Massage Envyasking for credit card over phone before services


I saw an ad in Better Homes and Gardens for Massage Envy for 09/15/09 for a $35 massage for the Susan B. Coleman Foundation.

When I called today 08/26/09, they wanted me to give them my credit card number to hold the appointment. I responded that I do not give my credit card number out before services are rendered.

But that is their policy. I told them even mechanics don't do that, only doctors offices do. I asked for the corporate number and of course guess what? nobody know who they work for. Why does that surprise me. Bet they know who signs their paycheck though!

If you have a complaint against Massage Envy, I found the number. It is [protected] or 4100. This is the corporate office for this company. I spoke with Richard Adams.

I would suggest you approach this company with caution.


  • Le
    Leo D Sep 11, 2009

    This is done because most spas, salons and massage establishments charge for late cancellations and no-shows. The reason for charging this is because most technicians are paid only when they have a client. So if you decide to miss your appointment because you don't want to drive in the rain or you're too busy to make your appointment, the technician sits around and makes no money. By charging the customer on their credit card, this deters them from missing appointments and cancelling at the last minute. With enough notice, the spa can rebook the spot and the technician can make some money. How would you like it if you went to work and did not get paid? That's what happens when clients don't show up! I'd like to know, if you decided to just not show up for an appointment, are you REALLY going to go to the place and pay the no-show fee willingly???

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  • Yu
    Yung Kim Oct 03, 2009

    well, about the no show fee. That is NOT the case of Massage Envy. Today i tried for the first time schedule
    an appt with them, and they asked me for the cc #, which obviously i refused and asked why?
    They did not mention ANYTHING about no-show fee, they just said that it would only be charged when i got there for the appt and that i could cancel the appt at anytime.
    I am a dentist and believe me i have my portion of no-shows, BUT it all depends on the NEED of the patient/ client. That's why we call a day before and confirm appts. There are other ways to cover for noshows than
    asking for cc # and charge a NOT WARNED fee.
    well, Massage Envy is just loosing a good client like me. I need weekly massages due the nature of my job
    and they just won't have it.

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  • Lo
    LovinME Jan 09, 2010

    Every legitimate day spa uses a credit card to hold appointments or people won't show and they will loose money. If you use for head for one second that makes total sense.

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  • Ha
    hairforyou Apr 18, 2010

    massage envy is not a relaxing establishment all they do after you are done with your service is badger you to join up for a year even when i said no thanks several times. the girls at the desk were like robots in trying to get you to sign up and then implying that i could not go to another massage envy and get a massage at the introductory priceagain! well i know that! they are unprofessional and believe me once you leave there the massage was a waste because the front desk stresses you out in spending more money !!!

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  • Ja
    Jarrod4 Jul 29, 2010

    I had the same experience - I paid for 6 massages ahead but by benefits card was denied because a had not used the massages - I called in last weekend to make an appointment but they suspended my account - I was in severe pain and they would not help me even though I had paid for 6 massages ahead - They told me I could call corporate or any other massage envy and they would tell me the same thing - I wrote a email to corporate a week ago but they will not return my email - NOT A GOOD COMPANY - and yes they badger you until you buy their membership - Pretty lame.

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  • Ab
    ABURN Aug 07, 2010

    the desk is trained to be that way and rather than complaining about it, how about you shut up and just don't go back. If you were to not show up you would infact be charged for completly WASTING the therapists time and causing them to not be able to have a real paying client, you sound like the biggest complainer i've ever met. Therapists and front desk associates bust their butt doing there job for very little money, so take it or leave it, but SHUT UP.

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  • Re
    really disappointed Sep 14, 2010

    I actually am a paying member and wanted a massage today which I had paid for in advanced and was refused unless I pay another $49.00 for a session to be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. I am a cancer survivor and healed myself holistically. I don't care to support this foundation and don't believe I should be forced to. I really wanted a massage today and have decided it is best to use up what I have already paid for in massages and cancel my membership. It is nice that they are doing so well in a down turn economy that they can afford to turn customers away. It is too bad they can't find a way to support all of their existing customers and do their fundraising at the same time.

