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D Jul 06, 2019

Re: Order Number S025824240

On May 25th, we bought mattresses for our son and fiancée' in Phoenix, and our daughter in Chicago. A couple weeks later, we bought ourselves one in Tulsa. To say we have spent close to $10, 000 in the last month or so is accurate. Keith in Tulsa was amazing and helpful and all that you would ever need for a salesman. Our son in Phoenix reported that his salesman was amazing as well.

Our daughter loved her salesman in Chicago, Victor Wilkins, as a salesman. He is NOT good with customer service. When she went in, the FIRST thing she told Victor was that she had a platform bed. Her order includes an adjustable base that he said "might not work". Let's stop here. What he should have done was have her take pictures or measurements to see if it would work.

Long story short, they delivered and kind of installed, didn't plug it in or show her how to use it. She signed, NOBODY told her she could refuse the base, she went to check it out and it was taller than her, she's 5'. She could not get in bed without clearly did not fit. She has pictures if you need them. She lives in a tiny apartment and by herself, she got it off the bed and it's leaned up against the wall in her way. She has bruised legs from running into it. It's now been that way over a month.

She called Victor immediately, 5 minutes after they left and said come back and get it, it won't work. He first said she should have refused it and then said he would take care of it. That was on 5/25. He never called back. I have called, she has called, we have tried to be nice, yet he is not interested in customer service. He does not respond back. He has gotten rude, he told her I needed to quit calling him. She said, then take care of it.

He now says they will pick up on 6/16 and she can't do that. She cannot take off for that, it has to be on a week day. They also said they will not refund $90 and we cannot afford that. It SHOULD NOT have been sold to her in the first place.

Help, I'm at my wits end and now wish I had never spent a penny with you.

Darlene Lawson [protected], [protected]
Daughter, Kristina Lawson, Roscoe Village (Chicago)
Son, Scott Lawson, Goodyear, AZ (Phoenix)

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