Mattamy Homesplacement of drainage pipes

T Jan 03, 2020

A message to those who own Mattamy townhomes, where the down-spouts are located between yours and your neighbor's driveway.

The ice build-up on the driveways is extremely unsafe and unacceptable. With the continual thaw and freeze, the driveways are dangerous and almost impossible to walk on.

This has been brought to the attention of Mattamy Homes, as they have been contacted about this asking them to resolve this issue by moving the downspouts to another location and nothing has been done.
Salt and gravel do not fix this problem.

This is an accident and law suit waiting to happen.
Being an owner of one of these townhomes and a survivor of a traumatic head injury in the past, I'm afraid to set foot out on my own driveway. It's not just me, it's the many children and others in the neighborhood.

If any of you owners are experiencing the same problem, maybe we can all work together to get this serious problem resolved.


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