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  • Ge
    Geminishele Sep 18, 2010

    I am another disappointed (Note = pissed) client that has cancelled her membership and will be filing complaints with BBB, consumer affairs and anyone else I can find. They are doing business illegally but not to mentioned entirely without concern for their clients or repeat customers. As for ABURN's not, not surprised by that comment to "shut up" since that is exactly the way the employees treat their customers, so I'm assuming ABURN works for Massage Envy. I have had nothing but problems with this place, I signed a 6 month membership, which is not month to month only because I haven't been able to use up all my credits, but in order to schedule a massage - which is already paid for in advance through the automated billing system - you have to remain an active member, meaning they keep charging your card. Well guess what, I made an appt. for last night, went in to get my massage & use 1/2 the credits I have accrued, and was denied service because this month's payment wasn't received. I said I would call in tomorrow with a new CC to bill, but was refused service saying their system wouldn't allow them to book my massage, pull the credits or pay their therapist without first getting my payment. I told them this was illegal, they were refusing services already paid for, of course the dumb - yes dumb, they are all dumb - front desk associate argued with me that this was company policy, I said of course they do not care about satisfying their customers and said this was an illegal practice regardless of company policy, she just repeated herself like a broken record and I walked out, saying I would file complaints and would not return. They don't care, they only want their money.


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  • Ar
    Arianna smyth Nov 19, 2010

    I signed a year's contract in Ca and then moved to Ohio. They kept charging my account even though I notified them I moved and asked them to stop. Then they said I could 'freeze' the account which I did just to get them to stop charging me. Couldn't find my contract in the move so I called them and asked them to send me a copy. Lo and behold the dates the contract is for is 7/17/09 to 8/17/09!!! which means the jerk who filled it out put 09 insteach of 10 and the contract is only good for a month. Now they want to settle after a year and a half for $400 and I said no way. When I asked for corporate he, David, didn't know where it was or who is the president or owner. You are all correct...stay away from Massage Envy.

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  • Do
    DontGoToMassageEnvy Nov 21, 2010

    I purchased a package of six sessions. On 11/11, after my session was over, I was at the front desk leaving the tip and I asked one of the receptionists how many appts I had left. She told me I had one left, so I scheduled for 11/19. After that session, when I was at the desk leaving the tip, one of the receptionists told me that I had a $10 credit on my account and asked if I would like to purchase product (lotion, candles, etc.) with it. I asked her if I could use it towards my next package I would purchase in the future, as I could not afford another package of six at that time. She told me that yes, I could. I left the store at that time. When I got home, I had a message from Massage Envy saying that they forgot to get payment from me. They called again the next day and I explained that I had used my last session in my package. The receptionist told me that she would have the manager check into it and call me. When the manager called, she told me that the receptionist the week before had given me incorrect information and that I used my last session in the package on 11/11. She also said the recep. from the evening of 11/19 had given me incorrect information and that I could not use the supposed ten dollar credit towards more sessions. She explained that they would "retrain" those assoc. but that I was still required to pay for 11/19. I told her that was THEIR fault, they gave me incorrect information and that I should not have to pay. She argued with me!!! Saying that services were rendered... SO??? That's still not my fault!!! I will never EVER go to Massage Envy again... just be forewarned, they will rip you off and do not take responsibility for their mistakes!!!

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  • Di
    Diane Akin Dec 30, 2010

    My daughter was given a 2-HR. massage as a Xmas gift from her brother. She was asked by the therapist if there was any particular area that had been bothering her. She told him that her knee was a little sore and he said he would take care of that. After a 2-hour massage which he seemed to mainly concentrate on her legs and buttocks area she was quite sore. She was told that she should drink plenty of water and the soreness would work itself out. The pain got increasingly worse and to the point of her not being able to stand. She contacted them and was told to come in this morning at 8:00. Having to re-arrange her schedule she arrived at 8:00 am. She was told that they could not see her until she had been seen by a physician and was cleared by the Physician to have a massage. The "acting" manager was young, uninformed and rude to her. When asked why they had not contacted her he said he could not find her number. Strange how they found her number to call to make sure she was going to come in for her massage! I called and spoke with this young man who was also rude, coy and very abnoxious to me as well. When I told him who I was he immediately said " I just spoke to your daughter, didn't she tell you what I said"!! When I told him that there was no reason for him to be so rude, he began to over-speak me and became even ruder. He said that there was no way the massage caused her pain and that they were not going to do anything about it. I asked why she should have to pay for an examination, x-ray or maybe an MRI on the muscle tissue as suggested, when she did not have that problem until she had the massage. He laughed and said, "Oh now your wanting us to pay her doctor bills?? That was it I just told him that I was not going to continue this conversation and hung up. I would not go back there nor would I reccommend that anyone else go.

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  • Yo
    Yo bo Jan 14, 2011

    I also signed up for a six month contract. At five months, I spoke directly to the manager and told I'm cancelling any future comittments and for him to make sure I wasn't going to be charged past my six month contract. He assured me that wasn't gon to happen. Today I get a call from Massage Envy alerting me to the fact that I have a massage to schedule. That's odd... why would they call me up to say that. I looked up my account and found out they never stopped withdrawing money from my account, even after the heated discussion I had with the manager and staff. I believe they are a bunch of crooks. I'll be filing a small claims action against them next week.

