Massage Envymanagement

C Oct 11, 2019

The management at this Franchise is VERY unprofessional. Both Kayla Semsem and Kayla Nottebrock along with the owner of this franchise. They have fired employees for no reason. Kayla Semsem she was let go of an employee for the reason she stated: "she was starting unnecessary drama at the clinic and other employees quit because of her." However, that was not the case. The employee that was fired asked the specific names of the former employees who "quit" because of her, and Manager Semsem told her who they were. Those former employees denied the allegations. They even sent their resignation letters showing that the claim Semsem made was false. Keep in mind, management of Massage Envy is supposed to go through a background check. Kayla Semsem has a criminal record of a DUI and Petty theft.
Not only that, several employees have quit because of the current manager Kayla Nottebrock. She is very unprofessional, had sexually harassed another male front desk associate, but they keep her and hide her lies because they feel she is a "good asset" to the team. Reality is, she is more of a liability to the franchise and Massage Envy name more than anything else. This location also abuses their employees by not giving them adequate breaks and lunches. They take advantage of their employees who lack the English language. This is actually the reason why they are being sued currently.
I would advise for you to keep an eye on this location along with the other 8 location this owner(Wenge Zheng)( She also goes by Linda)works with, because it is more of a liability to the Massage Envy company.

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