MasterCutshair stylist and haircut complaint

At Oct 04, 2019

I always come to the eureka branch to cut my hair, and never had an issue, since you guys do all hair types. I just did my first haircut in two years here, and never had an issue all the times I've gone. However, there was a caucasian girl with colored cornrows that cut my hair this time, and she was clearly fazed, and even bragged about getting drunk at the bars the night before, with a clearly visible hickey mark on her neck, that messed up with my hair by cutting the general length too short(which in general isn't too much of an issue), but then slant-sheared my forehead hair, and messed up by going inches higher than expected, and now a piece of my hair in the front of my face is an inch long, and I have curly hair too, so now it's messed up. I gasped and told her that she messed up, and said sorry with an attitude, but progressed by saying that "maybe next time, you should straighten your hair so you can see how it would've turn up", and I felt discriminated for my curly hair, and I told her "I thought you guys cut all types of hair, not just straight hair", and she said "I didn't say that". She then gave me more attitude by saying "I can't do anything to this. Do you want me to glue it back on?", and I got really frustrated at her comment, and I asked for someone else to cut my hair. The manager, after ten minutes of waiting, helped with the situation, of my messed up hair and me crying of a panic attack, with grace and as much as she could do with the hair, which she clearly saw as well that it was messed up. I wasn't charged for the haircut, and was sent home with some wax "because that is all I can do now with the messed up hair; by tucking it with other strands, and try to hide it".
My hair is still messed up. Your manager in this branch is great and mature, but that worker isn't, and I want her to lose her job after her discriminating me for my curly hair, and after telling me that she "can glue it back on for me". I don't remember her name, but she worked at the eureka Bayshore Mall branch today from 12-3 block range. I will want to be updated about the situation resolved with your immature employee.

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