away from Mattress Warehouse.

Mattress is defective and unusable, and is now sitting in storage because Mattress Warehouse refuses to replace it. The only way to deal with this type of business is to dispute the charge or take them to small claims court.

Steve of New Oxford, PA November 17, 2008

We purchased a new mattress in August 2008. In October we started feeling back pains and noticed 1 1/2 inch depression forming in the center of the mattress and filed a claim with the Matress Warehouse on October 20, 2008. This week will be 4 weeks since we filed our original request to have this mattress replaced. The mattress continues to deteriorate and the depressions are growing deeper when you lay on the bed. This was sold to us as a very firm mattress. Currently the only support left on the mattress is along the edges. We have a king size bed and my wife and I are forced to sleep on opposite sides of the bed along the edges because that is the only place that remains firm. When we sleep on the mattress like a normal person would sleep the mattress bows into the center and we roll into each other.

There is a visible dip in the mattress when viewed with the eye. When a person lays on the mattress there is a great indentation that surrounds the body. We went to the store and check the mattress they had on display and it did not exhibit any of the defects that our mattress exhibits.

Sleeping on this mattress is harming our health by not giving us the support we need. We wake up every morning with back and neck pains

They sent someong to our house to examine the mattress on November 6 and on Noveber 10 after I inquired to the status they replied I am waiting on the technician to turn over your report so I can find out the results. Once I find out I will let you know. I have not heard from them since. This is an incredible about of time to have a brand new defective product address or replaced. We feel when a new product show defects it should be replaced or the money refunded. At this time we are only asking for a replacement.

Susan of Parkville, MD November 10, 2008

On 9/21/2008 I went in to the store and purchased hook post for my bed. I have the receipt. The manager in the store said it would 7 to 20 business days before they came in. To date it has been 41 days. On this morning when I called the store again to inquire the gentleman (chrsitrian) said deliveries were slow. I have called their corporate offices and left two messages for (Winston) the District Manager. To date no one has called me back. I feel I should get a refund at least if they can't deliver the merchandise.

Overall the stress of having to call everyday for the last 2 1/2 weeks with not response and a casual, I can't find your order from corporate has been very stressfull. I feel they should give them to me at this point.

Margaretlawson of Martinsville, VA October 7, 2008

bought new mattress june 21. it has a broken spring.

The company responds:
The customer recently filed a warranty claim on her mattress because of a broken coil. We are simply going to exchange the mattress to take care of the customer.
Melissa Jones, Mattress Warehouse

Elena of Red Lion, PA September 30, 2008

We bought a Simmons NXG mattress on 7/20/08. Our salesman, Jason, said we could have 5 years financing w/0% interest. We went a few days later to buy it, and Nick was there for Jason. Nick said they had 3 years 0% interest, but called Jason to confirm they would honor this. Jason said yes. Nick called several people to get the code for this financing, and then submitted it. For some reason I don't have any documents reflecting financing...only my purchase invoice.

We are professional people w/business and accounting backgrounds so we are not stupid, and we bought an expensive bed. Normal sales price is about $3, 000 and we got it for $2, 700. Any way, when the bill came from Wells Fargo there was a finance charge of 4.92%. I called Wells Fargo and was told by Megan that this happens occasionally. We simply have Mattress Warehouse send them a letter stating the correction and it will be adjusted to reflect that change.

I then called Mattress Warehouse and spoke to Eli at the York store because Jason went to the Shrewsbury location. Ely tried, over 2 days, but couldn't get the agreed upon 0% for 5 years...only 2 yrs. Not happy! Then I called Jason and his new location. He remembered me and right away said you were the one with the 0% for 5 years! Jason tried to take care of this for me, but got nowhere. Janet at Corporate only offered me 0% for 2 years. It is not like us to have no documentation on this financing. It isn't like we purchased a cheap bed either. With college and todays economy, it is just easier to have the opportunity, if we need it, to


  • Pi
    Pissoff26 Nov 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had to replace our mattress for the second time. We bought the mattress from the Fredericksburg Va., location. They had to look up where we lived when we first purchased the mattress and said it was no problem to delivery it. Now all of a sudden we are to far for them to bring us the second mattress. Not only that they took our money to deliver the mattress. When we call to speak to the district manager we get a recording and he has yet to return our phone call. THE MATTRESS IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND THE PEOPLE YOU SPEAK TO AT THE STORE AND AT THE MAIN OFFICE IS FREDERICK MARYLAND ARE VERY DISRESPECTFUL. THEY ALL SEEM TO BE PROGRAM TO SAY THE SAME THING. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANY ONE TO BUY A MATTRESS FROM THEM. WILL BE TAKING FURTHER ACTIONS AGAINST THEM IN COURT. [email protected] November 21, 2016

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  • Ca
    cavelasco Apr 07, 2014

    Would not recommend purchasing a mattress from The Mattress Warehouse store to anyone!