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  • Ho
    hotflyer99 Feb 01, 2011

    PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE/COMPANY!!!They are so terrible they continue to charge you when you have canceled your membership.They have gotten so DIRTY with me that 1 time i paid the tip with my Checkcard not the card on file i pay my Massages with.So while my credit card company was sending my new card Massage Envy takes it upon themselves to Deduct a Month membership from my Checkcard with no AUTHORIZATION at ALL.It almost caused my account to be overdrawn and they did nothing about.It took me days to get them to reverse the charges.Therepists were late some would come in with full blown colds coughing the whole session the meanwhile rubbing you down.They love to ask what your line of work was and proceed to ask you to hook them up with a job or people at your job to Massage.THERE IS NOTHING TO ENVY ABOUT THIS MASSAGE MILL!!!

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  • Ra
    RazBee Feb 08, 2011

    I have painfully read the complaints about Massage Envy an I have to say whether you are an employees of Massage Envy or just a customer, Massage Envy has a terrible policy, PERIOD! If you are an employee, I can assure you that all you Life needs and services cannot be provided by Massage Envy and you have to get those services elsewhere. Imagine if those companies/business treat the same way that Massage Envy and their medieval policies treat you. As for me, my experience has been horrible. I have been a member for more than a year. I gladly allow them to charge my account, in fact Massage Envy owes me at least 5-6 one hour massages (i.e. 6 monthly payments not used for those who cannot keep up). I asked for my money back, but they would not give it back due to company policy. I asked to use it, but they need to "unfreeze" my account (which means to continue to charge my account, again) before I can use the ones they owe me. It's a proverbial "catch 22". Where in America can you be denied services, when the services have already been paid for? If you will not provide the service, then refund my money, simple. No, not Massage Envy, due to company policy. I will figure out a way to get my money or my massages from them and not one red cent of money will go to them any further. Massage Envy is a bad business or just plain "jack em up" policies.

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  • Co
    COMPL MASSAGE ENVY Mar 03, 2011

    OMG I [censor]ING HAT THIS STUPID [censor]ING PLACE!!! What in the world kind of massage place is this... I paid for a whole year and I just did not have to damn time to go every month. I have 6 sessions left and my last payment was taken out in Jan. and I know that you have 30 days to use up your remaining sessions. Well I had 3 days left until the end date and has a scheduled 2 hour massage...I had missed the appointment and called to re-schedule, I confirmed that I had 6 but after my missed appointment that 2 hour schedule would be a loss for me so I said that was fine... I still had 4 left to use 3 days before the end date. Well the last payment was at the end of Jan. and was covering Feb. So I was TOLD thatend of March would be the deadline to use up what I have pre-paid...WELL, WELL, WELL, THE STUPID [censor] TOLD ME THE WRONG INFORMATION!!! So I called to schedule and GUESS WHAT... I basically lost my pre-paid sessions because the DUMB [censor] TOLD ME THE WRONG INFO...So im waiting on a "manager" to call but after reading all this [censor] I dont think im gonna get one or my money...[censor] THIS PLACE...[censor] ALL YOU DAMN GHETTO [censor] WORKERS TOO...YOU WORK THEIR BECAUSE YOUR DIRTY JUST LIKE THE DAMN PLACE!!!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Still Mar 15, 2011

    For those who have called corporate and Richard Adams etc... What did they do for you? I called and left Richard Adams at the above number a message.. the manager at the local store won't return my calls... wonder if he will...
    I have had terrible and pushy customer service at Massage Envy... but my therapist was great. Guess I was lucky!

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  • Ma
    MassageMan Jun 14, 2011

    OMG! You people are so ridiculous! This is done in most health field settings and spas. As a therapist in the industry, you do not get paid if you don't do a massage. If you call to schedule an appt. and than don't show up, the MT does not get paid and they could have been booked another massage if you had canceled. Put yourself in the situation as a therapist and let me know how you would feel about it than. If you make an appointment than you are making a commitment and if you don't show up, you get billed for have the price of the massage so that the therapist can still make some money. It is very frustrating as a therapist to sit there a see a no-show. MT's at ME don't make a lot of money as you may think and every appointment counts. Try to be a bit more understanding about the requirements.

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  • Kc
    KChicago Jul 24, 2011

    I actually work at massage envy as afront desk associate, at at our clinic we do our best to keep the CUSTOMER happy. Corporate policy is corporate policy whether we, or our clients, like it or not. Just like you would follow corporate policy at your job, we do at ours. Any of you ### about the front desk and calling the therapists ghetto clearly suck. You're the ### we hate who come in and try and get free ### by whining about everything. And obviously wee're going to charge you if you don't show up for an appointment... are therapists work commission based...DUH. Have a little respect.

