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manifest non obstante veredicto networkScam aimed at FL prisoner's familys

Many letters have been sent to prisoners in Florida by this company claiming they can help them get their sentence reduced. They are using the name of Shannan D DeJesus as the representing lawyer out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. This is an incorrect spelling of her name and the phone# given is not her actual number. We contacted the Florida Bar Assoc. and Shannon DeJesus is in good standing with them. The company is requring an upfront payment of $295.00 to be paid by money order or cashiers check only, made out to MNN, Inc. and sent to a New York City address. The address looks like it would be an office, but is in fact a mail forwarding service at 244 5th Avenue.

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  • Mn
    mnn Sep 12, 2009

    You are doing an injustice to all of our clients in our organization and our charitable efforts, we have many inhouse staff attorneys that work on a full time basis assisting clients and helenL29 the poster of this comment is NOT ONE OF OUR CLIENTS. If so, please provide the name and the dc # of her family member she wants to help.


    Any further libelist postings of incorrect information from anonymous sources, HelenL29 does not provide any contact information as do any of the complaint authors. A simple check of the FL bar website will indicate that we do indeed have FL Bar registered attorneys working directly for us. Simple logic dictates that our service is needed and that our charitable efforts far exceed any nominal fee that we collect that help offset our massive expenses.Were can you acquire services of qualified legally registered attorneys for a nominal fee that is refundable?

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  • There is an individual that administers Prison that is an ex Federal prisoner. He provides no contact information and is spreading false allegations about MNN, Inc. He is not a client, has never been a client and does not represent any of our clients. He is simply trying to steer traffic to his site. A simple phone call to our organization or an email will allow you to ask any questions you may have about our services. The evil intent of the individuals perpetrating this libelous slew of comments is not affecting our organization's services it is simply hurting needed inmates that may have benefited from proper legal representation.

    Shani Burton

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  • Sa
    Salty dogg Sep 24, 2009

    There is something utterly rotten in the state of Denmark. I've done a tremendous amount of research on this "corporation;" I've searched the records of nearly every state, and it doesn't appear to actually be incorporated anywhere. So, Ms. Burton, to quell any misgivings about your operation, would you care to provide the state of incorporation?

    Moreover, the 5th Avenue address is a "virtual address." You pay a nominal fee every month for what is actually just a mail box at that address, and then the mail you receive there is forwarded along to your real address.

    What's more, it's impossible to reach a human being at the numbers you have provided. It appears that your "heavy call volume" lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

    And then there's the matter of your website, which is actually created from an online template. The contacts page includes several names that were (carelessly) taken straight from that template; those people don't exist. There are, however, two contacts that one can tell were added to the template and who appear to be real (you can tell be the different font).

    Not to mention that as an "advance fee broker, " which is what you are deemed to be by the BBB (nice F grade, by the way), you are automatically suspect.

    I've been able to get the contact information for Shannan Dee de Jesus's husband, so hopefully I can get this whole thing straightened out quickly. AND EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE: There is a Shannon Dejesus and a Shannan D. de Jesus -- they are two different people, and it's the latter we're concerned about.

    /someone special

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  • Sd
    S. D. de Jesus Sep 25, 2009

    Manifest Non Obstante Veredicto Network, Inc. (MNN) is a Delaware not-for-profit (charitable) organization.

    Mail and Phone Calls: We receive a high volume of incoming mail. Yes, our mail is sent to New York and then forwarded to the appropriate person. We track our mail in New York to ensure that every letter is answered. Similarly, we receive a high call volume. Phone messages are sent to the person for whom the message is left, or the person who can best handle a caller's questions or concerns. As with the mail, phone calls are logged so we can respond to every call. Our phone number and address are displayed on our website. Anyone who has questions about our organization can contact us by phone or in writing, or can send an e-mail via our website at We answer all questions as promptly as possible.

    We are not currently rated by the BBB.

    Regarding our website: The people listed on our website do work for MNN. Unfortunately, someone has copied portions of our website and has created their own sites with that information, in an attempt to steer traffic to those sites instead of ours. The fact that we receive a high volume of mail and phone calls is proof positive that people in this country need our services. False and misleading messages about our organization hurt those people who would have otherwise contacted us for assistance.

    Shannan de Jesus

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  • El
    EllyD Oct 03, 2009

    Where my son is, they sent these letters to everyone even though they say there is a screening proccess.

    They are corporation in Delaware, but only since May of this year. But they claim they have done this since 1995 in the letters. Also, the name under Delaware website is "Manifest Non Obstante Veredicto Network MNN Inc), but they use different names sometimes. Sometimes they put the MNN after the Inc or they don't use it at all. And they tell us to send the money to MNN Inc or Manifest Non Obstante Veredicto even though MNN Inc is a different company.

    On the BBB website the contact person is "Shani Burton Johson" though she writes it as "Shani Burton" in the web pages you find. If you google search "Shani Burton Johnson" you get interesting results. The letters our boys and men are getting include the name of "Shannan D. de Jesus" who is a member of the Florida bar. I think they use her name to get away with the scam.

