Marriott Internationaldouble credit card charge

J Oct 09, 2019

Date of the incident - 06OCT2019
Client Jose Manuel Romão Neto, coming from Portugal
I am traveling in work coming to an hotel already pre-paid by the travel agency working with my company. During the check in process, allegedly the payment of the room was not registered in the hotel system and my personnel credit card was requested, to proceed the check in. I was charged in 1712Euros approximately. Basically, I was told that the room haven't been paid. After a long trip I decided to pay with a debit card and, later, try to solve the situation with the travel agency.
After have spent more than 30 euros in telephone calling the travel agency and the bank to solve the situation and after few phone calls from Portugal from the travel agency to the hotel, on the third day, the situation was clarified and the hotel recognized that the room was paid since the 3rd of October. The room was already paid when I arrived on the 6th of October.
The money allegedly was returned to the debit. I am saying allegedly because there are three days that the money left the bank account and is not available still. I was told that the money may take 7 to 10 days to return, what is completely unacceptable.
Based on this hotel error I will have to pay taxes to convert from euro to dollar and from dollar to euro which is also completely unacceptable.
Something that is also very poor is that the staff charges the guests credit cards but doesn´t provide a document mentioning the amount that has been charged or put on a hold. There is no proof that the customer has pa
The hotel team spent threes day to recognize their mistake. Very poor.
Only today, 9th October, I had someone apologizing for the mistake. Meanwhile I have no money and 1700 euros in transit hopefully heading to my account.
I claim the payment of all extra expenses I had and I will have with the situation and a compensation for the fact that I have spent five days in the US literally without any money, and I don´t know how many more days I will remain without any money.
In Portugal 1700 Euros is well above the medium monthly salary.

No documents are attached, once everything is clear for everybody.

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