Massachusetts Health Connectorthe mass health connector cancelled my dental insurance in december 2016 in error. since then, they have still not corrected their issue.


In December 2016, I cancelled the health insurance for myself and my son. In error, the Mass Health Connector also cancelled my dental insurance. I was told in December, the issue should be resolved by the end of December. This issues is still not resolved. They recently stated in April 2017 that it should be active but for some reason the computer system has not updated it. I have asked to speak to managers and have been told that they are not available and when I have spoken with a manager they stated that they could not assist in resolving the matter. It has been four months, and I am still not able to use the dental insurance that is paid in full. My son and I have had to pay out of pocket. I have called several times each month since December and no one has assisted in resolving this matter.


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    HealthConnector Apr 20, 2017

    The Health Connector offers an ombudsman program to quickly assist members who have experienced difficulty resolving their issue through customer service channels. You can contact the Ombudsman Office through the online form. Just follow the steps at

    You can also learn more about the Ombudsman program at

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