    Also, I found this post by "Shannan de Jesus" amusing. It insists the people on the "Contact Us" page are real but that people are making websites using those names to I guess steal the thunder of Manifest Non Blah. But google search of the names "Amanda Taviani" and "Gregg Moody" reveals that these people don't actually exist. They are stock names, for a web site designe software package where you are supposed to use the stock picture but not keep the name given by the web design company (because that would be too obvious.) The picture for "Amanda Taviani" is often titled "Mature Lady Smiling" -- just a stock picture an name for people who want to appear legit but are not.

    What really bizarre is that they claim this long history and this enormous call volume but you can't find anything about them online. And apparently this "Shani Burton" was sending these letters to inmates a few months before the organization exists.

    It is creepy and makes me so damn angry. Someone will deal with these people, but this lawyer and a lot of families are going to get screwed before this happens..

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  • He
    Helen Andreu May 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Their way is to ask for the fee upfront. They target the incarcerated with long prison sentences. They send form letters. They will even have someone speak on the phone and give statistical information about the prison system and human rights. Then they will do nothing. They will string you along for as long as you allow them to. They should be the ones who are incarcerated.

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  • Ca
    Carima Crachian Feb 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is soo sad that people would get someones hopes up like this and take hard earned money.. i'm so glad i saw this before i sent the money for my husband. He really is serving time for someone else and we thought this was our way out, but i was wrong. These people will get what they deserve

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  • De
    Deana125 Jan 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If your so legitimate why arent you working instead of on these sites defending your scam?

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  • Sc
    scamhunter2013 Jan 25, 2013

    I just sent a letter off to my brother (doing 60 years), telling him I was gonna send this money in when I get my income tax. I may not be working and I may have convicts in my family, but I am well educated!! I knew this was too good to be true. It absolutely amazes me how low people will go to get money. I could here the excitement in my brothers letter, it is so sad that i have to break this news.

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  • Al
    A.L. Brookshire Feb 23, 2013

    My son is Christopher Brookshire #3359 at Beto unit Texas. I have waited all year to hear something back from these people and have still not been able to get anyone to return my calls or answer thier phone. They know who I am and where I am and if they wish to dispute this claim Please have the courtesy to write me back in person and let me know what you are doing for my son. If you are not going to help let me know so I can find him the help he deserves.

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  • He
    Heart Heavy Mar 05, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank u all for the heads up with your complaints. My son also got one of those letters and sent it to me . Buy i had to do my homework first before getting my hopes up. My son was giving 50 years in prison. So for me this was a dream that i wanted to come true. After reading all the complaints and story's, i thank God that i was not going to do it. I want so bad for my son to come home that sometimes, something good is all you need to hear to make everything so right. I pray for all our son's & daughter's that God will set them free. My son is a good man . We did not get an justice. He was giving 50 years because of his color, not of the crime. Praying that one day he will be home soon. Thank you all so very much . May God bless you all and your family's.

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  • Lp
    lpmoon Mar 26, 2014

    So, my brother received one of these in TX and I have been doing research on this. At first blush, they appear illegitimate because of all the people saying they are scams. But, I kept digging because I could find only one person who gave them money and received nothing. This is my brother's life - 50 years for a crime the witness recanted - so I wanted to really dig in.

    At this point, I am still unsure. While I could not find many people who felt they were scammed by the organization, I could not find any evidence of success. I found one, but it absolutely looks fake.

    Here are some facts that I found in my digging:
    The MANIFEST NON OBSTANTE VEREDICTO NETWORK MNN, INC. is listed as a Delaware corporation with non-profit tax status. The 5th avenue address is a mail forwarding address through NY Mail. So while the address makes it look legitimate, the fact that the mail is forwarded does not help. Does this mean it is a scam? No.

    A Shani Burton Johnson owns Mobile News Network of America, I am not 100% sure this is the same person who is listed on the website for Manifest non Obstante Veredicto Network. However, Mobile New Network is shortened to 'MNN" as is Manifest non Obstante Veredicto Network. How interesting... Mobile News Network is nowhere to be found as a corporation, but still has a website.

    Upon further research, we find a Shani Burton Johnson as the President, Director of 2 Florida corporations:
    One of these is International Mobile News Network. That sounds familiar. Both of these use a residential Florida address. It is fairly safe to say this the same Shani Burton Johnson from Manifest non Obstante Veredicto Network, who uses the address of sburtonjohnson email address.

    It is VERY difficult to not have an online presence these days. Yet, I could not much about this person who is running a non-profit to help prisoners. Certainly, she is a marketer and not an attorney. This is fine. Non-profits need marketers too. But if you are trying to help you spread your name and photo far and wide.

    If you want to see a photo of Shani Burton Johnson, you can look at an online magazine she created. There are two: - from 2012, so fairly recent.
    She is on the inside page of each magazine. She is very attractive and would be a great photo to have on their website as a champion for prisoners.

    Am I 100% sure these two people are the same? The MNN, IMNN Shani and the Manifest MNN Shani? No, not 100%. I am 99.9% sure. I could not find ANY other Shani Burton Johnson online.

