Massage Envy / automatically signing me up for a membership

De Aug 13, 2019

I had a message about 5 months ago. The gal at the front desk ask me if I wanted a membership. I said no that if I come back then I will sign up for a membership - that I just wanted to use the gift card. Well she signed me up because she had my credit card to hold the appointment. I was speaking with Amber regarding all the charges and she told me numerous lies. The first one as I couldn't figure out how they got my credit card information, I said I thought I had to use it to hold the appointment. She said no they don't do that. I called another location and said I wanted to make an appointment and they requested my credit card, lie 1. Then she stated that I was receiving calls when they would pull the money out of my account. I went back through my cell telephone up to April 2019 and nothing from message envy, lie 2. Now I am wondering if they pay commission every time they get a membership. Further they charge 90.00 dollars without a membership ugh. I have never paid that for a message other than a resort. She told me that was industry standard - not in Arizona. This is all BS and she has until tomorrow to get this rectified and why she felt the need to lie to me!!! They just might see a law suite from me. I am going to call my bank as well.

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