    My wife and I spent a great length of time researching a new mattress for our home. We used Consumer Reports as a resource, and felt satisfied in the reviews we read about the Serta iComfort Series. The sales representative at the Mattress Warehouse, appeared sincere in her understanding of our decision making, even going at great length in providing us a deal on the mattress--which included a new bed frame and mattress cover protectant.

    We were told that we could return the mattress if not satisfied for either a FULL REFUND within 30 days of purchase or AN EXCHANGE for another mattress of equal or greater value within 4 months.

    Great deal right? Wrong.

    In less then 6 days both my wife and I agreed that the mattress itself was firm in comfort, but never thought that the memory foam would cause either of us to feel over heated during the night; causing us to not get a restful sleep. Turns out the memory foam retains heat despite this model advertised as a "hybrid", using a standard coil system and lesser memory foam than the full memory foam beds out there, in order to provide a "cooler" sleeping experience.

    Not a problem, I thought. We will just speak to the nice lady that sold us the mattress and get our money back or exchange the mattress as originally offered.

    We go into the store one week later and speak to a different sales associate about our situation. He tells us " he does not think you can get a refund; we only offer an exchange for the product." He even admitted that he "didn't even work here regularly; your sales associate is at another location this week, so I don't know when she'll be back in. I'm just filling in for a couple of days."

    Frustrated and confused, but still willing to work with the store, we left our phone number and names for our "nice" sales associate, to call us back when she returns.

    She never did.

    My wife went back another week later on her day off our sales associate was still missing in action. A different salesmen this time took our information again and stated "he would talk to our original sales associate and or the regional manager and have them call you in the next 24-48 hours."

    No call.

    I finally stopped going into the store and called the store directly, asking for the number I could reach the original associate who sold the mattress to us. I was given another store location number and tracked her down. She answered saying "I just left you a message on your wife's phone yesterday before the end of the day; didn't you get the voice mail?"

    No, because she never did, and there is no record of a missed call.

    The sales associate goes on to say "I spoke to my regional manager and he told me that you can't get a refund on your purchase. This was news to me too, I didn't know that, but you can do the comfort exchange of the mattress for another product at our store if you'd like."

    At this point with all the run around and lies told to my wife and I, we had no desire to do further business with this store.

    I have now called the regional manager and customer service manager for the Mattress Warehouse and left voice mail messages unanswered to me for 2 business days. I have specifically stated that "no where on my receipt does it indicate NO REFUND. And there is no documentation referencing an EXCHANGE offer.

    It's unacceptable for a place of business to have sales people sell a product misinforming customers of a guaranteed refund, "if returned within 30 days, " and not uphold that guarantee! Rather, the Mattress Warehouse resorts to having their sales associate report to an unsatisfied customer that "we were misinformed too when we sold you the mattress. Sorry." Sorry is not acceptable!

    I've worked retail in my past life, and I tell you... NEVER has the customer not come first. NEVER would I risk a reputation of a company or store front by selling a product to a customer and misinforming them of our policy just to make a sale.

    The role of a sales associate is to meet the customers needs before, during and after a sale.

    THAT is how you retain a good business reputation!

    In return, a business that commits to customer satisfaction benefits from those efforts---through repeat customer sales and recommendations to your business by those repeat customers to their friends, family, and associates.

    The Mattress Warehouse is not worth visiting! Take your business elsewhere if you desire reliable, friendly, and honest service.

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    Phyllis Parenteau Crane Feb 18, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I just got off the phone with Mattress Warehouse in Frederick, MD to notify them that I no longer need the bed or bedding that I purchased yesterday. I have the mattress pad in my possession, but the bed was to be delivered in 4 days. He told me to come into the store to get the refund on the bed, but he will not accept the return of the mattress cover ($150)...even though it is UNOPENED. What's up with that? I am at [email protected] if anyone wants to discuss.

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  • Ro
    RobertG911 Oct 31, 2011

    I have also had a similar experience as you concerning Mattress Warehouse. I am filming a short documentary about this companies corruption. If you are interested in telling your story contact me at [email protected] We will be filming sometime next week in the Frederick/Hagerstown, MD area.

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  • Andrew Perring Mar 29, 2010


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  • Ce
    C. Ewing Jun 25, 2009

    I like you will continue to write to my congressman daily requesting an investigation into the practices at this horrible franchise. Together, we can initiate change!

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    Cleveland Cowles Jun 25, 2009

    I had a major problem with Mattress Warehouse in Chambersburg, PA and I called the Better Business Bureau who referred me to the Attorney General (of PA) office. That office told me I had no recourse in Pennsylvania... I cannot believe that a company with as many complaints as it has is still in business and there is nothing anyone seems to be able to do about it. I am director of a library here in PA and I see 100's of people daily so I gues my only recourse to the unscrupulous, unprincipled, etc. Mattress Warehouse is just to tell everyone I see not to go to that store. Maybe the local merchant association would help, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the chance to vent against this horrible company.

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