    Shannan D de Jesus has left Florida and changed her name to Shannan Deeh de Jesus. She no longer has a license to practice in Florida and is licensed to practice in CO. You can find her here:
    There are two records, one with a PO box and one with a street address. This is definitely the same Shannan that worked for Manifest.

    John Frieburg is mentioned in 3 links threatening legal action, but all three are actually the same:
    Manifest-Non-obstante Veredicto Network — Illegal scame of inmates at a Texas Prison
    I could not find John Frieburg anywhere on officer documentation. This leads me to believe this is a fictitious person.

    I could not find any attorney of record for the organization in TX using the Texas State bar website: and use the advanced search where you can search for a firm. This does not mean they don't have representation there as an attorney may work for a firm and do pro bono work.

    Finally, the most compelling information for me is that if there is ANY organization out there that is capable of actually having success in reducing sentences, especially in Texas, it would NOT be hard to find on the Internet. Success would be posted all over the place.

    I put in a LOT of time to find all of this because it is my brother's life. If there was ANY chance, even 1% chance, that I thought this was a legitimate course of action, I would happily spend the $395. I am relatively wealthy and this would not set me back at all. However, for my brother, he can only have his hope bubble burst so many times before he will give up hope and become the shell the prison system is trying to make him. I could not do that.

    I know many of the people reading this feel the same way I do, so I wanted to pass along all of my findings, even if some of it is irrelevant.

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  • Pa
    pamela rogers 1948 Oct 13, 2014

    We also got one of these letters in the mail from a business in NY. There were so many red flags popping up in that letter. I am glad I did more research on this Manifest Non I have to tell my son it is just a scam. I hope people are not falling for this. Deceptive people will stop at nothing to make a fast the "esquire" after Rangile A. Santiago was a dead giveaway!!

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  • Mi
    mimi1ep Oct 20, 2014

    I actually sent a cashiers check today, I am pretty sure I can put a stop payment on it by tomorrow. I sent it but I knew I had to look it up once I got home. Should have checked on it before. I was just really wanting to believe it. I am so disappointed. Now to break it to my brother. I can not believe what people will do for fast money. They will all eventually pay, if not on earth, then we know where. To take advantage of desperate people and their loved ones.
    One thing I notice is that there are many of us who have loved ones in jail. I believe the judicial system is so wrong in so many ways. They wouldn't even treat dogs the way they treat our inmates. The way they give them lengthy sentences and throw away the key. We the people make the laws, how is it that we can not forgive. There has got to be something done about our judicial system.

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  • Ch
    ChristinaLS4 Jul 21, 2015

    I did send a money order off and they said on the letter within a year we should hear from them. They did continue sending him letters and had his family to do support letters. He said a lawyer did come see him and talk to him she was a white lady. After a year of suppose to be looking over his case they told me he was approved for the program. They sent us some paperwork for him to get motorized and send to the family to sign and send back to them. I got his papers back motorized and in his letter he told me to check the BBB but I see they not on there so I searched deeper and came across this website. I see all the complaints and questions and information now I'm very speechless because I don't know where to go from her now do I send the motorized papers back. Take in count I already gave them my money over a year ago. I'm wondering if I send the paper back are they trying to get more money out of me. I'm a single parent of 4 I'm going to school fior criminal justice and working. My hopes was up high thinking he could have a chance to come home now I don't know what to do.

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  • So
    sonia_Angry Jan 05, 2016

    I have been trying to get in contact with these people as well. Sadly I was one they were able to get to pay the money for their services. This is in fact a scam. I finally was able to speak to a lady named Tiffany which I believe serves as their receptionist. She did tell me they would send out the refund and that it would take 6-8 weeks. So I thought well this must not be a scam because they are following through with their refund policy stated in the letter. However, its been over 8 wks and yet to receive a check in the mail. I have called daily only to reach the voicemail and left countless voice mails voicing my concerns about my refund. Still...I have yet to hear back from anyone on status of my refund. I suppose if it was a legit organization they would follow through with their policies and we as customers wouldn't be given the run around. The inmate we originally were trying to utilize their services for was released because we had to hire a real attorney who was able to get the job done in less than two months where as with them we have been waiting 2 years. I hate I loss money that I really needed then and really could use now. You live and you learn to be more cautious with scammers and pray for them because God sees all.

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  • Ph
    phil3:16 Apr 18, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband also rec'vd a letter last year and thought it was a scam...then he said someone actually was helped by these people so he had me call and yes Tiffany answered. I have been up and down trying to located concrete information before sending them the cashier's check, Tiffany sent me a copy of the letter. It seemed legit due to the refund promise. They have an F rating and 9 complaints with BBB and TX Attorney General they could not tell me about investigation status but are not in litigation and we can email [email protected] . I too am deeply heart broken and have no idea how to tell my husband about this we were so excited when Tiffany called back. If anyone did get released via sentence modification why are they not here or any where to provide positive feedback? I too have my undergrad and will soon test LSAT . What ever they promised to do I am going to learn to do and one day I will help our people. I trust in our God no matter what scam or not I am never ever going to give up on my husband or his release. Texas and else where does have a problem with locking people up so fast and too long. Please excuse grammar errors I am in a hurry and I will try to come back to this page in a little while.

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