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C Oct 03, 2019

We visited Mathews Ford in Oregon, Ohio in March of this year. We traded in a 2011 Ford Focus and purchased a 2017 Ford Focus for myself and a 2013 Chevy Cruz for our older son giving up some of our savings.

After owning/driving the Ford Focus for a few months, I felt the car to be unsafe and was unhappy with the vehicle due to the clunky transmission and overall performance of the car. We called the dealership and they told us to stop by and that they will make it right.

The salesman said they can adjust the transmission and that everything will be better. While my husband was waiting for the car, the lead person at the shop gave him some forms about this particular car and told me they have nothing but issues with this vehicle. Nice, right? So, we take the car back home since there is nothing else the dealership can do.

Now it gets better. During this time, we put an offer in to buy a home. My mortgage person called my husband and asked what he had done to his credit. Come to find out, when Mathews Ford paid off the trade of the old Ford Focus, the amount was wrong causing him to show delinquent credit car payments and losing financing for our dream home. Eventually we were able to re-apply and finally got the approval from the mortgage company after visiting the dealership five different times before they wrote a letter stating it was their mistake then hand delivering said letter with a check to Huntington Bank.

So now our interest rate on the mortgage is 1% higher than originally approved for…roughly $80/month. Predicting we stay in this home for 10-15 years, we will lose $10, 000-$15, 000.

We spoke with the Salesman again and told him we had two cars to trade in. He was very happy to hear from us after the pay-off ordeal and said if we brought two cars in to trade that they would "make it right." We took in the Ford Focus along with my husband's old car (2014 Chevy Malibu) in hopes of trading both for one car trying to keep our payment about the same, i.e. $350/month. They weren't able to work with us because of the negative equity on BOTH vehicles.

Don't get me wrong, I understand negative equity and that is on me for sure. However, we would never have bought the Ford Focus to begin with without a knowledgeable sales person telling us it was a "great" car. In fact, when I made a comment to him about it driving smoother after the transmission adjustment, he said "for now it is, but it won't be in a few months." So why did he even sell us the car to begin with?

So, here we are…a typical stereo-type car sales process to an unknowing customer. We cannot trade in because of negative equity, I am afraid to drive the unsafe vehicle, we lost savings from buying said car, lost money on home purchase, and the stress of not having a vehicle to drive…all from one visit to Ford Mathews and the purchase of this car.

I doubt I will get anything in return for this letter but wanted to let you know that the trip to Mathews Ford has financially wrecked my credit and my house payments, my stress level and the car just sits in our garage because my wife feels unsafe driving this vehicle. In fact, we have put approximately 4, 000 miles ONLY on this car since the purchase in March. Pretty great trip to buy a Ford vehicle - wouldn't you agree?

Please feel free to reach out to me if you care to discuss a family trying to recover from a purchase at one of your dealerships. I hope to hear from someone that understands what customer service means and that fair and honest treatment still exists in the car industry.

Christy Tolbert

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