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  • At
    Atlanta Midtown Aug 04, 2011

    Wow, it's amazing. Massage Envy has confirmed that you can't fix stupid. I have a yearly membership paid for in full. For my birthday, I was trying to make an appointment for my two sons and myself. Keep in mind that these are appointments for services I've paid for already. Because I would not provide my credit card informtation for their files (which they say they would not charge); they refused to make the appointments. Now why should I trust them with my credit card when they are still charging my checking account unauthorized. The automatic withdrawal for the paid for annual membership should have stopped in July. An unauthorized withdrawal was made in August. I provided a copy of the withdrawal information from my bank statement which provided the ACH Trace xxxxxx Massage Envy 063; however, I was told they could not do anything about the charge unless I brought my entire bank statement in. Not sure what my bank statement would provide that they didn't already have. Prior this, my plans were to get a familymembership. That is out of the question now. Massage Envy - you catch more flies with honey than vingar. You can get customers but maintaining them is what keeps you in business.

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  • Ka
    karenmarieb Aug 06, 2011


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  • Ka
    karenmarieb Aug 06, 2011


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  • Er
    erasmova May 30, 2012

    this people are thieves, they keep charging me every month, and I signed to have my membership frozen since they had a 6 month membership minimum and I needed to leave town for a while. the manager told me they could not refund me, if i wanted i could have more massages in the future when i get back, and told me to get a lawyer

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  • Kz
    KZimm Aug 27, 2012

    I have experienced this same treatment by management at Massage Envy. My husband called in front of me to make an appointment for 2 hour massage and a facial during our vacation. I specifically asked for a certain date when planning our vacation and he confirmed our appointment with her. We got a call a day early saying we didn't show up for our appointment and all the credits we saved for this would be forfeited including the facial which my husband tried to tell him was still plenty of hours in advance that they shouldn't charge us for that. The manager Dan at Massage Envy in Glendale, AZ told my husband that since it was booked with other services he will charge for that as well. Unfortunately I understand how the technicians need to be paid, but the front desk girl incorrectly booked the date and the staff are not fail proof. We have an extremely prestine history with massage envy paying over a year contract each, never missing appointments, never randomly switching credit card information and treating technicians and staff very well. We are not the type of clients that would treat management, staff, or technicians rudely due to missing appointments we decided to just not show up for. The management should have looked at that and made an attempt to tallest not charge for a facial which wasn't schedule for 2 hours later. We even asked if they could reschedule us for anything for rest of week since it was our vacation and he told me husband "no" immediately without even looking to see if there was any availability. He was more than unprofessional. We decided after reading many poor reviews where this has happened that we should cancel. We called to find out that procedure and were told we can't cancel until Dec this year. We have been over our one year contract for a couple of months. It is never ending with them.

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  • Da
    DaisyDaisy Dec 03, 2012

    My sister just quit her job working for this HORRIBLE UNETHICAL company. They make their therapists work for free, by not allowing them to clock in until AFTER they set up their rooms! They also clock them out for lunch instead of letting the therapists do it themselves! And the worst thing is that every time my sister gets a pay check it has no funds!!! She just quit and they gave her a final pay check TWO DAYS AFTER SHE quit, even though California is a FINAL PAY State. When she went to the bank to cash it, you guessed it, NO FUNDS!!!

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  • Ni
    Nice Girl Dec 14, 2013

    Will never do business with this company again. Called about being refunded a package that was sold to me under miss leading pretenses. I've been calling this same MassageEnvy store to talk to the manager but still no solid reply. He (Jason) has been avoiding my telephone calls for the past two weeks and I feel as though the receptionists are screening my calls all day because I literally get the machine every time.

    Tonight I parked my car outside of this particular MassageEnvy and placed a call where I would be able to see the people at the front desk. There were three women sitting there. I'm not sure if they knew who was calling but they were ignoring my calls just the same.

    I will never do business with this company ever again and I hope that this class action lawsuit gets them for as much money as they can.

    It's about time that people start standing up to this company for their terrible customer interaction, sales tactics and borderline scams.

    I literally hate them.

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  • Ba
    Bad bad bad bad May 16, 2014

    DO NOT JOIN!!! They will rip you off and lie to you about the contract! The year long contract isn't a deal because you can not trust they will stop taking money out of your account... It took me three times to cancel it and only because I finally talked to someone and got their info while I was canceling the payment?!?! Then they do not honor the massages I had already paid for! And as other people I was told they do not know the corporate office phone number and with no luck I couldn't find it on the internet?.

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