Nu Oct 05, 2019

I seldomly shop at this location for few various reasons, number 1 the store luck an IT factor, number 2 it is very hard to get a help when you need assistance or questions, but like any other store you wanted to give another chance hoping your wrong, me and my friends decided to shop at this store on a Saturday morning we were all excited and thrill to find what we hoping for because some of the group were there the previous day, we arrived there at 8am as the saying goes early bird catches the worm, we were all anxious and somewhat excited that we that day is our lucky day, as the clock hit 930 we walked in and I never notice someone welcoming the customers, maybe I'm just use to hear it at my regular Marshall's store at Britton Plaza, I told myself maybe i am expecting too much so walk slowly walk in towards the back and hoping to find what we waited for but to out disappointment there was nothing on the shelves, so we all decided to wait and look around, 3 hours by we were still waiting and I decided to approach a lady she was arranging some clothed hangers on the rack and politely ask if they are pushing department 80, she appears very nice and friendly, and introduce her herself as Claudine the new manager and that she just recently move here and she previously work at Kohls, I politely ask if they are going to push dept 80 and she answered that there was nothing at their stockroom that she check before the store opens which surprised me because some of us were at the store the day before and were told they have dept 80 but not pushing because they don't have people to push. I thanked Claudine for telling us and not wasting our time hanging out at the store, so we all decided to leave but I had a feeling that she was lying then I told myself that she seems honest and convincing, I left the store and called another friend to meet me there so we can go out and have lunch. I rushed to another store to grab stuff and go back to Marshall's to meet my friend for lunch, my friend decided to shop around while I was at grocery store and called me that she ask an associates if they have Rae Dunn in the backroom, the associate was probably new and didn't know anything about Rae Dunn check and told my friend that there were few pieces at the back but the manager said she need to make a phone call if she's allowed to push Rae Dunn, so my friend was surprised because if she's the mngr why does she need to call someone and who is she's calling? I rush back to the store and waited 20 mins to talk again to Claudine if she's going to push and again her answer was there was no department 80 at the backroom. It was upsetting that I wasted close to6 hours now at that store and all I get was nothing on the backroom despite of the confirmation that my friend got from the associate, I voiced my frustration to a very nice worker that saw us waiting before the store open that I wasted half of my day waiting and all I'm getting was there was no department 80, she was very apologetic but she can sense I'm very frustrated, me and my friend decided to leave and have late lunch and after 5 mins my phone rang that Claudine pushed Rae Dunn with a shopping cart and one person got all now it made me wondered if she is holding it for someone? I could not believe it and I'm furious that she lied to us, I don't understanstand why would you hold merchandise in your stockroom and not try to sell it? After all if you work for retail all you want is to sell your merchandise, i hate complaining but this is unjustifiable, now it proves that I was RIGHT that this store need improvement in management, re educating the true meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE, I myself work in a health system and it is same as retail and we strive to meet our values and dedication to our clientele, I am very proud of Marshall's at Britton Plaza which is my to go store from the management to the associates/cashier. That store should be the training ground for a newly hire for they know the true meaning of Customer Service.. God speed

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