Marshallsfitting room service

S Jan 15, 2020

Hello it is January 15th 2020 at about 6pm. I am currently at the Marshalls store in Visalia, California. I frequently love to shop at this store but unfortunately I received the worst service today during the time I decided to try on a few items. As soon as I parked my cart in the designated are the lady signed loudly and rolled her eyes as I took out my items. I decided to not think too much of it and proceeded to go up to her to get a number for my items. As soon as I went up to her she snatched the items out of my hand and just gave me a number. After I finished trying on my items I walked up to her and again she snatched the items out of my hand before I could tell her I was going to keep them she then ignored me and rolled her eyes again. This lady was in such a bad mood and treated me super disrespectful. I had to repeat myself three times before she finally gave me my items back and she rolled her eyes again. Someone with such a disgusting attitude should not be the one helping people out in a fitting room and honestly she does not encourage anyone to make any purchases.

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